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  • Didn't have much expectation but Anet truly hit the spot with this one. The amount of content and the quality of design/story is simply amazing

  • love the exploration, but there is little replayability

    Meta event rewards need reworking, too much effort for too little reward.

    Vabbi is especially bad, the difficulty is on par with TT or octovine for only two blues and a green?

    reward interaction needs work especially Serpent's Ire and Mouth of Torment. bouncy chests are not engaging, perhaps make the djinn open a portal to a treasure room? ( the Amnoon blitz event is an example of good reward engagement, visiting the cashier is an additional interaction to get your reward, so you actually feel rewarded even if you fail the pinata.)

  • The maps look amazing, and mounts are very well designed for moving around in there. I really loved the story in POF, there could have been a bit more racial dialogue, but i only played it with charr (all of my characters are charr...), so don't know if there are differences when playing human.

    Also the HP's are much better than in HOT, because these can be completed solo. As for Firebrand, i still find tome of courage a bit ineffective in pve, but justice really hammers down enemies. And thanks for that spin animation in tome of resolve, now my sparkle cat looks even more amusing :3

  • @Deihnyx.6318 said:

    • Where are my margonites :'(

    you're riding on them. Jackals are made from Margonites

  • Samnang.1879Samnang.1879 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I love everything about PoF! Good job Anet! My money was well spent.
    story 10/10 - dialogues this time around were more interesting so it kept me interested on the story
    maps 10/10 - amazing views, great architectures, i never thought i would love desert maps (cuz of silverwastes and drytop) but pof desert maps are awesome, it reminds me living in ancient arabian cities.

    1 thing i dont like is the constant lightning strike in some areas of domain of vabbi, but i'm not the type of gamer who likes to tell game designers how to design the game. it's just my dislike, but i wouldn't want designers to change a thing! I prefer to play a game with the designer's original visions.

    Anet: give us in-game customizable human NPC companion please
    Please, no more balance changes, or at least reset our gears so we don't have to waste gold changing gears every time.
    Please have option to not receive bloodstone dusts, empyreal fragments, dragonite etc

  • The story of expansion was pretty well written, there were some unexpected plot twists, but some of the story felt literally like developers wanted to close it and never hear of it again (Human Gods).
    Exploration feels great and I love it except the fact that mounts could be reworked a little, since we cannot mount them in combat, why do they need to die in 3 hits... just give them good health pool and let us rush the maps if we choose to. Other than that, mounts are great and original approach to the subject, which I love.

  • I love it, maps are awesome, story is awesome, mount are awesome, all is awesome!!!!
    I love the scourge but the elite spec aren't balanced right (mirage where are you? ah at the bottom of the bottom of the dps? sad)! Also the map seem a little bit like empty event wise (there is a lot of event but the issu for me is that they don't apear on the map until you are close up so most of the time i run just past an event without even seeing it)
    I love it none the less and i have difficulty waiting for the follow up of the story

  • Pros:

    • Absolutely love the mounts
    • Story's good
    • Unidentified Gear is a good addition
    • Overall new Elite Specs are good, just need some tweaks.


    • Constantly dismounting for everything is annoying, I'd like to stay mounted while I open a dialog window or a vendor window, etc.
    • Weaver sword is abit lacking atm.
    • Scourges Sand Swell needs it's Line of Sight changing to be like a teleport (Blink, Lightning Flash) as it's more like that than the Mesmer's portal.
    • I'd like to see more things like Barrier generation added to the core classes, e.g. Some Barrier generation on Elementalist Earth skills, or on Revenant Ventari skills.
  • Overall positive experience.
    Really loved the exploration of the beautiful maps and the mounts.
    Felt like the final fight was the best final fight yet in GW2. Big kudos there.
    Loved the longer, detailed instances and the story they could tell, but HATED having to re-do an hour of story multiple times due to DC’es. Would love a checkpoint system (when re-entering, choose between last checkpoint and starting over).
    Story was good except the explanation given by the gods. That section felt very weak and could have used a lot more lines to make the gods reasonable/understandable at all.

  • I love the story in PoF and I was/am so invested in the lives of everyone in this expansion, including all of the interesting random NPCs. It is so fun exploring.
    Treasure hunting, bounties, mounts, the choya pinata tonic!! (best ever) are all so awesome. The challenging enemies are great. Loving Holosmith and Weaver.

    I don't like Marjory lol.

  • The maps are beautiful and great respect to laying out the map identical to guild wars 1 nightfall and crystal desert, story was fun and mounts are really addicting. Well done Anet!

  • One thing I note is the DE-emphasis on the storyline in favor of "acquiring" and "training" mounts (which should be a very much SECONDARY concern (IMO)). To date, GW2 has concentrated on 1) exploration of the world and 2) the storyline the character is there to follow. In this latest update, even exploration is discounted until all of the mounts have been "found", "acquired" and "trained". Even the storyline is subservient to this activity---------rather than the other way round.

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    • ++ History line incredible and very good. Characters are still somehow one-dimensional but better than in HoT. No absurd situations or rush ones. Everything is tied nicely.
    • ++ Some decisions seemed to affect some dialogues and events. Good.
    • ++ The enviroment is the most beautifull yet in this game. And Core and Hot already put the bar very high already.
    • ++ Mounts are great and fun to use.
    • ++ Maps very deep with a lot of different layers for when you increase your masteries (mounts). High replayability.
    • ++ Bounty system is a great idea for on-demand content.
    • ++ The minion control in Enemy of my Enemy is very fun and intuitive to use. Would be perfect to improve the minions for Necromancer.
    • ++ unidentified gear is fantastic idea which works perfectly.
    • -- Mounts make some JP and skill based content in Openworld irrelevant. In JPs mounts should be disabled in HoT where gliding is allowed.
    • -- Terrible launch day with a lot of server issues. It should be improved for next launches.
    • -- Class balance is still horrible in WvW and in lesser extent PvP. This needs some urgent attention as disables 2 of the 3 game modes.
    • -- the new crafting is not very clear. I still don't know where to get the new recipes.
    • -- The amount of new consumables and new containers is very confusing. I can't know intuitively if the object is a container or a consumable.
  • The best expac I've ever seen in my life! Not because it's bigger than anything, it's not. It does make me enjoy everything I do in PoF, it made me enjoy all the old maps more, too! And the Griffon?! I was so happy with a mini in Bitterfrost, was hoping for a ranger pet, but a mount?! How awesome is it?!
    Also, the music in PoF is simply stunning and gorgeous. It suits the maps in the best way it could and makes me shiver sometimes.
    What I would like to see: more rewards for meta events we currently have. Make people want to run them!
    And thank you, Arena, for all you've done. PoF is great! Can't wait for a Living story to know what happened to.... oh well, you know who :)

  • Nebilim.5127Nebilim.5127 Member ✭✭✭

    *Story and characters were amazing.
    *Maps are amazingly big and full of details, even small corners with seemingly no way to get to have something there.
    *Mounts were tastefully done.
    *Lots of NPC and small cities/outposts with them talking to us and giving us lore.

    *Story felt super rushed at latter half, didn't send us to explore desolation and vabbii
    *The maps are in a serious need of replayability, be in form of more collections, legendaries or metas. The hearts aren't enough and they are the worst part of gw2 as game.
    *There has to be more reasons to explore most of the maps, i find all these cool places but never anyone there or any reason to be there unless it is a bounty spawning.
    *Events and specially bounties needs to be fine tuned to be scaled with small groups, i'm playing with two other friends and we had to abandon some events because they scale insanely badly. Some bounties were impossible to do anything because of a instability that kept healing not matter how much we tried to focus them and cc them.
    *No build templates

  • Good story, great locations, beautiful architecture and landscapes. Suitably challenging maps and instances. I feel there are certain parts of the story that could have done with being dealt with in more depth, even if as a result of optional dialogue after mission completions, such as why Vlast saves the Commander, Aurene coming to the Commander's rescue at the end of Act 2, Sohothin's particular usefulness in the finale, Kasmeer's emotional journey regarding her gods. Some of these things feel like they're barely brushed on, hinted at but not developed. I like that there's plenty else to do after finishing the story and in-instance goals for extra achievement points. I liked that we didn't get to know Vlast until after he was gone, through his memory crystals - I felt that was a brave and innovative storytelling approach.

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    PoF might be a nice addition in gamearea, and bounties are an interesting addition for the casual player, but I find mounts and tyo a lesser extent bounties problematic .

    I've mapped all 5 maps on my main, I am at 257 mastery, and I have no wish to continue, cause it feels empty.
    Old maps feel empty, and PoF feels empty even though the maps are crowded with groups zerging bonties.

    • The mounts, however beautiful, have destroyed all distance and hindrances in verticality in open world....
    • Mounts are upsetting vanilla a lot. Maps have become small and trivial and seem to have lost both the movement needs and mechanics and the feel of openess
    • The Griffin bugs often in flight in vanilla maps freezing both me and my mount and dropping to the floor (happens often if not allways with speedboost) making it an unreliable tool. for 250 gold and so much more effort you cold have expected a mount which doesn't freeze in Vanilla (swoop, travel and freeze)
    • Reaching hard places for masteries, vista's and chests EVERYWHERE are now just a swap to the springer and this has removed the need to think.
    • Crossing large area's can be done with the raptor or the jackal making distances trivial. They also make ENEMIES trivial as the skip is more time-efficient then a dismount for a kill. Even with enemies having full xp stacked cause everyone just runs past them there is no reason to step off and engage 'm.....
    • I personally like the skimmer best, it doesn't seem so broken, but water expanses , lava, quicksand, sulfurpools all lost their value. They do no longer ask for me to be aware of my surroundings, or observe the map for dangers.....
    • The Griffon however beautiful is a nice addition, but completely destroys any replayability of any content except the area's in jumping puzzles. (where it or other mounts aren't allowed)
    • The brilliance of the Heart of Thorns gliding system has been overwhelmed by the complete and utter destruction wreaked by mounted movement.
    • I find most of my older character with map completion in Vanilla and partial or complete HoT have no need to go to POF now the masteries have been unlcoked and the elite specialisations have been unlocked, none at all.
    • No replayability means no need to bring alts. No need for alts means no wish to add more game time after the basic collections have been met. I find myself at an impasse where I no longer have any need to continue. Whereas HoT brought meta's and the wish to continue to explore PoF feels empty. Even with the lartgest maps it feels small.
    • I feel saddened by the introduction of mounts in the end, and I feel my feeling about mounts have come true. They have indeed destroyed the explorability.
    • The story is nice and feels more complete and structured then HoT ever did. It is however difficult to get your progress broken down, except for DC's...

    • I had hoped for a Gate of Torment option to venture into other area's to have places i couldn't go with mounts and to fight either instanced or non instanced battles versus fierce enemies. The forgotten and the resting place of Abbadon.... I want to look beyond but have not found beyond,.... The gate of torment wold have been a nice addition to the expansion.

    The expansion is beautiful, but after 1 week of playing it feels complete. PoF ,however beautiful, left the game dumbed down and merly a collection effort.

    Suggested changes?

    • Mount acces from vanilla and HoT should be removed. The content will be valuable again. Even in PoF mounts feel broken.
    • Remove mounts from cities, make nice stables for mounts around the area's. They have no use in cities and clutter a lot.
    • Mount Speed needs to be reduced. Give 'm 50% speed boost max, and make sure the slow down in combat (when hit, or affected by conditions), let them lose 33% and fall to 100%...
    • Mounts are not affected by cripples, chills or other movement impairing things. Fix this.
    • Mounts can be invulnerable passing any and all groups of mobs with the present trait system...which is broken as well. Fix this as well.
    • Griffon is broken with the mount stalling everywhere. This is bad. Even though I like the feel of flying the fact the mechanics of traits do not function... well is bad.
    • The lack of any meta, Instanced content or large boss events other then the bounty zerg fests prove to be boring and tiresome very fast.


    Mounts have not proven themselves to be an improvement on Guild Wars 2 in my opinion. Even if my opinion is impopular I'll stand by it.
    Mount are however, very beautiful, very well animated and have distinct personalities.

    A veteran since 2012.

    27 lvl 80's, 10 times map. 3 War, 3 Grd, 1 Rev, 3 Rng, 3 Thf, 1 Eng, 4 Ele, 6 Ncr, 3 Msm
    14k+ Hrs Played, "Been There, Done That , Might Do It Again!"

  • The issue for PoF is it didn't add a whole lot of new things at present. The new specializations also seem to have too much of a focus on pvp, would be nice if they could have their balance done independently. The 'new' thing in PoF, bounties, have their issues too. The in/out circle mechanic has a rather... obnoxious sound during it, why not just have it play a sound when it changes/disables/enables instead? The blue color for the circle/arrow is also a poor choice in my opinion, the color and brightness are difficult on the eyes. Then there's the shield/bubble they get that stops attacks outside of it is also too bright in my opinion, it not only feels bad for my eyes but it makes seeing the target and allies difficult due to brightness of the shield/bubble. As others have said, swapping mounts could be made quicker, not only is there dismounting, then remounting but there's even a forced wait period between the two actions for some reason. Having some actions not dismount you would be a pleasant change too, if possible.

    Would like to see more added down the road, hopefully. I do like how mounts are other than the delay between swapping them, and I do like the PoF maps too, just feel they need additional content in them.

  • I liked:
    Mounts, new skins, new maps, some events on POF maps, weaver, scourge and firebrand profs.
    I disliked:
    Balance (as it always at start),
    holosmith - as engi is my main I must say it's disappointing to use after scrapper, it has no survavibility and mediocre damage with high complexity,
    warrior bubble - just ruining WvW atm. Extremely OP skill.
    Story. I'm not a fan of pve and lore at all, but I liked playing HOT story and I quit POF story pretty early.

  • Positive:

    • Art, music, landscape is great.
    • Voices are well done. Ambient town chatter is also immersive.
    • Mounts are great and feel great.


    • It is too easy to waste exp on a mastery line either because you don't have points or because you forget it's finished. Needs to overflow somewhere or give you a big prompt that it's finished.
    • Bounties need to be friendlier for smaller parties.
    • Huge maps feel empty, but it makes it look like a real world that lives on its own and not for players — a refreshing experience.
    • Mounts are overall beyond expectations, though UI/UX still needs QoL.
    • Environment and music are as gorgeous as always, but now on a grand scale; amount of VA is astounding.
    • Story is a significant improvement, but still has flaws; and I still dislike how low its replayability is (dungeons out of story instances, please?..), while at the same time the pure existence of achievements in it distracts from naturally experiencing it without worrying about future regrinding.
  • Map design is great, Bigger areas leave a better impression than the scaled down core maps.
    Core maps suffer from haphazard edits PoF.
    The griffon sanctuary changing is great and I wish the same system would be applied to the home instance.

    Story still felt a bit filler in the beginning, stuff happened that wasnt fun or intrestring game play wise.
    The cutscenes are still a bit stiff.
    The voice acting still feel disjointed from the character interactions. Balthazar is the only exception iirc.
    Stop introducing characters just to die within the same instance pls.
    Kormir's stance is without logic unless she knew we would win.
    Even then we fought a god, the impact on the world should be the same.

    Griffon and its adventures are amazing, these felt great to unlock. This is what post game should be IMO.
    Unlocking acc wide content post first game is always great.

    Economy is still borked in spite of the "measures" taken. (merch value items with no real sinks)
    Spearmarshal's plea gives a mini each gift. Why?

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    The maps are stunning! You could open a museum with them an offer a virtual reality experiance with them, i would pay loads of money for that.

    The mounts are on Point and the "enjoyment of movement" brings the whole game on another level. Even on the older maps i have tons of fun getting from Point A to Point B.


    I for my self are missing some more"Endgame" goals, which it totaly subjectiv i understand. And i am a bit scared that the first "whooooa, this is beautiful" won´t keep me in this maps for a long time. Before someone tries to argue, im not the achievemnt points kind of guy, which of course is my own fault.

    It saddens my that the whole expansion feels like a singleplayer campain. You can do the majority of the content completly solo, and there is no "constant fear" of running into a horde of mobs witch will kick you back to the nearest waypont (like hot was at the beginning, kitten mushrooms!)

    My personel short conclusion:

    The overall ambient is amazing, yet i am missing some "harder" stuff to do. If i wanted solo content i would play dedicated solo rpgs, because they simply do this stuff better. But we are only 1 week in the expansion and i might be surprised whats else to come, and of course am looking forward to new raids/fractals.

  • ehajgbo.1342ehajgbo.1342 Member
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    • Mounts are amazing
    • Maps are amazing

    • Switching mounts is a pain. We should be able to directly switch between them, I mean now if Im on Mount X, I have to dismount first, wait for mount cooldown, then hope on Mount Y.

    • Meta events?
    • Consumable karma items? Why not addding me the karma without clicking?
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    Increase range and aoe on mantras to 300 radius and 600 range. In wvw and pvp they are rather useless as support tools. In fact it is better to use shelter/shouts and renewed focus.

    Make Tomes instant. In order to use tomes you need to cast the tome, cast skill 5 in the tome and after that use the skill you actually wanted to use.

    Mantras should be charged and ready when you resurrect or zone. In some pvp maps you cant even get all the mantras up before you reach the center even if you blow 3 cool downs to cast them when having quickness.

    Add a trait that improve mantras, why not a healing trait, 500 heal per charge.

    Add in a mobility trait. Why not a 3*600 blink when using the elite mantra.

    Fix staff (plenty of feedback available on this one) so we get a ranged support option that works with FB

    FB isnt a frontlines in its current setup and you need to add mobility and/or mitigation options if you want it to be played as a frontliner.

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    Can't do this in 100 words, as I can't be somewhat constructive. Sorry - I tried.


    • As always, an astounding design team providing immaculate visual designs
    • Mounts and their ability to allow further freedom for exploration within GW2.


    • Story felt rushed, overabundance of dialogue at times, with unnecessarily lengthy instances in some cases
    • Extremity in the change/removal of map/large scale meta events – need an implementation of both small chain events and map meta events/world bosses that cater to different player demographics. GW2 clearly has a massive spectrum of players in terms of their style, preference, and rate of play, so I don’t understand the thought process here
    • From a "high-end" majority PvE player's perspective, there is a lack of balance between elite specialisations. Some feel highly uninspired, and are severely under performing their proposed purpose. Was not expecting another power creep or for HoT specs to become redundant, but at least an equilibrium for better build diversity, and a bit of a gap closer to allow the "less preferred" classes to become more closely competitive in terms of both dps and unique team utility. It is early days, but the current speculated state could've been easily avoided
    • Lack of longevity within maps post collections/achievements
    • Major PvP and WvW negligence (which I assume will be addressed further down the line).
  • I love there is less waypoints it is encouraging us to explore. Also playing in small groups is even better. Act 1 and Act 2 are AMAZING Act3 is ok but I would like a little bit more of explanation of the final battle. I like the new maps and specs. Mounts are 10/10. Generally that's a good expansion thank you Arena net.

  • 1: please unlock all the skins that are hidden in the wardrobe, its annoying opening it to play fashion wars but not finding what you need and asking map chat or going off site to find it, its alot of needless busy work

    2: more story for future mounts or ingame skins, make them on par with the gryfon one, have us earn them, eg raid skin of an undead raptor, make us work for that bad boy, its fashion wars after all!

  • Maunzi.3764Maunzi.3764 Member ✭✭✭

    The removal of meta events is a game changer. The maps feel like real places now, a HUGE move forward from the backwards HoT design. My only complaint is class balance, it's insane.

    Bring classes in line, spread support out (Phalanx Strength Warrior should not have the best buffs in the game all for itself, Druid shouldn't be the only one with GOTL).

    1. Masteries are only mounts. Missing variety.

    2. Adventures are pointless.

    3. Mounts put a sour note on future masteries.

    4. A cliffhanger for the expansion's climatic ending is bad practice. Consider including LS4 chapters in the next expansion's release.

    5. There is... less content than in HoT. That's fine if the content offered is of better quality, but the only real thing this expansion is offering, are the mounts.

    6. Repeatable hearts should not lock the karma vendor until recompletion.

    7. Even with the joy of movement, exploration feels worser than in HoT.

  • The new maps are amazing as well as the story, and the mounts are really well implemented.

    But I suggest you improve the rewards to metas like augury rock and serpent's ire, or noone will be doing them 2 months from now.

  • I love the map design and mount system. It feels like metroid, exploring the world and noticing areas I cannot get to and looking forward to coming back to an area with new abilities and reaching new offshoot areas. Such a good feeling. The anticipation and excitement lasts longer in these new zones than in older zones.

    I wish that I could mix the new skills of my classes with the old skills. For example I main thief and really only like Impact Strike as an elite. I wish that I could play the new class and use an elite skill that I like.

    What I look forward to most is build templates. <_<

    Click on your name up top. Click the little icon with the down arrow for preferences. Click Signature Settings to the right.

  • With Path of Fire, I feel I got my favourite MMO back.

    Praise Joko.

  • Nafets.1238Nafets.1238 Member ✭✭✭

    Lack of endgame challenging content.

  • Story: Very high quality. Felt a bit short. It didn't feel rushed or anything, just a tad short.

    Elite Specs: Some very cool concepts, still needs lots of balancing (perfectly acceptable, as long as its addressed in a reasonable time e.g. not 3 months down the line). Listen to player's feelings about the specs. In the end, if it doesn't feel enjoyable to play, it failed.

    Maps: Extremely fun, beautiful, detailed, and overall well-made. Feel sparse due to map-player-limit, but otherwise 10/10.

    Overall: Needs some touches and improvements, but overall amazing.

  • Maps are great, Mounts are great, Story was really quite good, Collections are nice.

    The lack of Meta events. HoT messed up by being all meta event, and LS3/PoF messed up by having no meta events. Try for a mix.

    Some of the specs need work - not necessarily balance-wise, but feel wise. Renegade shortbow, for example, feels really fun. Deadeye rifle doesn't. Regardless of balance, every class should feel fun.

    Music is great, as always.

    more weapon/armour sets would've been nice, but the existing ones are good.

  • Maps: So much to see and explore. Size prevents meeting too many people; I think it's mostly good. Would have appreciated at least one meta-driven map for replayability. Replayability can be increased by adding collections for weapons (awakened, mordant...) and others instead of the many "coing-gathering" type achievements.
    Mounts: amazing. Love them. Maybe allow a direct switch between them rather than having to unmount first. And more than 1 dye channel.
    Story: best GW2 had up to now. Loved it. Especially the absence of braham and rox. They are poorly made, hate-generating characters unworthy of the tasks at hand. Braham especially feels like the Conrad Verner from Mass Effect.

    More generally, the progress felt too fast. HoT was maybe too slow on the mastery/elite spec progression; PoF for me was the reverse. Whether progression should be slowed or more should have been added; I can't tell.

  • Story: Vlast improvements over HoT, however Act III was a bit short and did not explore the last 2 maps properly. Would have liked some more sidearcs in vabbi, but fair enough.

    Elitespecs: Balancing turned out to be quite a bit off. Firebrand burns everything to ashes, Mirage is an autoattack fest and thief has only a short timeframe it can place proper damage, but needs incredibly long to build up.

    Maps & Mounts: Holy kitten, you guys have been hitting it out oft he park! Mounts feel perfectly integrated. Mounts COULD have used more customization tho. (Outfits?)

  • Arleii.5304Arleii.5304 Member
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    Story is a **huge ** step up, but loses some of its quality in the third act.
    Maps are absolutely incredbile visually and exploration-wise. Only thing lacking for me would be some kind of a smaller map, dedicated to a map-wide meta event (HoT style). One would be enough. I'm also not too keen on adding plethora of trash mobs in every nook and cranny - I just want to look at the scenery but everything keeps pulling me into combat.
    Music is at its peak in this game. Nothing but praise.
    Weaver is really fun to play.
    Mounts are like the best thing ever, just need some extra hard to get rewards, like new saddles or accesories.
    Rewards need tweaking (esp bounties).
    Also one should be able to see all the new rewards more clearly. Putting the skins into the wardrobe is the absolute minimum.

    Overall I'm very glad I chose to pay for the ultimate version, PoF is worth every cent, but could be even better.

  • Yid.3024Yid.3024 Member ✭✭
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    The feeling of missing out when you haven't unlocked all the mastery tracks and collections was urging me to rush through to the end. It felt like time spent exploring and enjoying the new map was going to waste when a newly unlocked collection asks me to go back and do the same thing again, find things I already found, etc.. Same for mastery XP.

    Solo experience in new maps was great, wish there were some large-scale meta events.

  • Hello Anet!
    I went into the new xpac with HUGE expectations, and boy I was not disappointing. I lvoe absolutely everything you guys did with this new expansion and I think, compared to HOT is way way better.
    Here are the main points:

    • story was incredible. I always hated the story in Gw2, sorry for that but they just plain sucked. POF has an amazing story and so many fantastic things you guys did to make it more enjoyable.
    • The maps, OMG the maps are so beautiful. It's like LSD on a mount. Best maps u guys ever made. 100+ points for Desolation - that one takes the cake home for me
    • The mounts - are well designed, and the actual prodcut is way better than what I tested during beta and stress tests.
    • Achievements - I love this part, more so the griff one. Was the most amazing experience for me.
    • HP in new maps - I like that you guys did them so they can be done alone as well. HOT HP are kitten, because you can;t solo them and you have to rely on other people. I personally hate that.
    • Loot system sucks on new maps :(. Sorry for that. I love these meta events, but after completing one of them u get like kitten loot and it;s kind of discouraging. Maybe you guys can balance that a bit and actually reward players with better loot. I mean 1 entire meta event and I get 1 piece of 30 silver gear? That is not as rewarding as completing a HOT meta and receive a better loot bag.
    • I love the meta events. Are scaled, they can be done in smaller parties and they are so cool, the NPC speaks so much, give u lore and it's like you are part of the story.
    • I would love to see bosses as well, no linked with entire map meta, but something a bit bigger that could also bring players. Besides bounties :) that is
    • I appreciated the way you handled the DC issues. I know it is not easy and probably a lot of employees stayed overtime (even overnight) to fix them, and I want you guys to know there are players here that know that and appreciate that :)

    Overall I will give the entire POF a 98%, that 2% the bad loot and the absence of bigger bosses. But you guys did a fantastic job with it, the effort is clearly showing and CONGRATULATIONS for a very well done job. I regret nothing with this purchase.

  • Overall disappointed in all specs except scourge, firebrand and weaver...and firebrand is just heavily overtuned for a supposed support spec. The others feel undertuned. Deadeye and spellbreaker feel like PvP and WvW specs, which has upset a lot of people in my guilds because they know they can't play with their shiny new weapons in end game content and be poor Engineers, Anet - they've now been playing the same broken class for 5 years, Holosmith NEEDS a buff above all the other specs.

    The maps are really awesome and fun to explore, the lack of so many waypoints makes mounts actually immensely useful - but mounts are so fun anyways I don't think I'll touch waypoints ever again! That being said, their masteries are all copy/pastes of one another, meaning they don't feel like I am ever making progress or achieving anything when I unlock them. My only incentive there is to watch my mastery number go up so I can keep up with my friends. The expansion could have benefit from including one larger scale meta than the ones we got, which, at current, most players don't even know they exist. Bounties are the only replayable content I can think of, and I'm not wont to repeat them over and over for the comparatively poor reward they give.

    For a "full content" expansion, I feel like I have exhausted the meaningful content in less than a week. You can't expect me to be happy doing collections for skins I don't want. If I had to rate Path of Fire; 6/10.

  • Of what I have seen so far overall PoF seems like a great product.

    The story was the best we have gotten so far. Clear, logical and straightforward plot, no loopholes ad big inconsistencies and a great set of characters. The instances where beautiful and well done. Keep up this quality of story.

    The open world maps are insanely beautiful and fun to traverse. Environmental design is top notch, the best maps in the game next to HoT. Good amount of events, but I'd liked to have more big meta events and World bosses.

    Mounts are a blast and very well done, but I'd liked more variation with the mastery system. Also make acquiring them take longer or character bound. Not enough masteries, but we'll done ones in my opinion.

  • Good content, good maps, good story, good mounts overall. But I think elite specs need severe balancing, Firebrand is supposed to be a support spec but it does more damage than anything else while some other supposed DPS specs like Deadeye, Holosmith and Mirage cannot even do more damage than their builds pre-PoF. Also Spellbreaker is a spec catered for PvP only, that's unacceptable, every spec should be viable in every game modes, not just good for only one and bad in others, please no more of this. We need alot more meaningful balance changes.

  • Timo.1065Timo.1065 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    Dear ANet,

    1. Story. Very good. I like it so much. 9/10 - one point less cuz problems with log into a story.
    2. New map. I like it. But after release PoF I relize that i'm a big fan of maps like HoT one. Events from HoT give me more satisfaction. First dragon kill from DS just make me wooooo. New xpack cant reprace HoT, but I miss this PANIC in chat during Meta HoT events. Bosses from Bounty in PoF have different attack and skills, but feeling is the same. Just stay close to boss move a little and attack. I hate Hot map on start. But now HoT maps with with mouts are just lovely!
    3. Mounts are super. Two raptor jumps from Lion Arch WP to crafting square, love that. Jump feeling on raptor just like a rocket :)
    4. Unidnetnify good. Not bad, but there is few thing you can improve. If you want to Open All, items fullfill all inventory + 1 with information that there is no space in bads. That is anoing. Second if you have gear in your inventory + unidentify, you can't salvage it seperately (salvage all). The only way is inisible bag for unidentify goods.
  • LazerusKI.7485LazerusKI.7485 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017
    • The Mounts are overall nicely implemented and fun to use, i just hope that if the next living world implements a few more, they are not again 250g mounts. and please dont ruin your maps with free-flying or so
    • Though i want more ways to color them. And cosmetics would be nice too, not full conversions just small additions like armor, googly eyes, glasses or so.
    • The design of the maps is beautiful, there is some real eyecandy around. sadly the events are pretty boring and there is no big meta from what i have seen, atleast not like it was on the HoT maps where every single one of them had a big meta
    • Bounties are....meh. Personally i dont like them at all, they are just "champs on command", not actual "bounties"
    • The story was ok, at the end it felt way too rushed. i havnt seen a single thing from Vabbi because the story skipped like 90% of it.
    • Deadeye: The Traits are very nice and synergize well with other weapons too...sadly the Rifle needs some love to compete with for example Pistols which deal more damage without preparation, have more mobility, more energy efficiency, more CC/break and more damage by just pressing 3 over and over again...Piercing Rifleshots would help big time, and if kneel would recover initiative faster that would help a lot too.
    • Holosmith: While looking fancy i couldnt really figure out how to actually play pretty much every single fight against a stronger enemy is a suicide attack where i jump in, overheat and activate the laser-disc.
    • Aurene is cute
    • Unidentified gear is great
    • Mastery Points are easy to get and not locked behind painful archivments, i like that a lot (i still need like 20 HoT ones and i just dont want to get them because of that)
    • Hero Points are doable in solo and groups. Though i wish we had a way to share them with our other characters, even after just spending my HoT points i had 100 left...without collecting the PoF ones. I wish i could use those on another character to rush him through too.
  • Zok.4956Zok.4956 Member ✭✭✭
    • Maps/Artwork/Design/Sound: Breathtaking and amazing. Brilliant. So much attention to detail in these maps. But it feels like there are not very much events and event chains on this maps. Give us a good and fun reason (besides exploration) to re-visit these maps and to stay on them longer.
    • Story: Good, with some surprises. Much better storytelling than in HoT.
    • Mounts: In the trailer and the demo I found the mounts/raptor a little bit lackluster. But after having all 5 mounts and learned how to use and combine them, they are totally fun, each in its own way. How you expanded the "flying-travel" in HoT in a spectacular way you did again with "mount-travel" in PoF and expanded the way how we can travel the maps in a very, very fun way.
    • New Elite specs: Haven't tried them out, yet. Not a priority for me.
    • Server crashes and login problems of the first days: Totally sucked.

    My overall verdict: The Expansion is fun and absolutely worth its money/price. I love PoF and strongly recommend it to my friends (and others). - A GW2-Guild-Hall.
    Register and check your guild leaderboard to see who is the best in your guild and who finished achievements first.

  • Turin.6921Turin.6921 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    Great overall
    The mounts, the bounties, map design, story quality both in mechanics and actual plot. Probably for the first time story is a really strong feature.

    I had very few issues:
    1. The lack of map-wide metas. Such encounters are of the best encounter the game has to offer. Things like DS, the Octovine or the VB bosses are the pinnacle of boss design in the game. Really tiring if all maps are like that, but perfect if most maps are like PoF and there is only 1-2 encounters like DS.
    2. The Balthazar warbeast boss encounter. It just a [email protected]#$% all the way, with too many effects and too fast not so clear tells to learn and avoid attacks. The use of sohothin is also problematic since the skills require you to malee or to stay stationary for a few seconds. Pretty much a death sentence on the encounter. The boss ended up a bit of a boring face-roll.
    3. Some of the instance limits are a bit too close to the playing arena. You could easily end up out-of-bounds with a mount by mistake.

    • Mounts done right. "Flying" mount done amazingly right. Masteries felt more boring and similar to each other, but the mounts themselves were great.
    • Story: Loved it. The tone could be a bit darker/more serious but the Canach/Rytlock dialogue was hilarious in a good way.
    • Elite Specs: Cool themes, mechanically decent, could use some tuning numbers-wise. Deadeye rifle feels really lackluster, waiting for malice is boring when you could just go daredevil and do the same damage without waiting.
    • Zones: Completely 100% perfect. No waiting around for zerg-type setpieces and repeating them ad nauseum, actual exploration that feels rewarding.
  • Amazing content, thank god for no meta event map, mount are amazing, but not enough achievements (only 1100 pts overall... come on this should have been 5-6k at least... the whole achievement points system need to be thought over).

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