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  • Silaedru.3527Silaedru.3527 Member
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    Overall decent. I don't like the way mounts were done. Most specializations feel lackluster compared to HoT ones. Story was enjoyable with no kitten.ed/annoying fights. I like the new maps, especially the availability and abundance of hero and mastery points. I dislike lack of waypoints and areas overpopulated with mobs, which makes them hard to explore. I strongly dislike that the new maps are disconnected from the world with no proper way of getting there other than doing the story. I also strongly dislike the decision to launch the expansion on friday, which caused many problems over the first weekend.

  • The worst things I've experienced in PoF can all be addressed in just about any patch. I think the rewards across the region need some touch ups (something HoT/LWS3 metas ended up doing particularly well), and it would be wonderful quality of life if switching between types of mounts was more seamless. But other than that, I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience so far.

  • Keelin.5781Keelin.5781 Member
    edited September 28, 2017
    • Engineer needs a balance pass. Risk/Work - Reward Ratio is messed up.
    • Mount switching can be cumbersome.
    • Disabling the smart camera does not work for mounts.
  • One Hundred Words Or Less: The Strong start, weak finish for the story. The final two instances were annoying and unclear at times, making them immersion breaking. The Elite Specs for PoF needed to be PvE tested. Now we have to wait for a balance pass to take longer. Get a public test server, guys.

  • Beanna.6712Beanna.6712 Member ✭✭
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    I enjoy the maps. Aesthetics and biomes variety are very pleasing, no needlessly complicated verticality. Mounts and masteries are well handled, they make the exploration a lot more fun and they are actually useful in core game compared to HoT masteries that were grindy and useless for the most part. Story writing is a slightly better but, as someone who do not like the emphasis on the six gods I can't wait to go back to dealing with dragons. Killing a god as a single player felt weak, should have been a huge raid boss. Spellbreaker useless in PvE is a bummer.

  • I want meta event or some other reason to come back to PoF maps and no, bounties do not count.

  • pros
    nice big maps
    no meta events

    Path of Fire feels more like a quarter of a finished product. or more of a half content patch at best then it does feel like a new expansion pack
    4 to 5 days of sever problems . the player base should be compensated with a 8000 gems for such a bad launch .
    new bag upgrades are a gold sink
    new griffon mount 250 gold sink
    bad story writing felt like bunch of high school kids
    jumping puzzles
    no new hardware/software upgrades
    mini games
    ectoplasm gambling
    will not recommend this game to no one at all
    running into walls you can not see till you hit them

  • Okay...I haven't gotten very far, just started working my way through The Desolation.

    What I like:
    1.) The mounts are so far, though I can't for the life of me figure out the purpose of the Skimmer....
    2.) Unidentified gear has been a boon really, I've gotten more exotics in one day than I've gotten in a month total before PoF.
    3.) Some of the events are really cool, bounties are neat.
    4.) The story is pretty fantastic, keep making improvements here...doing an amazing job.

    What I don't like:
    1.) No map wide meta events!
    2.) No world bosses!
    3.) No new dungeons or something more challenging for group content (I know I know...fractals are LS only and dungeons are dead).
    4.) Kinda seems like a lot more events could have been added....

    Overall, I dislike the Desert Highlands and Elon Riverlands the most, who likes hunting for events? There's not enough to do in these 2 maps....

  • Pluses

    • Story! So well written and executed! Wonderful!
    • Maps! Clear (TD…), interesting&beautiful
    • New game mechanics (no more kitten runes/sigils), better achievs management
    • Mounts! Best execution of mounts ever! Especially in stagnant MMO genre
    • Great concept and execution of elite specs
    • Animations in this game – Wow!


    • We don’t need metas, but we need something worth doing for some reason. You acted like pioneers in mounts aspect (not only  ). Perhaps you will introduce something entirely new?
    • Specs are TOO focused. What if I love the concept and animations of class X but it just can’t be played in my fav. PvX?

    Anet Team, you are just getting better and better! Buy yourself a big Nutella jar!

  • A fantastic expansion I'll be recommending to friends!

    Some of my highlights:

    • Achievements, mastery points, armour sets mostly revolving around scavenger hunts laced with events/bounties as opposed to the other way around
    • Bringing mounts to Tyria the right way is a very fine and difficult line, but you guys did it, well done.
    • The new method of unlocking hero points
    • Allllllllllll the lore bombs and seemingly random dialogue

    You guys knocked it out of the park, well done!

  • Watanka.5923Watanka.5923 Member
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    Positive :+1:

    • Wonderfull map design, just the amount of complexity it need
    • Mount well implemented
    • Story a LOT BETTER than vanilla, HoT and LWS3
    • Griffon quest > absolute blast, awesome ! Gimme moar !

    Negative :-1:

    • As I expected, we gone from too many map-wide meta event in HoT to 0 in PoF. Sad.
    • Story is epic, open world is not (even a bit boring sometimes with only escort/collect events).
    • Looks like "PvE meta" builds will not move a lot. New elite spec are a bit "meh" in term of efficiency compared to HoT ones.


    • Traditionnal "quests" added with collections are good but needs to be more visible (I'm pretty sure a lot of people miss them). They should get their own UI with proper "Hint" display and tracking more like a quest journal.
    • Bounties are cool. The biggest problem is to find enough people to kill them. Less simultaneous bounties (to get more people on each one), longer timer, better scaling and they'll be perfect.
    • Griffon quest > absolute blast, awesome ! Gimme moar ! (yeah I have to say it again)

    Overall, an excellent experience !
    If the LSW4 is the same quality of PoF, it's going to be super cool !

  • NewDivide.2940NewDivide.2940 Member
    edited September 28, 2017
    • super thrilling story
    • very beautiful maps
    • great music!

    -> top atmosphere

    But what should i do after exploring thoose maps and the story?
    There aren't really many big bosses to slay or big map wide meta events. (Please correct me if im wrong) There is nothing that motivates me to keep on playing, so now I'm waiting for the LW season.

    Fair price overall tho.

  • I enjoyed it so far.
    Minor issues:
    1. Pretty much everything has a ranged attack and a super long aggro range, which makes dismounting to eg. harvest frustrating
    2. I would have liked if our companions would comment more on the areas they are in
    3. The Elon Lily in Elon Riverlands drops way too rarely
    4. Weaver Sword Air 3 feels weak, a lot of cooldown feels to long
    5. I want a tameable Aqua Stalker lol
    6. give elisa more bounty hunter recipes to sell than just one every two days

  • Collections. Are. Not. Content.

    I do not enjoy feeling forced to do collections in order to buy gear. Saying that guild wars does not have traditional quests is incorrect now since each collection is just any gather quest in any other game. I should not be forced to do 6 collections to buy new gear. It's not fun content. Especially go gather wood metal flax rare drops. Maybe one collection with 10-15 items for the whole set?

    Mounts are awesome and the griffon collection was a good time. But too many collections have made me not want to play.

    I do think PoF could have benefited from a new map wide meta or world boss. Bounties aren't replayable enough.

  • Carighan.6758Carighan.6758 Member ✭✭✭✭

    In bullet points:

    • Better than HoT or Core
    • New loot-system is amazing, keeps inventory clean. Put it on all maps though, not only PoF.
    • Mount animations are amaaaazing.
    • Lack of meta events is good, balances HoT.
    • Bounties need more variety in abilities.
    • Mirage is a design-wreck.
    • Holosmith suffers from Engi base issues.
    • Scourge target number change was the wrong fix for a support spec.
    • Weaver and Spellbreaker are kitten nice.
    • PLEASE FIX: Elonian Matrix is account bound so as guild scribe I get no help with the trade contract cost for guild decorations. My guild mates can't help bear that cost and that sucks. Guild decorations are for everyone, just crafted by one person. I would love the Elonian Matrix to either be a basic decoration and then deposited directly to the guild or make it tradeable.
    • BUG: My ranger pet keeps getting auto stowed against its will.
    • Zones are fantastic. I loved the story. Mounts are great and take some getting used to, but they're well done.
  • Overall I'd say the expansion is fantastic. Especially two things are outstanding for me:

    • The map design. I love the sheer dimensions of the structures: the high stone colums, huge palaces and deep wadis. And exploring the dwarven ruins was one of the best moments I ever had in GW2. It really felt like being the first to set foot in a dungeon that was closed for centuries, up to the stunning finale.
    • The reminiscences of GW1. Surprisingly, GW2 didn't refer much to its predecessor so far, a grave here, some ruins there. Fortunately, the new expension has so many references to GW1, the building like the garden, the doppelgangers etc.

    Thinking of negative points, (besides the server problems at launch) there only comes one thing to my mind: it's way too easy. I actually liked the HoT hero points, they were challenging yet fun (with one exception; I'm looking at you, Rata Novus mushroom). In PoF the hero points are a joke. Same is true for the minigames (the supply carry thing). I often got gold in the first try, while in HoT I sometimes had to practise for hours.

  • High quality content. It reminds me of a Guild Wars 1 expansion, in a good way. I enjoy that I can play the maps without people screaming at me to do the meta. I enjoy the exploration and collections. My main dislike is that there is no collection for all the new skins (sunspear, etc) so no point completing those. I feel this would add replayability.

  • Awesome expansion! Would recommend. Great execution with Bounties.. CRAPPY LOOT/DROPS with bosses and bounties

  • Good:

    • Story is great
    • Mounts feel very good
    • Maps are nice and diverse, love the hidden places and secrets
    • Bounty system is good, needs more a bigger pool of random effects though.
    • Concept of the elite specs is great, love the lore attached
    • Open world difficulty feels just right


    • Low replay value on maps due to no big crafting items and relevant meta events is bad. Once i have all the gear and achievements i have no point in going back to these maps like the HoT ones.
    • Overall game balance between classes is very bad
  • Maunzi.3764Maunzi.3764 Member ✭✭✭

    @HAAHO.1276 said:
    Collections. Are. Not. Content.

    I do not enjoy feeling forced to do collections in order to buy gear. Saying that guild wars does not have traditional quests is incorrect now since each collection is just any gather quest in any other game.

    This is only true if you let others hold your hand like you are a child, and lead you to the place. If you search for yourself, they are not like gathering quests in any other game at all.

  • Let's see... what can I remember after those crazy few days :)

    Maps are huge - much bigger than the core ones, and the amount of area they cover is impressive, seems like a real accomplishment. Can make searching for stuff... time-consuming if you don't know where to look.

    Story. Liked all the callbacks to characters I remember from Nightfall/Prophecies. IMHO it did a better job than core GW2 at making places seem familiar too - most things weren't changed TOO much, you could recognize the layout etc. Local places, I mean, not at a macro scale - the land has shifted a bit. Oh, and Kormir amuses me. I was one of the people who had no problem with her in GW1 and notice not a bone thrown in the other direction ;)

    The second Balthazar fight was interesting for sure. I knew something was wrong, that he was simply playing with me, but couldn't figure out exactly what until the instant I heard that roar. So that helped make him seem like one of the most legitimately clever opponents we've faced... the final confrontation not so much but in his defense I guess he was a little busy.

    Finally, that griffon thing. :) I've been wondering why you didn't add them to the ranger pet list for a while - looks like I have my answer and it makes a lot of sense. So I spent most of the last two nights hammering away at the collections and getting really really tired just so I could unlock the griffon earlier than most. WORTH IT. Love everything about them (well, maybe the owl griffons are a bit prettier, but... they're also not recolorable). No idea how you managed to go through the entire mounts episode of Guild Chat without tipping us off. :)

  • Alesthes.4287Alesthes.4287 Member ✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    The expansion is excellent. The best work you have done so far when it comes to story, map exploration, elite specializations, etc.

    I have only two negatives to share:
    1. Major negative: You went from having all maps in HoT being meta events on timer, to having zero map meta events and epic world bosses. Now, exploring the new maps is much better than in HoT. But map metas not on a timer, like the Silverwastes, are also a fantastic way of playing the game and something other MMOs don't have. You should offer a bit of both maps: free open world exploration and map metas/world bosses.
    2. Minor negative: Elite specializations still need some work to be balanced. Sword weaver still feels too weak.

  • Enjoyable new zones. Story was better than HoT. I'm personally worried about lack of farms/metas to really keep people coming back to PoF maps after they complete achievements and collections. Fewer waypoints and more challenging but not completely overpowered mobs is nice. Overall a much better expac than HoT was at launch. The only issue I have other than the lack of repeatable content on the new maps is that class balance is still not really up to par with what it should be.

  • I really liked the story, especially the "Your Purpose" mission. The writing was great, and I love the human female voice actor.

    Mounts feel epic, and I haven't even completed all the masteries yet.

    I believe

  • The Good
    Great work on mounts, story, music, maps aesthetics, new specializations.

    The Bad
    No meta's , no bosses, maps feel huge and empty, chat is dead, getting hero points for alts is just boring, just riding around forever you barely get to engage in combat to use your new skills. As much as people hate HoT, Hot maps were a lot of fun, there was always a mob, a fight, people in chat coordinating efforts etc.

  • Amazing content. Not enough replayability due to mediocre rewards compared to HoT. Need to switch mounts more smoothly. Balthazar reviving me was trippy.

  • thrag.9740thrag.9740 Member ✭✭✭

    pof story was really good imo. I really enjoyed it, it felt epic, and I can't wait to play through it a few more times.

    Open world + mounts feel great. I want to do map completion a fourth time just to try out mounts in core tyria. In fact, I really hope living story season 4 has some events in core tyria, but in ways which utilize mounts.

    I haven't played much with the second round of elite specs yet, I can definitely say they need a balance pass. Once qt releases their benchmarks/builds etc, we can more quantifiable discuss this.

    Bounties seem ok, I haven't done many yet. The game needs a few casual farms like this.

  • Love everything about the expansion apart from a few things. The grandeur of the expansion does unfortunately not carry over to any incentivized replayability of the new maps (imo). The vastness of the PoF maps has me feeling very lonely, and the “MMO feel” of the game is partially gone for me because there’s hardly people around. I worry that that mounts trivialize old content to a degree where it takes out fun elements (navigation and movement is in itself a puzzle-esque gameplay in tyria and HoT which is now fading).

  • No meta events is disappointing. Soulbeast is very lacklustre and makes me sad about my ranger, detracting from my overall enjoyment of GW2.

  • Happy spellbreaker leaf.
    Happy leaf about hover pancake.
    Happy leaf about maps size and feel.
    Happy leaf leading bounties for guildies.

    Unhappy leaf about condition spam from necro and boon spam from firebrand.
    Unhappy leaf about lack of spellbreaker elite ability friendly/enemy differentiation.
    Unhappy leaf about weird bugs that are months/years old sneaking back in (radius of warrior F1 longbow w/spellbreaker smaller than Taimi).

    Overall happy, glowy, plated leaf.

  • Aretak.3826Aretak.3826 Member ✭✭
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    1. Open world is pretty
    2. Mounts are nice
    3. All the maps not relying on timed metas for content is nice
    4. Story is a bit better than HOT


    1. No longevity in content, open world gets stale quickly
    2. No new group instanced content at all, funerary weapons/armour should have come from a new challenging dungeon
    3. A lot of elite specs have not had enough effort put in and are completely unbalanced. Lack of willingness to split balance between modes hurts.
    4. Story was short and felt slapped together
  • Raykkaiz.6173Raykkaiz.6173 Member
    edited September 28, 2017

    *pros: huge maps, mounts, story, visuals, nice variety of mobs, gw1 nostalgia, small secrets to discover here and there, new elite specializations

    *cons: lack of meta events, low AP to get, limited replayability, no armor/weapon colletions, missing insignias/inscriptions (at least let me buy anscended versions of gear or recipes after completing all Primeval Steward collections!)

    *questionable: griffin mount behind paywall, balance of specializations, pushing condi play even further

  • High quality, low replayability. True Meta Events like in Auric Basin or Tangled Depths needed.

  • Razor.9872Razor.9872 Member ✭✭✭

    My only quips so far are:

    • Previous and new profession balancing issues.
    • Some/a animation-lock bug(s) following dismount
    • No new fractal or raid or dungeon (But I'm guessing these are in the works for upcoming living story releases).

    If I didn't mention it, chances are I love it.


  • pah.4931pah.4931 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I think the good news is that Meta Events are pretty easy to add, right? I would prefer that they just add a TON of different small events ... so many that on any given day I might still run into one I haven't done.

  • Guys, this expansion is excellent. The mounts are a lovingly created triumph, the scenery and setting are breathtaking, the story and side content are energetic and engaging, and the variety of tasks is wonderful.

    My only real gripe is thus: Elona feels overpopulated. Though this is supposed to be a harsh and arid desert, there are aggressive flora and fauna over every sand dune, and in front of, behind, on top of and under every rock. And my goodness, do they spawn quickly. I would welcome any attempt to bring down the number of wandering mobs in the environment. They just hassle us players who get limitless opportunities to fight mobs in events, missions and tasks. Walking the desert could certainly be a little less frenetic.

    Also: if Raptor jousting is being planned as a minigame... I'm behind that idea all the way!

  • Please let me skip the long dialogue, I already read it once.... I'm on my third character going through story stuff, I'm spending more time alt+tabbed than playing :/

  • Positives: The story is amazing. I loved the twists, and how everything was tied together. Mounts are fantastic, they’re so much fun and each provide a unique exploration utility. You’ve made a generic MMO feature your own.

    Constructive Criticism: It’s great that the new maps are huge, but the size combined with map player limits makes them feel “empty”. It doesn’t feel like there are many players around to do events with. I’m also not a fan of the bounty board system – it feels clunky. A UI would be better.

    Unsure: Regarding Elite specs, it's too soon to tell.

  • Path of Fire made me remember why I loved Guild Wars 1 so much. The story is great again, The renegade reminds me of my beloved spirits from the GW Ritualist class, the maps are MUCH more manageable than HoT, and there is enough difficulty for me to scream and my computer screen and then feel the triumph of completing whatever task it was a little later. Well done.

  • Good:

    • Mounts. All the mounts.
    • Story. Especially that ending fight.
    • Maps. I didn't expect to enjoy a desert so much, but these locales are beautiful.
    • Better inventory management thru unidentified stuff.


    • Aggro ranges. I get this is to make riding a little more dangerous, but it makes some HPs/MPs extremely difficult when mobs keep respawning and aggroing from miles away.
    • Incoming damage numbers. Not everything needs to one-shot people.
    • Bounties. These events expect way too much reading comprehension from pugs.


    • Elite specs. Please don't invalidate the old specs. I love my druid, reaper and herald.
  • Nefarian.9241Nefarian.9241 Member
    edited September 28, 2017

    Very fun from what I have played so far. The mounts add a new level of mobility and exploration not seen in the gliders previously. I like the new focus on Horizontality rather than Verticallity. The elite specializations I tried during the demo and the Weaver I main all feel interesting and strong. Overall 9.7/10

  • Like the expansion. Mounts are better then expected, but feel clunky.

    Being able to swap between them by pressing the appropriate button without having to dismount would help. Also removing not being able to mount while in combat would help. The attack could have a cooldown and remounting could have a cooldown if the mount died. Also being unable to dismount any mount while in air is just counter-intuitive.

    Overall, if you do an action, you should be able to do the opposite of that action, dismount in combat/mount in combat, mount griffon in air/dismount griffon in air, etc.

    Let us skip dialogue once we've seen it once.

  • Exploration and world building is phenomenal. I love the new elite specs, but it feels like some override the previous (scourge is a great example, reaper now has almost no place in the game outside of some WvW).

    Please oh please up the rewards for doing events (especially "meta events") in PoF maps, as there is no good way to earn gold quickly in this xpac, forcing you not to play in Elona if you're trying to make money.

  • DiDorval.2380DiDorval.2380 Member
    edited September 28, 2017

    Story was really great for act I and act II, but act III felt very rushed, felt like we didn't spend enough time in the last two maps and not enough time with Joko's army. Also the last boss needed more explanation for why we could defeat him, it makes little sense.

    I wish the last boss had a game over mechanic like Mordremoth and a challenge mode for group play. ( I always feel like the last boss should be within a dungeon like the base game did...)

    The maps are really great and beautiful but I wish there was at leats one big meta event needing vaguely organised squads ala Dragon Stand (though it dosnt need to be a dedicated map)

    Also mounts are really fun so far but I worry about how it will affect exploration in the long term and map design.

  • I'm the kind of player who skips cutscenes to get to gameplay. But the story mode in this expansion was great! Loved it, even though I didn't know much of the previous lore (skipped it all.)

    I play with a small group of friends so I was really disappointed to see there were no new dungeons. This alone brings my review from a 10/10 to 6/10.

    You guys did an outstanding job in making maps feel full of content, just not the content I wanted (dungeons)

  • Pros:
    1. Implementation of mounts seems really well done.
    2. Story was good. This and living world season 2 have been my favorite sections of the story so far.
    3. Maps are beautiful
    4. I'm happy that maps still have plenty of vertical exploration, just now it is primarily through mounts instead of updrafts.
    5. The elite specializations I've played so far (mostly scourge, some holosmith, a little weaver) have all had great gameplay and flavor.
    6. The legendary doppelganger bounty has been my favorite open world boss experience to date.

    1. I really do not understand renown heart events. I feel that take away from the game more than they add to it. I definitely preferred how they were not present in Orr and HoT, I felt I had much more incentive to explore the world at my own pace and more likely to "lose myself" in the content. Heart renown events have the exact opposite effect. I try to ignore them at times, but it's difficult to ignore the desire to fill a progress bar.
    2. I miss more rewarding map metas, something like Verdant Brink in particular. I 100% understand why people disliked having big map-wide meta events in every single HoT map. But I think there needs to be a balance. One or two meta focused maps with scaled rewards like in Verdant Brink, and then a few exploration maps with smaller meta events like in Path of Fire.
    3. I wish more bounty fights had unique mechanics, I'm not a big fan of how there's the handful of mechanics (red light green light, stand in the blue zone, etc.) that are reused for most of them.

  • PoF is a fun expansion and I had a great time playing through it!

    The story is probably the most "Guild Wars" story that's been done in game and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Maps are vast instead of deep this time, but I want to call out Desert Highlands as the most interesting over all and Fortune's Vale was an excellent mini-dungeon/puzzle/thing. It was really fun to dig around with my guildies and I hope we see more things like it in the future. The lack of meta events kind of worries me when it comes to the longevity of the maps, but on the other hand it makes them feel less on rails and more something to explore, which is my preferred method. Mounts are awesome and I'm surprised how they even make the old maps feel different. They make me want to do trade routes, which is something I wouldn't ever admit to wanting to do. Now give us boats!

  • Mounts: Amazing. World: Beautiful, nostalgic, engaging. Bounties: innovative farm. Guild hall: small, low customization, dissatisfied, south to Vabbi was a mistake. Specialization: flavorful, inconsistent balance, holosmith was my most looked forward to but feels significantly worse than spamming grenades. Weaver is worse damage than tempest, a support spec. Firebrand is laughably op. These inconsistencies honestly are extremely discouraging. Overall: excellent.

  • Likes:
    1. The new elites made me want to experiment with different builds for the weaver. I have not experimented with other classes in the entire week. Died many times looking for the ideal sword build.
    2. I like the tiny details to the maps. The exploration. The mounts. Seeing the world in all its glory and discovering tiny bits of lore. I enjoyed especially how the maps paid attention to the lives of the inhabitants. Farming, water sources, mining - it all made Elona felt lived in, more so than the older maps (Divinity Reach was the only one that had that feel, but not Rata Sum, Black Citadel, Hoelbrak and Pale Tree.)
    3. I enjoyed the story, but I'm just halfway through. Taking my time and not rushing it. I disliked the previous content where it seemed to be a rush from one area to the next without a chance to even catch your breath or time to make sense of what was happening.

    1. I hate how unfair some of the fights are - I'm looking at Eater of Souls. I love experimenting with builds to overcome challenges, but you also have to realize that my ability to experiment with builds is limited by the equipment I have already invested in. I can't just on the fly get a new set of armor with 3k toughness and 1.8k condition damage just to see if that would work against the Eater of Souls.

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