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[Spoiler] [Video] Mounts are amazing for exploring Tyria

A friend made a video in Wayfarer Foothills to show how amazing the Griffon works. It is so much fun to use this mount and explore all the zones Tyria has.



  • The view is beautiful and the griffin glides for much longer than I thought. The new mounts make a big difference to map exploration.

    I'm taking a brand new char on my mounts (raptor/skimmer) and getting all the wps in vanilla Tyria. I started at level 2 right out of the starting instance. So far I've gotten about 3/4ths of the wps and reached the most southern corner of Orr and am ~level 23 from unfogging the maps and getting wps. The mounts speed boosts, leaps and ability to skim over water makes this far easier on a low level. In some places I don't think it would be possible on a low level to get past the mobs without the mounts.

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  • Yes, after 5 years of GW2 I enjoy the old maps as much as they were just released with PoF. It's a different and faster feeling. As the world is getting larger with every episode/expansion now this is okay for me :)

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