[Spoilers (maybe)] So about the Remains of the Last Spearmarshal...... — Guild Wars 2 Forums

[Spoilers (maybe)] So about the Remains of the Last Spearmarshal......

The corpse mentions that they were a monk and a Sunspear, as well as a princess. Is this Tahlkora from Guild Wars Nightfall? She was a Sunspear with the monk profession and revealed her noble status later in the story. Anyone else pick up on this?

"To mend and defend."


  • I did basically immedietly. The dialogue about her from everyone else sets her at the right age to be that pile of bones, too, just confirming it in my mind.

    Plague Signet is the only skill in the game that is worse when traited.

  • Yeah, I immediately thought of Tahlkora, as well.

    Oh look. I have a signature now.

  • After you finish all the collections for her, you can ask for her name and she will tell you.

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