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Rank GW2 In MMO Genre

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Okay guys, rank gw2 as either best MMORPG, top 3, top 10, or none! IMO it's number 1 at the moment. Feel free to give your reasons why and try not to offend anyone so your comment doesn't get deleted.

Rank GW2 In MMO Genre 188 votes

1st place
AegisRunestone.8672nottsgman.8206Pifil.5193Beorn Raukar.4328Michiel.3608fwuffyness.3158Just a flesh wound.3589RSLongK.8961Fenom.9457SilverWolfAkira.1024meeflak.9714Endless Soul.5178buzzkiller.1976anxnox.9027UnbentMars.9126Dante Stormwind.3794Shampanix.3928crashburntoo.7431therapite.3645jheryn.8390 94 votes
Top 3
TheSlothArmada.6709IndigoSundown.5419Abelisk.4527Xcorpdog.2840AnodicShadow.3647DietPepsi.4371RoseofGilead.8907Ulion.5476XenesisII.1540Wizler.8192MrWubzy.3587Scipion.7548Lokki.1092Arimas.3492darkprecure.6129Zin.6170Vayne.8563DakotaCoty.5721KTap.4381paintpixie.7398 66 votes
Top 10
saerni.2584TheRandomGuy.7246Nafets.1238Tachenon.5270Kalendraf.9521Ashen.2907hourglass.2486LazerusKI.7485Stalkingwolf.6035Sarog.9068KimRasmussen.4128Curennos.9307Fallesafe.5932Thornwolf.9721aldd.7016ProverbsofHell.2307Manimarco Devil.1790Ingros.7801Roxanne.9538ckotoc.5421 21 votes
Haishao.6851Nimrod.9240Mishoo.5918Bandlero.6312Valdur.3607Nereikia.3507Kuellet.2710 7 votes


  • 1st place

    I can see that for the most part, you guys hold GW2 in very high standards. That's great!

  • Top 3

    Top 3. It is a beautiful game, but off the mark on a couple of things. My top things that hold it back are super overblown particle effect with very little control and super overstuffed loot with no meaning or meaningful drops.

    But I like builds and the art and story. Good work on those, Anet! I really like this game.

  • Tsakhi.8124Tsakhi.8124 Member ✭✭✭
    1st place

    First place, hands down. I love the story, the characters, the battle dynamics, and the community; all of these things, plus more, makes Guild Wars 2 a pleasurable, refreshing, experience. Plus, I like threatening Trahearne with a wood-chipper if he misbehaves. *But he normally dies in battle or he tells me I did a good job at smashing against the ground at an alarming speed. XD

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  • 1st place

    First place. No other MMO has kept me addicted for this long, and no other MMO has felt as engaging and rewarding, with such a rich beautiful world and characters.

    Most MMO's I've played also have geargrinds and a horrible marketing strategy, everything is behind a paywall or is generally pay2win. In GW2 all you get with your money are cosmetics, account upgrades and gold, none of which gives you a real advantage over anyone else.

  • Top 3

    Of all the games I've played, it's definitely in the top three. But it would be hard for me to put it in first place.
    Although, currently, it's the only MMO I play.

  • meeflak.9714meeflak.9714 Member ✭✭✭
    1st place

    I voted first place, biased af but proud of everything anet has accomplished. Good luck ever finding an mmo with a more beautifully developed world

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  • Top 10

    @Adry.7512 said:
    Okay guys, rank gw2 as either best MMORPG, top 3, top 10, or none! IMO it's number 1 at the moment. Feel free to give your reasons why and try not to offend anyone so your comment doesn't get deleted.

    I love this game. But better than Ultima Online and Everquest in their heyday? Not a chance. It's a little hard for me to give an absolute evaluation, since I've only played 4 MMOs. Top three is possible. Top ten is my safe answer, since I don't know what any of the Asian MMOs are like.

    It definitely BTFOs the heck out of WoW.

  • 1st place

    For me, this is easily #1. I get nostalgic for WoW on occasion, but I don't like their combat system and gear treadmill. I play ESO on occasion, but it's chock full of things that bug me (jumping, for instance, is HORRENDOUS). SWTOR was kind of fun, but nowhere close. I've played others as well, but again, nothing nearly as good.

    The reasons I love GW2 are numerous. I could rant about the brilliant design of so many aspects, but chiefly, I like the combat and platforming. GW2 has long struck me as part platformer at its heart...and I love that about it. Movement in general. It takes me back to some of the earlier 3D platforming games on the Playstation/N64...and then it's also a very competent MMORPG. The weapon system took a little getting used to - not having full freedom to choose your skills...but I've come to like it. (Maybe even prefer it.) Plus, you still (usually) have some free customization with the utility bar.

    I love having an MMO without a gear treadmill to worry about constantly refreshing! I can work toward meaningful goals in-game at whatever pace I want. Even achievement hunting is a blast! There's plenty more, but I'll cut myself off there. I have A LOT of respect for all those who have worked on making this game what it is. Definitely first in my book.

  • R E F L H E X.8413R E F L H E X.8413 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    1st place but behind gw1 in pvp. Other mmos fail to keep my attention for many reasons and pvp is like side addons in those games while it seemed to be the focus of gw1.

  • Top 3

    I vote that it's in my personal top 3. It's nearly there, but it falls short in a couple of places in my opinion, such as: immersion, some facets of fashion and optimization.

  • Ashantara.8731Ashantara.8731 Member ✭✭✭✭
    1st place

    With the release of PoF, it certainly made it back to the top spot for me.

  • 1st place

    Play how you want, meaningful content with replay value, absolutely not pay to win, free story content regularly, players who advocate for it to each other and to new people, new players being helped by older players just for the sake of it's what people want to do, and the fact that five years later I'm still finding things that I didn't know before or haven't done before. Number one for me for so many reasons.

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  • Rennie.6750Rennie.6750 Member ✭✭✭
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    This game does a lot of things right, but it also have some of the most frustrating or boring boss encounters I've also played. And I've played a lot of MMOs, including old-school wow back when it was actually challenging. There's a lot of polish early on in your GW2 experience and there's a beautiful UI, and the game lets you ignore some stuff when you start, like crafting. Then one day you realise that you want that pink gear and you spend hours upon hours reading the wiki, and after a few weeks, it might start to come together, or not. The game does a terrible job at telling you exactly what you need to get the items you want, and the wiki nightmare is just another layer of frustration on top of the logistics nightmare.

    You also start with nice NPCs telling you clearly that they're going to do something nasty, and then one day you LFG for something Arah or some obviously old fractal like swamp, and then the boss just dumps a one shot hit out of nowhere without any noticeable animation tell, and the damage is done the very milisecond he starts to swing his arm or the nasty stuff circles appears, or some stupid boss design that goes far beyond anyone's dodge or normal condi cleanse resources. I then just roll my eyes and laugh about the designer going for fake difficulty by making things unclear or cranking up numbers and enemy spells CD to 11 out of desperation because he ran out of ideas like 10 years ago and has no clue on how to make things not punishing by making tells extremely clear but keeping things challenging. Also, 2.5-3s stuns, because who in their right minds want to control their characters... That being said, when it's made by someone with a clue on game design, it's awesome, so overall, I can't rate it.

  • Nereikia.3507Nereikia.3507 Member ✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017

    I chose 'none' because this kind of poll is useless, imo. If you asked ppl to rate WoW on the Blizzard forums, or made a poll asking some blowflies' community :p to choose food #1 for their larvae ;) , you would be able to predict the results (opinions) with 99,98% accuracy from the very start. So, what's the point?

  • Top 10

    Now since Destiny and Destiny 2 is an FPS but also an MMO or partial MMO so do we count games like that? I would have to say FF14 is for sure number 2 and W.o.W. sadly being first. I couldn't get into WoW. So idk I think Guild Wars 2 is at least Top 10.

  • XenesisII.1540XenesisII.1540 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Top 3

    WoW and FF are still above it.

    Another derailing post. ^^
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  • 1st place

    1st , No doubt about it.

  • bOTEB.1573bOTEB.1573 Member ✭✭✭✭
    1st place

    I have played most of the old and new MMOs.

    I can say with hand on my heart that this is the most quality MMO I have ever played.

    In fact, GW2 has raised the level of quality so high that it will be very hard for the competition to catch this.

    Maybe this is why I want so much from my favorite game when I see a problem, but I want it for good - it is like your favorite football team :)

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  • Top 10

    I'm sorry but anyone who puts it at first is simply biased. Going off of sheer content, player count, and community WoW simply blows Gw2 out of the water. Which is fine, Gw2 isn't trying to topple WoW. That being said I think FF and Gw2 are competing for that next spot. Unfortunately FF has the advantage of brand, so Gw2 is gonna have to keep innovating to edge them out.

  • Top 10

    Top 10. WoW is the superior game and number one. Even GW1 is higher for me. Then there's City of Heroes. I haven't tried FF14 but it looks good. The game is probably 5th or 6th place for me.

  • Samnang.1879Samnang.1879 Member ✭✭✭✭
    1st place

    1, it's the only game I'm playign at the moment, after gw2 ends, I doubt I would play any more games tbh. If anet makes gw3 i will consider continuing... but otherwise I'm done with gaming.

    I'm addicted to gw2 because all my 9 classes are so well equipped, whenever I take a hiatus, I miss my classes.

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  • GW2 has its pros and cons, could definitely be all-around better if more resources were dedicated to the game though. It's difficult to rate it when you consider there's hardly even 10 MMORPGs to put it against. Most MMORPGs are developed by either Koreans or the Chinese, mostly all being the same... with the only difference being assets and story.

  • maddoctor.2738maddoctor.2738 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It all depends on the time frame.
    Ranking Guild Wars 2 based on all mmorpgs I've ever played is a tough one because not only I played to many mmorpgs but also over the years I've changed and wanted/expected different things out of the games I've played. A game that I loved 10 years ago wouldn't be one I'd even touch if it was released today.
    However, if you ask me to rate Guild Wars 2 right now, then I'd say it's 1st because it's the only mmorpg I want to play out of those that are available in this time period. So Guild Wars 2 simply destroys all other current gen mmorpgs, it's simply that good compared to the other available options.

    So yeah, either Top 10 or 1st place, based on the time frame.

  • Redfeather.6401Redfeather.6401 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 28, 2017
    Top 3

    I have to say top 3, as I prefer Secret World Legends over GW2 at the moment. This is just my personal preference though. I know GW2 is way more popular than SWL.

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  • 1st place

    for me, I'd say it was #1, but that's only because I don't play any other MMO's, so I'm more than a little biased.

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  • Top 3

    Top 3 along with the original EQ and an old MUD which had to be number one for immersion.

  • Top 10

    For me, this game is simultaneously one of the greatest and worst games I've ever played. There's good stuff -- brilliant stuff, shinier than the shiniest shiny -- lumped together with stuff that's so egregiously not fun that I often find myself wondering if it was made by someone who must bathe every morning in the juice of a thousand lemons in order to sweeten their disposition, lest their bitter disregard for the game and its players result in the design of game play revolving around the throwing of soup ingredients at some over-caffeinated and possibly intoxicated chef, or HoT. Of course, everything I dislike, someone else loves. Or claims to. Ahem. It's a grand, glorious, confusing mess, easily making it into my Top 10. Maybe even Top 5. Top 3? Alas, nope. Not quite yet, but closer with the release of PoF, which has thus far been a mostly fun and positive experience. Thank you.

  • 1st place


  • Didn't even make it through WoW's free trial it was so boring. Combat is just stand and rotate through skills with no dodge mechanics, leveling was horrendously slow, and the world felt bland to me. I get that warcraft has been around for ages and has its own lore, but I'm tired of cookie cutter high fantasy monsters. I love guild wars aesthetic. While it's obvious that everyone on the forum is a bit biased, if i voted I would put it at number 1. Innovation beats "more stuff" any day, and there are so many things in GW2 that I have not done despite being here since launch.

  • Top 3

    Great game, but unfortunately it does fall flat in a few areas, in particular PvP and WvW. These modes have been unfortunately put on the back burner for quite some time, and the community has been asking for more game modes for PvP and new maps and content for WvW for years now. The MMR system for ranked is absolutely terrible, and the balance patches are so far apart that builds and overtuned professions are abused for months before being addressed.

  • Ardid.7203Ardid.7203 Member ✭✭✭✭
    1st place

    It has a lot of fails. But don't know any other MMO able to surpase it. 1rst place, no doubt.

  • None!

    Choices to vote on were way too limited, somewhere between 10-20, maybe 11.

  • 1st place

    Jokke, if you placed 1st place for GW2 then you meant FFXIV<WOW<GW2 ? ;P

    As for the poll - you can't really expect serious answers here, can you? ask it on some general gaming website.

    GW2 is starting to feel GREAT, but right now. I've played it in 2013 and got bored soon. I've been back in 2016 and played longer, it was better but got bored soon. I got back in 2017 and feel hype similar to what morrowind/gothic gave me all those years ago :) don't know if there is new staff, new management or they just started to listen more - doesn't matter, they are getting great while most asian mmos are a total kitten and wow is getting slightly worse and worse with each expansion.

  • Top 3

    Honestly, HoT made me uninstall GW2. Until PoF released, I considered GW2 mediocre. But PoF makes the game feel so much better. I would put GW2 right behind WoW, only because WoW offers better dungeon and raid experiences.

  • 1st place

    Great feedback guys! Let's try to get a sample size of 1000 :)!

  • Kalendraf.9521Kalendraf.9521 Member ✭✭✭
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    Top 10

    Mechanically, GW2 is a very good game, but GW2's armor appearance and lack of armor diversity is a major letdown for me. There are many other MMOs have a much better grasp of what fantasy armor should look like. I'm also disappointed by GW2's emphasis on content like mini-games, JPs, and its absurd infatuation with exploiting the Z-dimension (HoT maps, many season 3 maps, PoF locations gated by springer, etc).

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  • 1st place

    It has its flaws, but easier to deal with flaws than almost any other MMO on the market. Definitely number 1 in my book

  • bro..... this gw2 forum, your poll is sensless.
    What do you expect in the game's forum.

  • WoW is an awful game. Terrible graphics, wonky animations and character movement, the most generic thing on the market bar none, with a story ripped straight out of the Warhammer universe. How anyone can rate that game at #1 of anything other than population is beyond me.

  • 1st place

    Innovation and detail.

    GW2 doesn't have the most players, the most content, the best graphics or engine (though these 2 are still extremely good and polished)... yet it's the most unique MMO where developers are constantly - and earnestly - making efforts to listen, innovate and re-invent. The result is an extremely diversified and friendly experience, from the amount of mini-games to the fairness of the cash shop and marketing model.

    Two quick examples that as "obvious" as they may seem you won't find in other "top" games (if any games at all):

    • Downed and in-combat revival mechanics - what this brings both to gameplay and social interaction cannot be stressed enough.
    • Joy of Movement concept - from the deep, interesting and useful Gliding masteries to the new mounts, this takes exploring a fantasy world to another level.
  • 1st place

    Tops the list for me. Can't beat free to play. Get your money's worth x100 in my opinion. Rich lore. Beautiful and varying locations. And quaggans! Can't go wrong.

  • katniss.6735katniss.6735 Member ✭✭✭
    1st place

    I just can't get into or back into other mmos. If gw2 wasn't still in first place, I'd have already moved on. The game still holds my interest, and I know a lot of people here, which makes it more worthwhile. My other interests are nowhere near a release date.

  • TheRandomGuy.7246TheRandomGuy.7246 Member ✭✭✭
    edited September 29, 2017
    Top 10

    Was in top 3 before PoF. Wasted Opportunities The Video Game.

  • Fenom.9457Fenom.9457 Member ✭✭✭✭
    1st place

    It's basically all I play but I may get into wow later but even then I'm confident it'll be #1


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