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Will firebrand and weaver get nerfed?

It would be really nice of the devs to give us a heads up if they plan to nerf those specs. I mean think of all the new players seeing the post on reddit with the benchmark and getting all excited, rolling a new guardian, getting through pof, unlocking the elitespec, getting all the required equipment just for the spec to be nerfed to nothingness a week later. Arenanet balance team if you are reading this, please let the community know what your thoughts are on these specs. What kind of numbers did you intend the specs to output?


  • Kidel.2057Kidel.2057 Member ✭✭✭

    Last thread I made was deleted. Ok, after the bugfix Firebrand doesn't do 59k dps, but it still does 50k dps, as well as weaver. That's 10k dps more than any other class.

  • @Kidel.2057 said:
    Last thread I made was deleted. Ok, after the bugfix Firebrand doesn't do 59k dps, but it still does 50k dps, as well as weaver. That's 10k dps more than any other class.

    Not sure why it was deleted, I don't even care if it gets nerfed, I just don't want to waste my time gearing a guardian if we know it will be nerfed to nothingness. A lot of my friends also wanted to roll one after reading that reddit post. I simply would like for the devs to give us some kind notice like "yes we plan to adjust this next patch" or "it's fine as it is".

  • Firebrand for sure.

  • I just happened to pick Firebrand at the start of this xpac and kept thinking. "Wow. 99k burn tick seems unreasonable." I would imagine they need to be brought in line but I am worried they will take the same route as necromancer.

    Firebrand could also be played as a support class as well so maybe we'll see some of those builds coming if the dps gets nerfed. Dragonhunter and tempest are still solid just not over the top.

  • FB support will be niche at best, it suffers from quite some limitations. FB dps will get a nerf almost certainly, but whether it will be a nerf into nothingness, only the devs can tell. I wouldn't be surprised if they completely overdid it.

    Praise delta!

  • Dahkeus.8243Dahkeus.8243 Member ✭✭✭

    Yea, I would really like to hear a dev reply with some insight on this. I totally understand why balance is needed and have no argument against a nerf, but I would also like to have an idea of what Firebrand will be like after the change. I would hate to invest in a bunch of gear that ends up being irrelevant after a balance change. For instance, if they reduce the burning duration on a trait or something like that, then the amount of vipers gear vs sinister could change drastically, resulting in a big waste of investment.

  • Azoqu.8917Azoqu.8917 Member ✭✭✭
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    I haven't been playing much of Weaver, but for Firebrand the damage it pulls is only insane because Ashes acts like a venom. Without Ashes, Firebrand only pulls around 33k which is respectable and not over the top. So if any nerf happens, I hope Anet is smart enough to only start with Ashes and not touch the rest of the spec because it is not needed.

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    Well, ele and guardian are classes with lowest hp pool - they are more glassy, so it make sense their dmg is higher than others. guardian The high burn dmg ticks ppl are talking about are from tome of justice active- which last for 5-8 spell cast, so those ticks last a couple of seconds then it goes on cd for 30 sec.
    weaver on the other hand require some good micromanagments because of dual element switching, if weaver had dmg of a lets say- warrior, why would anybody play it, but on the other hand warrior is a lot more durable. if all classes would have similiar dps, it would be extremely boring

  • Kidel.2057Kidel.2057 Member ✭✭✭
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    Plus Guardian has low HP, but as someone that mained Guardian for 3 years, I never felt fragile. Guardian is one of the easiest classes to play in the whole game and has TONS of blocks and condi cleanse to make up for the low HP. And Firebrand is flat out immune to conditions.
    Plus Guardian has heavy armor.

    As for Elementalist, it can survive better than most classes in PvE.

  • Moloch.7431Moloch.7431 Member
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    Well i'm glad the firebrand got nerfed, I unlocked the spec but didn't change my gear from power yet. I love the dragonhunter and can keep using it. Not sure about weaver status, I am guessing that will get nerfed to around 40k too.

  • Arcaedus.7290Arcaedus.7290 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The quickfire/ashes of the just bug-fix was necessary but did they really need to fix that or nerf Legendary Lore AND push these out well before the balance patch? It seems no one else has gotten the same treatment.

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