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[TC][NA] PVX / RP / RAID Training /// Remnants of Hope [HOPE]

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Remnants of Hope [NA Servers]
Apply Today @ http://www.remnantsofhope.com/gw2


Remnants of Hope is a multi-game community featuring diverse members and play styles. Established in 2009, we’ve developed several game divisions over the years. Our members play GW2, SWTOR, ESO and WoW together (along with many casual games). In GW2, we average about 30 – 40 members who play daily, with many other more casual players (up to 80 every week).

We strive to contribute an active, helpful, and positive presence in every game we play (after all, the best way to earn karma is to treat others as you’d like to be treated!). You’ll find that our community welcomes players of all ages, backgrounds, genders and play styles. Because we’re community-oriented you’ll never feel like just another cog in the wheel. We’ve only got one common goal – to enjoy our favorite online games together. We'd love for you to join us!


  • Active forums and TeamSpeak 3 with a family-friendly, community atmosphere
  • Freedom to play your game the way you want
  • A calendar of scheduled events as well as frequent on-the-spot group activities
  • A structured leadership, with officers who specialize in different areas of the game (PvE, PvP, RP, Guild Hall, and Recruitment)


  • Positive Attitude
  • Maturity and Respectfulness
  • Friendly Natured
  • Team Player
  • Loyal

(while we do not require 100% rep., we do ask that you consider RoH your primary guild and rep as often as possible)


= PvE =
Whether you’re leveling your first character or you’re ready to get into raiding, RoH helps guild members enjoy the PvE content of GW2 while assisting them in improving and advancing their characters and personal skills within the game. We may not have all the answers, but we will help find them! Our PvE department runs events almost every day of the week, including weekly and biweekly: dungeons, fractals, guild missions, jumping puzzles, Meta events / POF Bounties, casual leveling groups, farming runs and living story content, raids and boss trains.

= PvP =
Are you up for some friendly competition? Veteran and newbie PvPers alike are welcome here! We are always willing to lend a hand with builds, classes, and general information about how the various forms of PvP are handled. Whether you’re interested in World vs World, Structured Player vs Player, or just some mini games, the PvP Department strives to be an inclusive, fun, and laid back place for people to smash in a face or two!

= RP =
For those who can’t resist the pull of a great story, we provide our members with an immersive experience--and you don’t have to be a seasoned roleplayer to join in. Improvised or scripted, in-game or on the forums, we want to promote imagination and storytelling that spans Tyria, from your favorite Lion’s Arch tavern or guild hall gathering to exploring the wilderness and taking down foes. By working with our other GW2 departments and organizing events with PvE and even PvP flair, we aim for a continuous living story that members can get involved in and actively help shape going forward.

Although we have a group of experienced members doing progression fractals, raids, and working on legendaries, we also have many members who play when they have time, or enjoy leveling slowly or going on impromptu adventures. We also have a very inviting approach when it comes to difficult content: we’re happy to bring along a “newbie” to show you the ropes and let you experience new content, but there’s no pressure for you to join events you aren’t interested in! Whether you have tons of time to invest, or you have to wait until the kids are in bed to get your dungeoning on, RoH has other members in the same boat and a friendly, helpful atmosphere whatever your personal goals may be.

Visit us at http://www.remnantsofhope.com/gw2 to apply!

Please view your application as our first meeting! Take your time and fill it out as thoroughly as possible. We like to get to know you a little bit in it. Give us a feel for who you are and what it will be like to play, chat, and talk with you!

If there’s more you'd want to know, message me (squeeks.1842) in-game (whisper or mail) or send me a PM on our forums!

*TC server only required for WvW content, we accept anyone from any NA server.


  • We are very excited for Path of Fire, Come join us for your journey through the Crystal Desert!

  • PoF is here! Come explore with crystal desert with us!

  • Weekly Bump

  • We've had a significant influx of new and returning players with the Path of Fire expansion. Mounts -- yes, MOUNTS -- are in play, ... and not that difficult to get. They are Account-Bound, meaning if you get one for one character, ALL your characters get it. And if you do have trouble getting them, there are always multiple guildies happy to assist.

    Come on Down! :)

  • Best guild going, so glad I joined. A vibrant, healthy, helpful community. It's rare nowadays to see less than 20 people on. Come join us!



  • Very active, accepting, and friendly guild. They do a little of everything, have both new players and experienced players, and are always happy to assist anyone that needs help or questions answered.

  • Join us for the mad king event!

  • Bumpity Bump

  • We raid twice weekly, Thursday evenings and late night Saturdays. Come check us out!

  • Another bump for my favorite guild!

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    Just get the expansion for Christmas? RoH would love to help introduce it to you. Check us out at www.remnantsofhope.com

  • We hope everyone is having a awesome Wintersday season. Come check us out if you are looking for a new guild home!

  • Weekly Bump! Come Join us!

  • Bumping the thread.
    If you're in search for a welcoming, active PvX and RP guild, feel free to fill out an application! We'd love to have you.

  • Want to learn how to raid? We offer raid training runs and progression raiding groups. Check us out!

  • I joined this guild a little over a month ago, and it's seriously awesome! RoH is really active in all aspects of the game, but they're SO willing to help new (or returning and rusty like me) players learn the ropes. I'm actually getting ready to start raiding and multiple guildies have talked to me about what I want to do and what I'll need for raids-- offering builds, advice and walking me through some mechanics. They're really friendly and open to teaching.

    ALSO--the guild PvP tournament last week was probably the most hilarious thing ever, and although I'm not into PvP, it was really fun to watch and participate on Teamspeak. These folks are the best! Feel free to message me if you have questions, I'm happy to chat!

  • RoH really is a special guild. We participate in all aspects of the game, and have a warm & welcoming community to experience them with. As part of our PvE Department's Raid Leadership, I'd like to emphasize that if you're curious about, or interested in attempting Raids but don't know where to start, RoH would be a great place to begin that journey. As Squeeks mentioned, we have both training, and progression Raid groups, and while I may be a bit biased, I like to think that we have one of the most patient, helpful and teaching-oriented groups around. If this is something you're interested in, drop us a line and ask some questions. We're happy to speak with you and provide any information you need to determine if Remnants of Hope is the right place for you.

    Happy Hunting, and we hope to meet you in Tyria soon.

    ~Maeric Devoire~

  • RoH is an awesome guild! So welcoming and friendly. Come join us!!! :)

  • I recently applied to your wow chapter, was going to give the game a go. Was out of the game for 4 years. I have gotten invited to the guild there yet because I was having some issues with it. It was fun to log in and try to start over but I've lost interest in it.

    Would I be able to change my application to the gw2 chapter? I haven't been logging into WoW cause I've been playing gw2 and loving it.

  • App was name Kyn.

  • @Ravencourt.4652 said:
    I recently applied to your wow chapter, was going to give the game a go. Was out of the game for 4 years. I have gotten invited to the guild there yet because I was having some issues with it. It was fun to log in and try to start over but I've lost interest in it.

    Would I be able to change my application to the gw2 chapter? I haven't been logging into WoW cause I've been playing gw2 and loving it.

    It looks like Squeeks is getting you sorted out on the RoH forums-- can't wait to meet you in-game soon! :)

  • Yay! Thank you

  • Weekly Bump!

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    Yes yes yes, Come and join us :)

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    So, I did my first "training raid" on Thursday and I was SO impressed by our raid leaders and everyone else in my group. We had people of varying experience levels, some were totally pro, some were experienced but looking to improve, and some (like me) were super new and overwhelmed by all the mechanics and rotation.

    Not once did anyone get frustrated. Not once did anyone complain about dying or taking too long. The raid leaders patiently explained each mechanic, gave pointers to individuals about how to improve and how to work together, and we all had some good laughs as we got better over the course of the evening.

    If you are looking for a good-natured group of people who CAN do all the content in the game, but still manage to keep it fun and accessible to everyone... THIS is the guild you're looking for. ;)

  • Training raids happen every Thursday. We will teach you the mechanics and help you get your first boss clears. We are much more than just a raiding guild however. We are a community of gamers who all work to provide the best gaming experience for our entire community.

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    Well, today is Sunday, so that means tonight is boss runs. Just another one of our many daily guild events here which should be another awesome time!

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    Weekly raid, meta events, Pof bounties, GUILD MISSIONS, all part of the fun we have at RoH! Come check us out!

  • Squeeks.1842Squeeks.1842 Member ✭✭

    Another very successful raid training run last night. Downed 4 Raid bosses with the training group. Come check out what you are missing!

  • The best guild around! If you are looking for a wonderful and well organized group look no further!

  • Weekly bump! Tonight is Guild Missions, a great event and chance to just hang out with some awesome guildies!

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    Had a 21 mini zerg WvW night on Tarnished Coast with the guildies and had a blast. Took a keep and supply zones on CD Alpine Borderlands. Had a big fight w/ blue team and was successful before helping out in TC Alpine Borderland and joined w/ 2 other commander tags in the NWT for a big brawl and wiped the other team before calling it a night. Our WvW night is every Wednesday night @ 10p EST right after Guild Missions night which starts @ 830p. We also have training raids every Thursday where we teach you the mechanics and positioning during raiding. It is stress free and no pressure in doing well. We currently have 3 full training teams and have 1 progression team as well. So if you are interested in joining a fantastic guild with some Hamtastic people, come on and apply to RoH!

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    I’m looking for more social networks to get with in this game. I’ve got two good guilds now I do some stuff with, but all guilds have downtime so some nights I find myself chillin on my own. I’d def love to check you guys out.

    I’ll be on vacation til the 8th but can be reached through my discord which is Goepher#4377. I can download teamspeak if necessary, but you can reach me through discord since it goes to my phone.

    Im NA, and I’ve been an spvper since release, but have recently started to enjoy fractals, and I wanna get my ascended so I can get into dungeons and raids.

    I hope to hear from you guys soon :)