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LF Guild! NA/PvX

Hey there, reader! I'm looking for a guild to join to state the obvious. Currently i don't own PoF but this coming weekend I will be purchasing it. I'm looking for a guild to enjoy the game with and run events/wvw(I am in Sea of Sorrows but willing to change)/ raids/ and all that Tyria has to offer. I do really like to use Discordso if your guild offers that, that would be amazing! I play in CST and I spend majority of my time playing with my Necro and Guardian. If you see me fit for your guild, feel free to post here and ask any further questions needed! Thanks for reading and hope to speak to you soon.


  • MAS guild invites you to consider us for your WvW play. We are a solid 18+ guild community that focuses on WvW, as we bring the fights. We emphasize being a respected fight team and a fun community of player friends. Our current server home is Sorrow’s Furnace, a server we've located to so players can reach us. We have players representing all NA timezones but schedule in CST (7-11PM).

    We have a vision to continue to grow our team’s capabilities, while at the same time providing players with a development structure to progress players who are returning, or newly entering WvW, or who want to level up their play and contribution to a team. We are looking for competitive players willing to commit to the team, and to improving with us.

    Check us out at our website https://mas4eva.enjin.com, and our recruitment post on these forums:

    Complete a recruit application if you are interested in moving to the next step with us or reach out with questions.

    Good luck on your journey to find a group!

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    Hi Trevino,

    If you haven't found a guild yet, the Charter Vanguard is still recruiting. We're a 13 year old guild which has never gone inactive once. Beginner friendly for whatever questions you might have, and have an international crowd, the largest two groups being NA and SEA, which means people are online around the clock. We have twice a week missions, thrice a week raids, once a week map bounty, once a week role-play, twice a week WvW. For communication, we have our forums, discord and fb page. We're currently on the Henge of Denravi server. Come give us a look.


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