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LF Guild - NA - Semi/Hardcore

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Level 80 Characters, in order of strength/gear:
1. Guardian (Mace/Focus + GS, Medi)
2. Engineer (Decap)
3. Ranger (Sword/Warhorn + Staff, Druid)

Voice chat, in order of preference:
1. Discord
2. Teamspeak 3

Website Disclaimer:
I will not register on a website if that is a requirement, simply because I will never use it. I am very active in voice.

EST (UTC -4)

* English (Fluent)
* Spanish (Elementary)

Current Server:
Ferguson's Crossing

* PvE
* * Fractals
* * Raids
* PvP
* * WvW
* * Structured PvP

1. HoT


Achievement Points:

3500 hours - 1,724 days

I may not respond to everyone, I enjoy playing the game, not chilling on the forums. Your best bet is to mail in-game


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