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Hello guys!

That's basicly a remade thread from the old forums, where i'd like to share some art and fanart!
Here are a few of my favourite pieces, i hope u'll like them!

• My commissions are open! •

OC Commission.

The Pale Tree Fanart.

Commission for a friend of his and his love's characters.

Necromancer commission.

Personal piece.

OC Commission Black & White.

Art trade with a friend and their Sylvari.

FFXIV Commission.

Sketches of my OC ~ 1 & 2 Done with ipad pro around 1 hour each.

My latest personal and most favourite piece so far.

Also i'll be working on new project called "GW2 Major Arcana" which will contain 22 Tarot cards with GW2 characters from the story! Visit my Patreon if you would like to suppose this project or my art in general!

• Patreon •

You can find more screenshots and art on my • Tumblr •!

I hope u guys like them!! Stay tuned! o/