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API for PoF daily

Nagiil.1230Nagiil.1230 Member ✭✭
edited September 27, 2017 in API Development

I'd like to aks, how it's possible to filter the daily events from theAPI for PoF-Events.

When I get my JSON with a PoF-event (e.G. ID 3779, Daily Desolation Bounty Hunter) I get as 'required_access' only 'GuildWars2' and 'HeartOfThorns'.... nothing abtout PoF...
Is PoF maybe not included into the daily-API yet?



  • Nope, it's not included yet.


  • K, thanks for information :)

  • I see that all dailies currently show "GuildWars2" and "HeartOfThorns" which does not feel correct. I am trying some algorithms to separate Path of Fire from the list but it is not so easy. I hope you can fix requires_access and add "PathOfFire" value soon.

    For players that just have Guild Wars 2 but no HoT or PoF there is currently no correct data from the API.