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NA PVE Looking for Guild


I am a LGBT player who is looking for a LGBT guild that does PVE activities. I have not started raiding, or high level fractals. I play a Mesmer/Mirage and I am not really looking to min/max stuff but maybe some fun raiding and such, I would be open too. I am looking for an active guild that has voice. If you area guild that is involved in that please send me a message via posting or send forum mail please.


  • You might want to talk with a dev or moderator about your name because it looks like you're using your game license key instead of your registered Arenanet name. Your name should be one of your choosing followed by a period and a unique set of four numbers. With your name as it is, no one would be able to invite you to their guild.

    Good luck in finding a guild btw!

    Just Us Grownups [JUGs]
    Contact: Neksis Syxx.6983 Archranis.2375

  • Hello,
    Have you joined or found a guild for you yet?
    While we are not a LGBT guild we are open, friendly and here just to have fun.
    But may i ask your timezone? as we are an Aus/Sea/NZ guild.

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