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[YouTube Video w/Subtitles] GW2 PoF Overview & Elites

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BTW all if you could please check out my Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire YouTube video, it is a general overview and discussion about the nine new elite specialisations.

[English and Multilingual Subtitled] Presentation about Guild Wars 2's second expansion Path of Fire - Overview & Elites. For all people especially those who are: deaf, hard of hearing or don't speak English as their first language.

This is Caverock.4869/BlueVoltron42's presentation which was done to spread the word of mouth and advertise about our favorite massively mutliplayer online game Guild Wars 2. Projects like this are conducted in the hope to encourage both new and old players to pick up Guild Wars 2's second expansion Path of Fire before the 22nd of September when it will be released and able to be played by the general public.

Part One: Is an introduction about Guild Wars 2's Second Expansion Path of Fire discussing what it is about, contains and how people can obtain the game.

Part Two: Is an SPvP and WvW person's perspective, look and opinion on the nine new elite specializations which were added during Guild Wars 2's: Path of Fire demo weekend and will be included in the expansion when it is released on the 22nd of September 2017.

Many thanks to all who watched this video and those that continue to spread the word and say positive things about Guild Wars 2, Cheers from Caverock.4869/BlueVoltron42.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Soundtrack was composed by Maclaine Diemer, Stan LePard, Will Roget, & Brendon Williams.

The background song on repeat plays on the character select screen during the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Preview Experience Demo Weekend. No copyright was intended, as thus far the song remains untitled to the general public. If the song was titled at present it would have been included here in this description.

Subtitles have been added as an option for my presentation so that everybody even those who are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy the content that i have made. As there are many different types of people who are fans of Guild Wars 2, i just don't want any limitations to the people who this might reach. Thank you to everybody who has already watched, and remember to like and subscribe if you want more content from me in the future.


  • Thanks to the people who are viewing my video. I am glad it can help out everyone, without any limitations as to who it can reach.

  • Cheers all thanks for the kind words and reactions.

  • I just want to say thank you to everyone across the world, as the Guild Wars 2 community really is that diverse. Since i put subtitles on my video the number of people viewing from every region/continent of the world has rapidly increased. It is just incredible, I am glad I could help spread the word of mouth about this fantastic game and equally great community.

  • I just worked out that translations are only available via desktop pc as mobile devices only do English subtitles. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • I wanted to take the chance and say that i am really grateful for all of the views and likes for my video that i made to help support the game, community and Arenanet. 1000+ that is incredible in my books because before i started the most views on a video, i had ever was less than 100. For a person with practically no subscribers, i feel really blessed by all the support. Cheers and thank you from Cave Rock and Bluevoltron42. Many thanks and i hope that i have helped to reach out to everyone including old and new players or gamers to encourage them to join in on the fun that can be had playing Guild Wars 2 and its second expansion Path of Fire.

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    WOW 1550 views I am absolutely stoked! That it reached out to so many people.