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The Second Great GW2 Art Competition! [ENDED]

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Too long, get to the point!: Art competition, rules below, GOLD prizes, bonus competition, stupid not being able to update original thread, had to make a new one with new deadline


I am Sylvari explorer Thereon Avenrise. I have traversed the highest of mountains, delved into the deepest of caves. I have stood side by side with the greatest fighters in all of Tyria. I have spent my life defending those that cannot defend themselves. But slowly I came to realise that my adventuring days were over. Remembering times of old I asked artists from all over Tyria to recreate my adventuring days of old. I received many masterpieces and after a short time crowed the winners. With the grand event over I left and to find some peace amongst the forest.

One year later, having returned to the dreadful tales of Mordremoth and the worrying discovery of Balthazar walking amongst us, I feel the need to lend my hand in the battle of good against unknown evil. My fighting days are long over, my weapons mounted to the walls of my homestead becoming one with the structure as I have become one with the forest. But a wise Asuran friend once told me “You need insurance, Miss Avenrise…. against the ills that could threaten your ways” and so I put some rare materials into a secure vault for such a catastrophic event. I have a frightful feeling that such ills are about to present themselves and so I hereby declare that I will free up my resources to all those that deem themselves worthy of them.

In the face of extreme danger calmness must take precedence. I see no better way to become one with thyself than with the creation of art and so, with the days counting down until the return to The Crystal Desert, I propose the SECOND Great Art Competition.

The Competition!

I quit playing GW2 a long time ago and realised that I had a lot left on my account. I ran an art competition (original thread HERE) to give away everything I owned and left the game with some amazing artwork for my gold, gems and items. Shortly after that I realised I hadn’t checked my mule guild banks- I found that the mats I kept for future equipment were now worth a lot. So… another competition anyone!?

I have posted a series of screenshots to an Imgur account linked below and it is your task to use what you can see in addition to the added rules to create a visual masterpiece! This could make a great solo project or an even greater guild event in the run up to the next expansion and I encourage everyone to participate no matter how skilled you think you are.

Click HERE for the Imgur Screenshot Album

The Prizes
1st Place: 2000 Gold.
2nd Place: 1000 Gold.
3rd Place: 500 Gold.

Raffle: 225 Gold. (This will go to an entrant chosen at random from all qualifying entries except 1st-3rd places).

I understand that not everyone is convinced of their artistic talent but I encourage all to try, even just for the chance of the raffle prize! Prizes will be given out as promptly as possible at the end of the competition (note the 500g/week mail cap). For proof of Gold see the Imgur album… plus I fully paid the previous competition prizes!

The competition deadline has been extended and will end: MIDNITE 31st October 2017. Good luck!


1) sithious (via email).
2) HuntsForge (via email).
3) ZtyxTag (via email).
4) Sea (via email).
5) Lyatiri (Veletuda) (via email).
6) Sildar (via email).
7) Casondra (LooLoo) (via email).
8) Zav (via email).
9) Jaded (via email).
10) LadyFearghus (via email).


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    Bonus Round CANCELLED

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    Note that this thread differs from the original, making changes to the deadline and entrants. Please do not delete as a duplicate (delete the original if needs be).

    For potential entrants feel free to ask questions and I shall try to answer ASAP!

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    Any ideas on how best to advertise the competition are welcomed! Compared to last year I've had so very few entrants... surely the playerbase must be better post-expansion?

  • Have you posted this in the gw2 fan art subreddit as well?

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    Apologies for going AWOL- a few life issues needed dealing with/repressing deep into my mind. I shall be a little more active going forward!

    Added Lyatiri as the 5th entrant!
    And good idea LooLoo, thanks. I shall post on there and hope I don;t get flagged as a spammer! (happened on the old forum, got yelled at by the admins but fingers crossed it won't happen again!)

  • Hey, just wanted to say Thereon is amazing and the contest is legit, in case people are having doubts. I participated in the previous one. It's awesome to hear there's another great contest happening. :)

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    Thanks for the kind words! Although we have less entrants than last round....and no one at all has been interested in the bonus round!... I've still received some great submissions so thank you all!

    There is still plenty of time to enter and don't forget just by entering you get a change to win something in the raffle. So no matter your skill level I'd love to see your submissions!

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    The sixth entry to the competition! Now we're cooking! (with firewood and broken pots and pans but it's still cooking!)

    The deadline is Sunday but we still need some more submissions to make it a fair competition! A couple have messaged me saying they have art in the works so fingers crossed!

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    Dang... just now hearing about this. What time and timezone does this end? 11:59PM CST on the 22nd?

  • I ran out of time, only got like 20% done...Too much RL stuff this week gah!

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    Only just got back from a hectic weekend, sorry I'm late everyone. I will give a proper update in a couple of hours time- need to sit down, grab some food and relax a little first but I'll let you all know tonight. Just thought that I'd post now to make sure you know that I've not forgotten you!

    (BTW some amazing entries submitted, well done to all of you)

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    Okay everyone, so I understand that it is unfair to keep extending this competition. It makes me look like someone who just wants more and more with no end in sight but I can assure you it is just because I felt with less entrants it meant only a couple would miss out on prizes. But I can understand the frustration so...

    The main competition has been extended until ONE more entrant has competed their artwork. The end of that week I shall announce the winner.

    I thank you all for your submissions and your entries, there are some really talented people out there!

    The Bonus Round competition is going to be extended until four entrants or more have entered. At this point, same as above, the competition will end at the end of that week. The prizes have CHANGED so please be aware of this before entering (no entrants as yet).

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    Guys and gals....the eighth entry for the main competition has been sent to me which means the clock is now ticking!

    (Somewhat conveniently) I am not here this weekend but being that end of the month is now upon us the competition will close 31st October 2017 . A decision will be made the afternoon of 1st November so if anyone is interested in entering you have just a few more days to submit!

    Thanks to everyone that has submitted so far, you're a right talented bunch! Dan.

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    The end is nigh! In approximately 14 hours time I shall be back from work, fed and in judging mode so if anyone wishes to submit an entry between now and then get messaging/emailing! It's the Final Countdown! (cue the music)

  • I'm excited! Happy Halloween everyone. :)

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    I'm gonna eat some munch, chill with some Skyrim for a bit then get my judging goggles on. They're black...just like my soul is going to be when I have to announce that some amazingly talented people haven't won anything :anguished: That's the nature of competition though I guess.

    Couple of hours time i'll announce the winners, accepting entries until then (9pm GMT). Prizes will be issued in a set order (because of the weekly Gold mail cap) which I shall post here and message to all winners so be aware that it may take a few weeks to receive the full amount.

    Any questions, feel free to ask. Dan.

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    The (hard) decision has been made...and I'm not going to drag this out any longer as the competition has already been going far too long!

    1st Place: Thereon by LooLoo!
    I've not seen a submission that better captures the essence of Thereon Avenrise than this by LooLoo. Gentle, soft features but with a sense that something deeper is happening behind the eyes. A sense of worry but also a calmness that with help anything can be overcome. This was a very close competition but this entry is a deserving winner in my eyes.

    2nd place: Untitled by Sithious
    Thereon is moody, almost standing in the shadows with the only thing illuminating her being the pack on her back. What I love so much about this entry is the setting- The Clocktower meant so much to me. It's one of the best memories I have of GW2 for many reasons and having an amazing piece of art commemorating that means a lot.

    3rd Place: Thereon by Zav
    Art can be cheerful and fun and make you smile and when I first saw this entry I felt happy and that's why it's my 3rd place winner. Thereon did have a fun-loving side to her (particularly fond of transmutation potions!) and I'd like to think she occasionally visits her Norn friend Braeseff (2nd char) up in the mountains and plays a trick or two on him!

    Raffle Prize Winner: Thereon by Jaded!

    To all that didn't win a prize I really do appreciate your submissions. This is the hardest part of the competition as there were some amazing entries that have lost out. I appreciate your effort and will send you all an email shortly but with all competitions there has to be those that miss out. Be proud that you made a usually depressed guy quite happy tonight!

    But... one thing you lot are really bad at is naming your artwork! Ten submissions, all called Thereon or thereabouts! =)

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    Emails are coming shortly asking permission to post all your amazing artwork to an Imgur album which I'll link here for all to admire. Prize details will be sent to the winners.

    Thank you all for participating and putting up with the deadline extensions. Emails incoming, check your inboxes shortly. Dan.

    ~The Imgur album is up! Click here for all the entries that have so far given permission to post.~

  • Thank you for the competition :) It was fun, and all the entries look amazing!

  • Lol go figure, i saw bonus round still going so I spent all evening working on it >.< Grats folks!

  • If you post your email again I will send it to you anyways! I don't need it ;D