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What do you miss from GW that you would like to have in GW2?



  • Ashabhi.1365Ashabhi.1365 Member ✭✭✭
    1. (again) Build Templates.
    2. Named Weapons with unique skins and stats that you could only get by killing the boss who carried it (sometimes took FOREVER for the boss to drop it)
    3. Second professions (along with the ability to switch them at will for a fee)
    4. The mini black moa chick quest
    5. Actual guild wars
    6. Random Arenas and Team Arenas
    7. Some of the Elite armor skins (I would kill Rytlock for the Mesmer outfit from Marhan's Grotto)

    I am sure there are other things, but I wouldn't give up GW2 to go back to GW1. Just a few things I miss.

  • Monks.

    /Body is 5 characters too short.

  • Magnus Godrik.5841Magnus Godrik.5841 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Build templates
    Customized UI
    Realm of torment
    Fissure of Woe
    Hard mode
    Scythe and knuckles weapons

    1. Keep Lore (IMHO some points of the PoF story make a mess)
    2. More skills options, like changing the 1-5 skills for other versions with the same weapon
    3. Build Templates
  • Zaltys.7649Zaltys.7649 Member ✭✭✭

    Other than that, I can't think of anything that I miss, though I didn't play the expansions. Dervish sounds interesting.

  • Hybarf Tics.2048Hybarf Tics.2048 Member ✭✭✭
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    @BunjiKugashira.9754 said:
    Oh, I forgot something in my post:

    • Polymock

    The land and buildings are there Anet simply abandoned it, as they did with a JP in Caledon, character housing, SAB, Shatterer style fights, if this keeps up the player base will be abandoned. :'(

    • Factions' Alliances, the sense of having a choice and live with it.
    • Heroes - we should start a petition of this feature already
    • dual class - imagine the possibilites!
    • NPC smart kitten like Zhed and mentality of all Asura in GW1 calling players names.

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  • Grim West.3194Grim West.3194 Member ✭✭✭


    It seems like every piece of armor in GW2 is an ugly balloon.

  • sorudo.9054sorudo.9054 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Hyper Cutter.9376 said:

    @sorudo.9054 said:

    • a well written and voiced story

    I... don't think you remember GW1's story very well, to say the least.

    then you have not played GW1 at all, GW2 is a boring talk fest compared to the deep lore and epic story GW1 has.

    anyway, i know another GW1 feature i want in GW2

    • armor/weapon power value equality, make higher rank matter in a different way then armor/damage stat.
  • Nuka Cola.8520Nuka Cola.8520 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Grim West.3194 said:

    It seems like every piece of armor in GW2 is an ugly balloon.

    lol so true. Funny how 5y later nothing has improved either.

  • A couple comments:

    Skill/pet capturing: They tried to bring this back in GW2 via the post-release/pre-HoT trait system, where you had to unlock each trait by doing certain things in the world. It's the kind of thing you have to introduce at from the begining, or never at all, because otherwise you're taking away ease of access. People hate it when you take things away from them.

    Mesmer/interrupts: It was fun, but only if you had good ping. The old interrupt mechanic just doesn't work well for people with slow connections, so the devs decided GW2 should make less use of it. Especially considering the slow attack rate of PvE enemies in GW2, I think this was the right call.

    One thing I miss that hasn't been mentioned, and has actually recently come back via PoF, is enemy patrols. The behavior of having to watch enemy movements before planning your own is just part of what GW feel like GW to me.

  • synk.6907synk.6907 Member ✭✭
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    The styles of the two games are pretty different, one being a cooperative, multi-player version of, say, Planescape Torment or Baldur's Gate and the other mostly aligned as a true MMO. I find this makes it a little more difficult to be sure I'd want things I miss from one in the other or vice versa. Plenty I miss from GW1, though, to be sure. I really enjoyed the years in that game.

    I suppose more generally, there are some notables, some touched upon already by others in the thread.

    • I am both happy and sad that I've already experienced that initial wonder and excitement at exploring the world of Tyria. As enjoyable as GW2 is, the setting and many design choices leave me feeling like it's more an official fan-fiction at times, which can be a bummer. (very subjective, of course)
    • UI elements that could all be moved and/or resized to a player's content.
    • build templates for eas(ier) swapping
    • enemies as dots on the minimap (really threw me for the first few weeks)
    • having the option to set up a character appropriately and solo bosses for unique drops (or in some folks' cases solo dungeon content); reaching way back AoE farming with specific builds (griffons, trolls, UW, etc.)
    • more nuanced differences across classes; perhaps it's just me, but while I definitely enjoy the GW2 classes and how each brings their own take on, say, greatsword or axe, etc., they can at times feel like different flavours added to the same sandwhich instead of different meals. (poor analogy, but the idea...) <--- this is super subjective, so I could be all wrong to most of you, I am sure!
    • hexes

    have fun and be excellent to one another

  • TheQuickFox.3826TheQuickFox.3826 Member ✭✭✭✭


    @haventr.1630 said:

    @Hyper Cutter.9376 said:
    The thing I really miss is Cantha.

    @Ashantara.8731 said:
    3. Having new starter areas with each expansion (plus having a lot more maps per expansion).

    Both those things were because the three GW1 campaigns were full standalone games in and of themselves. HoT and PoF are more like GW1's only actual expansion (EotN).

    GW1 had incredible lore, but to say the story was well written and voiced is your nostalgia speaking.

    Are you saying I cannot have my opinion? :o

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  • Kirin.7306Kirin.7306 Member ✭✭✭

    More skills to play with.
    Not keen on the gear with stats either. I liked the way GW1 did the items.

  • Panda.1967Panda.1967 Member ✭✭✭

    @JMaarse.7086 said:

    @OriOri.8724 said:

    @Panda.1967 said:
    9. Elite Skills that were actually ELITE - GW2 elite skills are a joke... most of them are hardly even worth using... massive cooldowns for such little benefit... most of the elites in GW2 are, in all honesty, weaker than utility skills of the same effect/use. Elite skills in GW1 were powerful, many of them had short or no CD, they were the cornerstone of builds. In GW2 they feel more like afterthoughts.

    First off, I 1000% agree with you here. Overall, elite skills in GW2 are underwhelming due to their massive CDs. Elite specs have more or less fixed this, but core and racial elite skills are still awful for their CDs, and need to be looked at. However, since GW2 doesn't have an energy mechanic, the only thing they can do to a skill to keep its use in check is to tweak its CD. As much as I love not having mana/energy as a core mechanic for each class, this is a huge downside of this decision. It means that some skills that are supposed to only be used "rarely" (ie at the cost of all of your other skills, since it used all of your mana at once) end up with massive CDs that don't justify their intended effects

    If EVERY player has one skill that's completely bonkers OP (their elite), wouldn't that be balanced in itself?

    Pretty much, yes... The long CDs of Elites in GW2 wouldn't be so big of an issue if their effects were actually worth the CD. As I stated already, most of the elites in GW2 are actually WEAKER versions of normal utility skills. Every elite skill in the game needs some serious buffs. Some of them are legitimately useful, but usefulness alone doesn't justify their CD cost. If you look at the Mesmer class, mesmers actually have quite a few normal Utility skills that are more Elite than their actual Elite skills, take Mimic for example... next utility skill used has 1s CD, a very situational skill but EXTREMELY powerful and absolutely worthy of Elite status, however it's a normal Utility skill...

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  • I'm dreaming about :

    • Jade Quarry
    • UW, FoW, DoA, beloved Urgoz <3
    • Ritualist <3 , Monk <3 , Paragon <3 , Dervish <3
    • Cantha
    • Kurzicks and Luxons <3
  • Map icons. To end scrolling over areas for an age to find the place you'e after. Field Of Ruins for eg or the areas you seldom visit.

  • I miss the time, when only my grandpa said:"Everything was better before" and not the guys in computer games.

    And it is nowhere that extreme like in GW1. Every bigger change in the past: Oh, Jez.... it was so much better before! Sunglasses as skin? Killed the feeling. Heros? Now they killed groupplay! As much as I love GW1 and definatly GW2, as much I am confused with this behavior in forums:"Let's mention all the time, what we liked earlier."

    GW1 was nice at time I played it, I had a lot of fun. But to be honest it was technical outdated even in its prime. One disconnect could kill your 3 hour run in "the deep". No chance to call friends to help you (or help someone) if you where not in the instance from the beginning. No crafting, no tradepost so ppl made a lot of frauds, and so on.

    As much as I liked GW1, I miss nothing that I would like to have in GW2. Exept Build templates.

  • @Dreamy Lu.3865 said:
    We were talking about it with guildies yesterday and here is our top 5:
    1. Heroes & Henchies.
    2. The Menagerie.
    3. A Guild Hall available to everybody (With GW2 concept, little guilds can't have one. There should be a "poor" version of GH allowed to All).
    5. Seeing foes as red dots on compass.
    6. Following professions: Ritualist, Assassin (with the great skill chain concept) and Dervish.

    How is it for you? What do you miss from old times? :)

    How about meaningful pvp...pvp in gw2 is like the red headed step child that didn't get unique rewards or exclusives....arenanet likes the pve community better because that's where the money is.

  • henchman/heroes, for bandit leaders and executioners, til i finish the side story :3 , make em run off the minis rule and disband when too many players are around, come back when everyone is gone, similar join/disband function as minis.

  • Ashen.2907Ashen.2907 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @tenryuta.2014 said:
    henchman/heroes, for bandit leaders and executioners, til i finish the side story :3 , make em run off the minis rule and disband when too many players are around, come back when everyone is gone, similar join/disband function as minis.

    That could lead to some interesting situations where your heroes all disappear, leaving you alone to face the boss because a guild group passed by looking for a bounty or something of the sort.

    1. Freely selectable skill bar.
    2. Secondary professions
  • Asum.4960Asum.4960 Member ✭✭✭
    edited October 17, 2017
    1. Actual Minionmancer Necro
      with 20+ Minions and Minion Upkeep Management (healing/resummoning) being the majority of gameplay in combat, while the minions do the dirty work.
      I also want the proper GW1 Minion types/skins back.

    2. More Skill Customisation
      More Utility skills, and two or three skill choices per slot per weapon instead of one fixed skill in every slot for the entire weapon (and the ability to rearrange them). Absolutely never going to happen, but hey, would be neat to have every weapon come with ~10 skills you could slot into your bar.

    3. Proper Story Missions.
      PoF was a step in the right direction, but I miss the GW1 Cooperative Story missions.
      Sure, that's hard to translate into GW2, since it's semi open world, while in GW1 the story missions where the world, but I would really like to see the open World first as long coop story missions, before then transitioning into the "explorable open world zone" where you instinctively rush from POI to Vista without really taking in the world as you would coming across it with story beats.

    4. Dyeable weapons
      I know there are some retexture weapon skins in the game by now, but that's no excuse for dyeable weapons not being a thing any more by now.

    5. More Racial Armor and/or in terms of GW1 Profession themed prestige Armor sets.

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  • Build templates and factions..

    That assaults on the kurzicks were awesome!

  • I agree with many things others have put, especially Heroes!

    I was very sad at the news of the upcoming GW2, and very reluctant to try it. However, I forced myself to accept that it's part of the cycle and inevitable, so dragged myself along to GW2. I was, and am, constantly in awe of the amazing design detail and beauty of the game, and the trading system in particular is a gazillion times better than the horrendous trading experience of GW . However, having become used to being pretty much a solo player, the zerg-style really grated on me, and I found the claustrophobic and chaotic experience of dungeons unpleasant, so not long after getting my Sylvari Ranger to L80, I returned to the more relaxed pace of GW, and stayed there until only a couple of months ago. My attitude is a little different now, and knowing what to expect, I can choose the way I play. If I avoid all the crazy rushing towards gear goals, rewards, etc. and just do what I actually want to do, not feeling obliged to do things I'd rather not, I find it much more enjoyable. That said, I do miss GW and will probably go back there again, even if it is just for short visits. At least they have kept it open for us, and I see no reason for them to close it down, as there are still quite a lot of players there, and of course, there's still a trickle of income from it for anet (people buying upgrades, etc. from the store, and maybe still the game itself for HoM). The things I miss most from GW are mostly what others have already said (only read first & last pages here), but especially:

    1. Heroes. Abso-bloomin-lutely!! :anguished:
    2. The flexibility of builds/weapons/secondaries. GW2 builds are more complex than I realised, but in a totally different, and imo inferior, way to GW.
    3. Following on from 2: Build Templates, of course.
    4. AB & JQ (Though AB's been dead for a LONG time, and JQ would be too if it weren't for the bots..)
    5. Not having so much account/soul-bound stuff!!!
    6. Farming. Lol! Very weird me putting that.. never was much of a farmer except for a bit with monk and rit, but I loved 'sin solo boss green farming before SF was nerfed.
    7. VQing. I like to explore everywhere (I was resistant to Titles when they came out, as it introduced 'grind'. I remember our Guild leader saying she wasn't able to do things sometimes because she 'had to' work on her elite skills title, which she hated... She went to WoW not long after she finished that.. But Carto title was what actually started me towards filling the HoM, as I actually enjoyed the carto titles) and it could be nice and relaxing to clear an area with heroes, being able to take breaks when I felt like it. After a bit of irritation at the end, trying to find that last pesky 'hider', it felt good when the shield and sound came up indicating completion :)
    8. The menagerie. Aww, yeah.. Really nice concept. It's more convenient in GW2 but makes much less sense and makes pets feel almost just like another skill :(

    @Heimskarl Ashfiend.9582 said:

    • Getting utterly destroyed by some content, going back to the drawing board with the help of the wiki, researching the mobs and their skills, designing a hero team build specific to the encounter and then going back and pwning it.

    This. I especially recall spending a lot of time tweaking my ranger and heroes, researching wiki/youtube/etc. to finish the Mallyx chain quests. Felt great when we (yes, heroes are included in 'we' for me.. lol.. ) took that big ugly gorilla down! So I had to go and do it again with my Para heh

    @Ashantara.8731 said:
    1. First and foremost, continuity and consistency in the game mechanics. (Example: Someone here said they miss that all miniatures were tradable. This is just one of many examples of GW2's chaotic inconsistency, and there are more severe ones than this minor inconvenience.)
    6. Tactical positioning and fighting (a.k.a. the triangle of tank, damage dealer and healer).
    7. Monk, Ritualist (and, in general, seeing new professions being added; not a fan of the elite specs concept).

    Bound items are a pain, and so much different 'currency' that won't go in the wallet... Is that a ploy to get us to buy more storage..?
    Tactical stuff too does seem lacking in GW2. The 'Holy Trinity' was good, although my 'tank' was usually minions/spirits, but still, the concept is the same..
    Elite specs.. hmm... Like Druid, love Reaper; others not fully 'fleshed out' yet, but they seem to going towards every profession being able to use every weapon eventually... :open_mouth:

    @Makai.3429 said:
    ... I love GW2, but it doesn't hold a candle to the original in my opinion.

    Just wanted to end with this lovely comment. Perfectly expressed Makai :)

  • Dashiva.6149Dashiva.6149 Member ✭✭✭
    1. The dances!
    2. Build templates
    3. Armor and Weapon skins
    4. Capturing skills (both elite and normal)
    5. Vanquish!
    6. Realm of Torment/FoW/Underworld
    7. Titans and Margonites (unless there is some hiding in GW2 somewhere??)
  • R E F L H E X.8413R E F L H E X.8413 Member ✭✭✭
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    Where do we start? This is a list of what I miss.

    Interrupts are not blockable or able to be los'ed only projectiles not spells.
    Casting Bars
    Less damage/gameplay speed to make shutdown/interrupts more viable (like lowering the amulets max power a little)
    Magebane/Psychic instability/Psychic distraction/Punishing shot/Diversion
    Team areanas, Codex, Random Arenas, GvG
    Save/Load builds
    Zkeys and PvP quests
    Dom Mesmer
    Custom UI
    Build diversity
    Being able to change all 8 skills with mass combinations
    Ressing from range instead of right there on the corpse for aoe (things like illusion of life need massive cooldown buffs to be good)
    The long clear skirt armor I had on my ele
    Bone Dragon Staff
    Deep wound which is an original condition for gw1 from what I know
    Vocal combat tactics
    Combat positioning
    Japanese and other languages symbols in guild tags
    Recurve bow
    Frozen Soil which was rarely used but I seen it end some games

  • I pretty much Thumbs Up this entire thread.

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  • Charr that stand completely upright.

  • JoEWas.1409JoEWas.1409 Member ✭✭
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    1. Proper GvG
    2. GvG match spectating
    3. Capes and trims
    4. Monk & Dervish
    5. Cantha

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  • Aleksander Suburb.4287Aleksander Suburb.4287 Member ✭✭
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    1. More tactic, less action (remove dodges/invulnerability, decrease amount of instant casts, add mana system, fewer running and casting skills, etc.)
    2. More build diversity (remove traits and attributes, improve skills by leveling different "trait"-lines so you can use skills without selecting them in power/condi/heal attributes)
    3. More counters (Make interrupting great again, longer casttimes, fewer instant casts, fewer good against everything skills, show the skills when enemy activate it)
    4. More groupplay (Storymissions made for groups, spells targeting allies instead of targeting at floor, fewer spells targeting near allies so we don't need to stack whole group on one point)

    Or in short: give me the build-, fighting-gameplay and mission design of gw1 back

    ArenaNets balancing concept: Never change a ruined system

  • When i was thinking of a story that would have made POF better i came across the minnions of menzies, imagine if in the next s4 and expansion they add enemies with gw1 style skill effects, like
    Signet of Humility, disables elite skill
    Diversion, increase recharge of next used skill
    Energy Surge, draisn endurance (was called energy in begining) and deal damage for endurance lost.
    Signet of Binding, takes control of enemy summons, like ranger spirits and necro minions.
    Mark of Pain, when you take damage deal aoe damage around you
    Cry of Frustration

  • @Amanda Whitemoon.6173 said:
    When i was thinking of a story that would have made POF better i came across the minnions of menzies, imagine if in the next s4 and expansion they add enemies with gw1 style skill effects, like
    Signet of Humility, disables elite skill
    Diversion, increase recharge of next used skill
    Energy Surge, draisn endurance (was called energy in begining) and deal damage for endurance lost.
    Signet of Binding, takes control of enemy summons, like ranger spirits and necro minions.
    Mark of Pain, when you take damage deal aoe damage around you
    Cry of Frustration

    A lot of dead player chars with no counters to those skills.

    Centuries ago, I saved Tyria. I've since realized that it is, in Arthur's words, "a silly place".

  • Rauderi.8706Rauderi.8706 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Build templates
    District selection
    ...I didn't even play GW1, I just want them to be in GW2. :|

    Many alts! Handle it!

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  • Zakka.2153Zakka.2153 Member ✭✭✭


  • Nemmar.8491Nemmar.8491 Member ✭✭✭
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    1. Well, i miss having more freedom with the skill system. Beeing able to choose your weapon skills.

    2. Also, elite skills are a bit underwhelming in GW2. In GW1 many builds would be born based on the elite skills. In GW2 they are a bit of an afterthought. Also miss having that gold border for them.

    3. Also, monks (and ritualists), aka healing and tanking elite specs. I don't think that moving away from the trinity was a good idea. The solution to end the trinity is to give several professions the ability to play the roles. GW2 has been moving into that, but i still don't understand how Rangers and Revenant are now the healers. It's a bit crazy. The game ends up relying in OP buffs like 100% mitigation block or immunity.

    So, I would like to see the combat revamped. I know it's not likely to happen, but it's what i wish happened. The elite spec system is a good idea and instead of revamping, those can be used to implement these archtypes while nerfing the OP buffs that are beeing used to circunvent their need.

  • Ayakaru.6583Ayakaru.6583 Member ✭✭✭✭

    For me it's a fail condition in story. Since you can instantly respawn, and in most cases bosses don't reset, you can literally throw you're body at the boss until he dies.
    That, and the fact escort missions are foolproof. I never bother/care about protecting during escorts because i can just kill whatever is relevant and then resurrect the escortee

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  • Heroes/henchmen - I'm more of a solo person when it comes to things like dungeons and other instance areas. I would love to be able to have/build a competent team like in GW1 without needing other players!

    Build templates - switching out skills/traits would be so much faster and easier!

    Some other stuff too, but those are definitely my 2 main things!

  • Skills not locked to weapon type.
    Being able to chose a build out of hundred of skills.
    Heroes for PvE
    Capturing Elite skills

  • Fenom.9457Fenom.9457 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I didn't play a lot of GW1, but I definitely would buy almost any of the armors


    1. I would love to see more of the old armor skins brought to GW2 somehow.
    2. Cantha had most of my favorite zones in GW1, and I'd like to see what became of it.
    3. Henchman or NPCs would be a cool addition to make running dungeons easier, and would be greatly appreciated.
    4. Build templates are absolutely needed at this point for both PvP and PvE.
    5. The ritualist class is something I'd like to see return. I thought thats what they were trying to do with the scourge when it was announced, but I wound up being disappointed when I got to play that elite spec.
  • TheQuickFox.3826TheQuickFox.3826 Member ✭✭✭✭


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    1. Build Templates. Yes I have to put this one up front.
    2. Leather pants for female mesmers - with velvet boleros.
    3. All other mesmer armour.
    4. Ritualists.
    5. Mesmer illusion "stop hitting yourself" (ineptitude) builds. Yeah I know these will never happen.
    6. Paragons.
    7. Casting backfire on a hydra.
    8. UW, FoW, DoA - large instanced quest hubs that you had to do everything and then get a final boss fight. I'd really hate to see these return as a "raid".
    9. Protect Monks.
    10. Mercenaries - being able to make my other characters henchmen was great.
  • Vyrulisse.1246Vyrulisse.1246 Member ✭✭✭

    Heroe's Ascent and the Hall of Heroes.

  • Cyrin.1035Cyrin.1035 Member ✭✭✭

    Definitely Henchies. Would love to see how they would incorporate them in GW 2. Maybe they could be the new masteries at some point. =)

    1. Scythe weapons
    2. Cantha
    3. Jade Quarry
    4. Ooze Pit dungeon
    5. Kilroy Stonekin
  • Sojourner.4621Sojourner.4621 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Arrow Physics (I.E. If you were on higher elevation the arrows would travel further)

  • As others have said, the ability to dissect a failure and make a build to address it. When GW Beyond came in, I was having a hard time with some of the White Mantle missions, the ones full of res sigs and capable res monks. Very frustrated, and then the "Frozen Soil" light bulb came on. I had not used it outside of Z challenges. End of problems.

    There were very few "bad" skills in GW, but a lot that were situational and excellent in one context. I do miss build crafting quite a lot, and building for synergy with hero group. Actual synergy, not a random shot through a combo field you can't see most of the time.

    Centuries ago, I saved Tyria. I've since realized that it is, in Arthur's words, "a silly place".

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