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[EU] [PvX] The Beantoes [Yowl] is looking for new friends!


We're a smallish guild (70+) looking for new friends. We've been together for 4 years now and still have an active core, but many people took a break over the last year so we've declined in numbers from our peak of ~150.

Brand new, veteran or returning players welcome!

Our timezone for events is BST/GMT. We run daily fractal groups, GMs on a Monday, weekly events (mostly PvE based) and we also have a core raiding group. Our members participate in all game modes. For WvW, we are on the Gandara server (but don't run any WvW based events).

We do not have any representation requirement, but active participation in guild chat and events is desired. We have a discord server & facebook group for staying in touch outside of the game.

If you're interested in joining or would like further information, please feel free to contact Alstroemeria.3782 ingame!


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