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Your wishes for the game

Hey guys, so like the title say its just about a wish we have to change something in the game. Normaly im happy about the game, but sometimes it just frustrate me. So my wish is: "if you nerf a class till it´s not more usefull (for what it was made: like berserk trait in pvp to have a good dmg-dealer or at all too weak) buff them for one day with the abillity to corrupt boons to chicken with every hit (even if blocked or evaded) and transform the foes for a half second into a moa!"

So thats my wish, for the future. What wishes you got and if its only one what woud you like to let arenanet change (even if its only one time or for one day).


  • I would move this discussion to the General Discussion thread. if i were you. You would get more interaction than in the Community Creations thread.

    Aurora Glade Community Admin