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Praetorian's of the Abyss {POTA}

Praetorian's of the Abyss {POTA} is a newly formed casual guild based on Darkhaven (NA) that will focus on playing with friends and progressing in the game. PVE will be the main focus of the guild however, we will enjoy all facets of the game. We Will be looking to do fractals and raids as a guild when numbers will abide. Currently we are just getting set up and will be working on completing the mission for unlocking the Windswept Haven Guild Hall. Please feel free to add Fuzzy Modo or shoot me a mail for more information or for an invite.
Thank you for your time.


  • We now have our guild hall secured and have begun to work on the upgrades.

    Still on the hunt for more players to grow and play alongside.

    Thank you!

  • Topside! We are moving right along with the guild upgrades! Looking forward to having more people to hang out with!

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