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NEW GUILD! Fractalicious Recruiting for members ^.^ [FRAC] ~~FOTM~~

hi everybody! Fractalicious aka. [FRAC] is a NEW guild that will focus on doing fractals (name says it all).
we are looking for fun new people who wish to join a fractals only Guild, it doesnt matter if you are new to fractals or a fractal veteran, everybody is more then welcome to join.
our main goal is to recruit people who are willing to Mentor new players the basics of fractals and or new recruits who have never been to fractals before, that want to learn more about fractals.(people who just play fractals that already know the basics and dont want to Mentor are ofcourse also more then welcome to join).
besides that we want everybody to have a good time and to enjoy the game with a friendly guild.
Did you became interested in joining or just want to take a look around, feel free to ask for a invite. :)

hope you all have a great day, and see you soon Commander!

-----ASK FOR INVITE------

^^ More Recruiters coming soon. ^^


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