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no such id for Item ID 85433 (Lunatic Shoulder Box)

Bollocks.4078Bollocks.4078 Member ✭✭
edited October 19, 2017 in API Development

I get "no such ID" for ID 85433 in my inventory. Based on my actual inventory it should be Lunatic Shoulder Box. The API link on the WIKI page for Lunatic Shoulder Box links to the same ID but returns that the ID is invalid.


  • The wiki links to the same API info as you do, so it's not a surprise that it's coming up with an invalid number. When you use /wiki ITEM, it transmits the ID number to the wiki and looks up a page based on that. Before that page exists, it will come to a page listing the ID and chat code, so an editor can take that information and make a page for the item. The rest of the info needed to make that page can come from the ingame item itself.

    At any rate, there's still some Halloween goodies that need whitelisting, and just this armor box.

  • My point on the WIKI item ID was just to add supporting evidence that the particular item ID belongs to that particular item. So it's a known issue on that ID then. Thanks for the feedback. Is there any idea on when it will be corrected?