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[NA][PvE][PvX] Dragons of the Silence [DEAF] looking to grow deaf community!

Voxann.9482Voxann.9482 Member ✭✭
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Hello! My name is Voxann. I'm the founder of Dragons of the Silence [DEAF]. I'm mainly looking to recruit deaf and hard of hearing players to join us. We also welcome all CODAs (child of deaf adults), interpreters, players who are anti-TS (for personal reasons), and hearing people who are familiar with the deaf community. We're also open to inviting hearing players who would like to interact/be friends with us and learn more about the deaf community.

The biggest reason I created this deaf guild is because I want to give everyone the opportunity to meet other players who are like you. Let's have fun and run together! We are an inclusive, welcoming, friendly guild.

Obviously, as you can see, we do not require voice chats like TeamSpeak because some of us are profoundly deaf and some of us have some hearing loss. We have discord for chatting purposes during and outside the game. There is, of course, voice chat which is optional.

No repping required except during guild missions
Level 17 guild
42 players
Fractals, PvE, Dungeons, Guild Missions
NA based guild
Sea of Sorrow server (optional)
Windswept Haven Guild Hall

If interested, contact me for an invite. Post your IGN or private message me here or in-game: voxann.9482

I look forward to meeting you!



  • StCooner.7318 Where were you all my MMORPG life!? I'm hard of eharing (hearing Aids) and I just get frustrated with all the move to VoiceIP etc. I feel left out all the time :)

  • Jevati.4328Jevati.4328 Member ✭✭✭

    Jevati here to say that DEAF is awesome. =) I'm hearing, but I have a really hard time with voice chat because of sensory issues, and it's so nice to be in a guild where I don't feel left out because everyone else is chatting in voice.

    We have a pretty guild hall, a fun Discord, and really friendly people who enjoy teaming up and having a good time. <3