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Forged Weapon Skins

Will any others be released beyond dagger, hammer, longbow, staff, and great sword? Would lover to see more of these.


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    I wondered why not more either is strange. I thought maybe people hadn't found them, but I'm sure by now if they existed people would have. I think they look pretty decent for non-IM related weapons and at same time not to pricey, well least when i bought em they wasn't. Not sure what they priced at now.

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  • ANet has a knack of making incomplete sets for a while now. The weapon skins from the Nightmare Fractal and the Caladbolg weapons are 2 other examples. Not to mention all the single armor pieces we've received through the Living Story. But that last bit notwithstanding, I really wish they would just release full weapon sets. As a Fashion Wars player I really like these skins, but I find it very hard to match a Caladbolg skin with any other weapon skin in both color scheme and design (I know, mismatching weapons is a pet peeve of mine).

  • Yeah I have to agree. I like to match weapons and it would be nice to see this set completed

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