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You can loot Caffinated Skritt with multiple alts

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Just did it by mistake at first, drove past the spot I had killed a Caffinated skritt previously with an alt and found I could loot it again for the spec collection, just relog fast after you kill a skritt cos the loot will still be there for a few minutes, you can prob do it 3-4 times before despawn, ez mode collecting, gl.


  • 3-4 times per c-skritt sounds about right. I never did it myself, but I did get two chests by accident: I parked my toons next to known-spawn locations with low-traffic and popped up to be able to follow the trail of consolation loot bags, leading to the c-skritt's chest.

    So seems like a decent option for those who are still only 3-for-9 on the relevant drops for specialization collections.

    Good tip. V :)

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