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Unlocking ascended WvW armor

Does unlocking the triumphant reward track 18 times = unlocking the ascended triumphant hero armor?
Does unlocking the exotic triumphant hero armor in skirmishes npc = unlocking mist forge armor ?


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    Long Answer:
    When you get a Triumphant Armor piece (From the reward track) it will unlock the respective Triumphant Hero armor piece on the Skirmish Vendor (Both the exotic and ascended versions)
    When you get a Triumphant Hero Armor piece from the skimish vendor (Regardless of rarity), it will unlock the equivalent piece for the Mistforged Triumphant Hero Armor. Keep in mind that Mistforged Triumphant Hero Armor have Rank requirement (Chest piece require you to be Rank 2000).

    Short answer:
    Yes for both questions

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