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[EU][PvE] EoL - Friendly social casual attitude guild

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Hello there!

EoL - Evolution of Loneliness - currently opens its doors for some more friendly and social company.

We are a smaller guild (roster around 100 ppl) with a focus on being social and nice to each other. We have a fully upgraded guild hall (Windswept Haven), nice people in our roster and some regular weekly scheduled events (like guild missions, raid event, dungeon night). Our events are mostly PvE related (including raids to PvE), but we also have a weekly WvW and fun / PvP and fun event.
We like to get to know the person behind the character name, that is also why we will not recruit 10 new people a day. We will keep our roster being more compact instead of hunting for every possible guild member we can get.
We live a casual attitude, meaning we love to help out newbies and noone will be forced to do anything. We do have very experienced players as well as guildies who recently started/returned with us, so every 'skill level' is welcome!

You can read some more introduction in our philosophy and have a look at our little rule set at: http://eol.zone (if you are really interested in joining you should read this, since I gonna send you there anyway ;)) There is also an explanation for our guild name written :)

If you have any questions or do think EoL might be a good fit for you: just send me a bird, catch me ingame or leave me a message - whatever you prefer ;)
And if you do not think EoL is for you and still read until here: I wish you all the best to find a nice fitting guild, cause that improves the game experience THAT much!

See ya ingame and have fun!


  • Ahai, stranger.
    This lonely sunspear is looking for brave heroes to fight the evil forces of Elona and Tyria.
    And by chance or by Kormir herself I stumbled on to your guild advertisement.
    I enjoyed what I read on this page and your guild philosophy. And I would like to join your ranks.

    I hope you read this message soon, because there is little time...
    Joko might be gone for now, but for how long?
    And the dragon is rising once again.

    The time to act is now!
    Before darkness consumes us all...

  • I want to join your guild pls send an invitation or add me as friend,im new i dont know how it works xD

  • Hi
    Have just come back after 3 year break so am starting over so I would like to join EOL have read the link in the main post and it seems to be what I would like to call home,feel free to sling me an invitation or friend invite.

  • Ani.8473Ani.8473 Member ✭✭

    Due to overwhelming response to this thread we have quite some new (potential) recruits so that our recruitment phase is closed for now. We need some time to get to know the new guildies and will let you know if we open recruiting again :)

  • Ani.8473Ani.8473 Member ✭✭

    Hello everyone!

    We are opening our doors for a few nice and friendly recruits. Contact me preferably ingame or leave a message here :)

    Have fun!

  • Ani.8473Ani.8473 Member ✭✭

    The doors are still open, don't be shy and write me ingame or here :)

  • Ani.8473Ani.8473 Member ✭✭
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    Hey everyone! Looking for new ingame friends this wintersday? If you prefer a chilled (notice the word game? :D), laid-back and friendly atmosphere, check out EoL (details on http://eol.zone), it might be something for you :)

  • koryuuske.4931koryuuske.4931 Member
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    hey guy im looking for a guild, meet some new friends, im not a very newbie (have 3 lvl 80) and im very motivate to discover other parts of gw until now i've only played PVP/ PVE and some fractals) i have TS and i want to use it but im not fluent in english :( (so its gonna be difficult at the beginning :p)

    and btw i play gardian, war and mage and i want to lvl up some others.

    Thank you !

  • Ani.8473Ani.8473 Member ✭✭

    Hey peoples, as we got some new guildies now we gonna take some time again to get to know them :) I will let you know if/when the recruiting opens again.

    Have a wonderful time in the game and happy new year soon! :)