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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again



  • caveman.5840caveman.5840 Member ✭✭✭

    plz bring back the

    -Trickster's Light-Armor Skin
    -Viper's Medium-Armor Skin
    -Phalanx Heavy-Armor Skin
    and cat ears for the mad king event

  • ROMANG.1903ROMANG.1903 Member ✭✭✭

    Bring back the bat wings backpack please :3

  • ROMANG.1903ROMANG.1903 Member ✭✭✭

    @Jirayu.5834 said:
    I'd like to play LS Season 1 (I start playing this game in late season 2)

    Please sell the story in Gem Store

    The story season 1 was not made to be repeatable. No one can replay it, even those who were there during the events.

  • Lenlen.6295Lenlen.6295 Member ✭✭
    edited October 21, 2017

    I'd actually like the return of Rox's quiver again, i took a long break and wasn't around when it got re-added earlier last month i believe. It is by far the best looking quiver of the limited few that exist.

  • new baltazar oufit will selling in BC after hellowin?

  • Chip.9267Chip.9267 Member ✭✭
    edited October 23, 2017

    Please bring back Kasmeer staff and Rox short bow skin. Last time they were in an expensive bundle with another skins i allready have...

  • Autositz.2687Autositz.2687 Member
    edited October 22, 2017

    Shared gathering slot REALLY need to find their way into the game. As we already have shared inventory slots it made switching my precious *-o-trons around easier.. but it's pointless to not have shared gathering slots. The 3 slots could be available for something like 800 together in a bundle and 400 per shared slot.
    I would totally spend 800 for 3 shared gathering slots!

    And also, make LS1 playable, sell it as a bundle for 2000 gems so players, who have any of the LS1 quests active will be in an LS1 version of the corresponding map if it was involved in LS1. e.g. LA will be looking like it was before the destruction when you are "playing the LS1 story".
    Maps are already instanced, so this would be no problem. Of course you would come out now that "LS1 was made for big amounts of players on the open world events" and "This would thin out players even more". But i am pretty sure there is a real large player base that would want to experience LS1 because they weren't there or because they enjoyed it and want to redo...

    Every good thing comes in a triple... so here is the third:
    Give us an option to "upkeep buffs".
    When you have a buff active e.g. from a food item, then make the buff information icon (where the timer and the bonus is available as a tooltip) clickable... and this would activate something like the AutoAttack display... and it would mean: "reactivate this buff as long as there is the same item available in inventory to be used".
    I have tons of buffs and i always forget to reactivate them when they run out... The AutoConsume would only work with exactly the same item the buff was created with and of course only for inventory activated buffs not Banners and similar.

  • How about outfits that look like other races (instead of tonics that you have to carry around and can’t use while on a mount). Could have an outfit that makes you look like a Tengu for example.

    Be careful what you ask for
    ANet might give it to you.

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  • *something to put all the different types of keys in
    *more cute mini's in the vein of Mini Aurene
    *an expanded limit on inventory bag slots, bank tab slots etc
    *more customization for home instance
    *more mount skins! (I don't particularly want the Halloween ones but if you made a bunch that looked like different creatures I'd definitely buy)
    *outfits that don't include chunky high heels, trench coats or butt capes
    *more unique and epic looking weapon skins

  • Witch of Doom.5739Witch of Doom.5739 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Please bring back the Reading Glasses and the Shoulder Scarf. Thank you!

  • **Mount skins/new models **:
    Race theme'd -
    Sylvari one matches the verdant weapons. (?)
    Class, profession and order based mount armor

  • Zakka.2153Zakka.2153 Member ✭✭✭

    Please bring back Braham's Mace and Shield

    Also a Choya Springer mount skin please.

  • i want a Shatterer skin for my griffon.

  • Kirin.7306Kirin.7306 Member ✭✭✭

    Can you please make the full makeover kit last for 10 mins so we can try stuff out?

  • Zephyra.4709Zephyra.4709 Member ✭✭✭

    Just saw someone run past with the new Grenth outfit and noticed the hood + eye glow is dyeable which gets me thinking...

    Would it be possible to update the current Grenth Hood skin to include the same dye channel akin to the Grenth outfit - being able to dye the eye glow and mask would be insanely fun.

    Cheers in advance.

  • Vegeta.2563Vegeta.2563 Member ✭✭✭

    Would be nice to see a copper fed salvage-o-matic sale soon.. didn't see one during Anniversary Sales, and I believe the last time was back in March?

  • @Neprovesi.8069 said:
    I would like to see a glider similar to Quaggan mail carrier, love that one :)

    Me too!

  • Faren's speedos!!! Perfect match for indoor swimming activities in winter.

  • I second speedos. Also please add some long hair or man bun options for human males. I'm dead serious.

  • Return of the Raven Spirit Glider.
    Echoing a previous post, more gender neutral armor skins. I can't quantify how disappointed I was when the Phalanx was first released and I fell in love with the (male) preview of the skin only to lay eyes on the female variant...
    The armor the Cavalier's of Amnoon wear. It's nice and subdued.

  • let us add a second node to our home instance.
    I would love a second quartz crystal node and etc.
    Make the extra slots and the nodes store only pls :)

  • Shirlias.8104Shirlias.8104 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Super Rare Drop from BLC, like other permanent Stuff
    Internal Global CD 30 Min

    Rare Drop from BLC or maybe, as aviator or bubblehead, avaible from the store during festive events.

    Node instance which grants you daily 1x Unidentified Gear ( random rarity ).

    The idea is more or less the lottery like some halloweens ago with the foil candy wrappers

    But will instead be a monthly lottery for BLC lucky customers.
    Maybe a Rare Drop which allow the player to partecipate at an exclusive lottery draft with 3 very good prizes.

    1. Precursor
    2. SKIN A
    3. SKIN B

    And for every partecipant ( once got the monthly ticket you won't be able to get any more of em ), something like 3 black lion keys.

  • Chiara.9827Chiara.9827 Member
    edited October 26, 2017

    I'd love a plain version of the riding broom glider. No cat, no bats, no screeching sounds, just a plain flying broom.
    Reddit seems to agree with me on this one, judging from the comments in this thread:
    I wanted it so badly, but when I saw the additions... I just don't like it.

  • Please bring back the Zodiac Armor Skins, pack or separate. :)

  • Fallen Balthazar Outfit & Helm for 700 gems will be nice

  • Mary Poppins umbrella glider would be funny.

  • StinVec.3621StinVec.3621 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I've noticed the Branded Wing Backpack combo is no longer for sale. I do not believe it was given a 'leaving the store' timer. Astral's thread also does not list it as 'leaving', so it seems it just disappeared.

    Was this item pulled while the issue of it not being purchasable by those who do not own HoT (like all other backpack/glider combos could) gets corrected and it would then be brought back with this issue fixed?

    WOW - Done with forums for good now! - Someone creates a thread about Pharus's light on crit effect asking if it is a bug - I get warned for being "off topic" for commenting how to use the search and pointing out threads discussing Pharus and it being an intended effect... Goodbye all. Happy gaming.

  • It would be awesome to see the Strider and Viper armor skins come back. I’ve been wanting to get those for a while now.

  • @Yadovid.5863 said:

    Again, I recommend, at most, 200 gems for an additional Dye Channel

    No more than 50. Whole new skin with 4 dye chanells cost ~320-400 gems.

    Good point. I'll edit my post when the forums allow me to.

  • Please bring back Shield of the Goddess. I need it!
    Also, please continue what you started with Braham's Wolfblood Pauldrons - make bits of Dragons Watch outfits available as armor skins for all weights.

  • ^^ What they said. Would love the aetherblade skins to be available more often. Missed it last time so hopefully they come back sometime soon.

  • I would love the old town clothes to be made available as outfits, rather than just tonics. This also goes for NPC clothes. I really like some of the more simple clothes from the town gear and on NPCs, and would love to be able to wear them adventuring. I don't always want to look super fancy. <3

  • Fantasy.5321Fantasy.5321 Member ✭✭✭

    Bring back the Aetherblade and Strider's armor skins, please!

  • Rysdude.3824Rysdude.3824 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Id also like to see an unlimited Teleport-to-friend device

  • DarkKitty.1742DarkKitty.1742 Member
    edited October 29, 2017

    Outfits from GW1 would be awesome! This game needs for outfits/armor with HEELS!!!
    And maybe some weapon skins from GW1 too?

  • I would really, really like to see light armor set (no outfit, but armor) for female, with actual dress. Not pants, not scraps of fabric that are showing legs, no skirts, no slim dresses or dresses with open front which also show legs nor combination of any of these. Rather sometning similiar to Nightmare court leg armor.

    "Raising a building is like fighting a war...except you're hammering on something that's dead."

  • all i want is new armor skins and new hairstyles for all races... i was pretty disappointed when i saw that the humans had gotten quite a hand full of hairstyles and faces before and during the launch of POF and the other races received nothing... i really hope they have new hairstyles planned for the other 4 races in the very near future.

  • Please Please more guild slots. With all the different activities and now 3 Guild Halls the limit of 5 is a serious impediment to taking full advantage of all this game offers.

  • Please bring back the Lyssa Regalia outfit I'm a returning player that missed the sale and would like to get my hands on it desperately since it looks so cool.
    And ALSO since Christmas is coming up can we have some winter theme mount skins like really icy kinda skins that's crystal like or mounts with winter cloths/armor like.

  • Please bring back Infinite Unbound Magic Gathering Tools!

  • @AegisRunestone.8672 said:

    @Yadovid.5863 said:

    Again, I recommend, at most, 200 gems for an additional Dye Channel

    No more than 50. Whole new skin with 4 dye chanells cost ~320-400 gems.

    Good point. I'll edit my post when the forums allow me to.

    Edited! 50 gems per channel, 250 for the bundle! :)

  • I would like to see armor sets for heavy armor that has a blend of cloth and armor pieces mixed. I would like to also like the see capes or even short capes as back pieces added to the game. I get why you can't add long capes due to Charr characters, but can you at least give us short capes for back pieces. I would like my Thief to look like a hunter with a short cape. Rangers need capes as well. Even heavy armor characters could use capes. I miss having capes from Guild Wars 1. I don't like the way the Sunspear back pieces look they look way too bulky and weird.

  • Shirlias.8104Shirlias.8104 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Bring back silver fed salvage o matic!
    it's been almost a year!

  • I would like to suggest new armor skins from the original Guild Wars: Ritualist's Vabbian armor for Light Armor skins; Ranger's Monument armor for Medium Armor skins, and Paragon's Obsidian Armor for Heavy Armor skins. Also, I would like for there to be a return of some of the original Guild Wars' hairstyles adapted and made for at least Humans and Norns.

  • @Vegeta.2563 said:
    Endless Teleport to Friend contract would be nice!

    this one is ultra helpful! it's the best, except it's soulbound LOL, but account bound one is perfect!

  • Nedo.7483Nedo.7483 Member
    edited October 31, 2017

    Race Changer: Maybe Reset The Personal Story if It's too hard for Anet to Incorporate That into the Race Changer.

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