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Heart Vendors items- ANet, You missed the point

ANet you missed the point, You don't put Ascended items/recipe in the Heart Vendors, you put a pile of Trade contracts in the Heart Vendors. The **currency **is what gives the maps/Hearts replayability, not MORE one-time recipes that I can just buy from another Heart Vendors that I already completed. LS3 formula worked, don't change from it.

Just add 25 trade contracts to each of the Heart Vendors and put the Ascended Recipes to another NPC that all players can access.

6x warrior/5xRanger/6x Revenant/6x Mesmer/5x Guardian/6x Thief/5x Engineer/5x Necromancer/5x Elementalist


  • Yes - why they went this direction is baffling. LS3 were PERFECT and is the reason why those maps continue to have a large pop even now.