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Clocktower Jumping Puzzle

What the hell is this? One of most stupid events I have ever encountered in my entire gaming career. I mean, how is this fun? I'm close to quit this game because of there is no alternative with this in obtaining the title, Emissary of the Mad King.

There are many ways to make this more entertaining for players who hate jumping puzzles (many of us, I'm telling you) - by providing different levels of this challenge. Easy, Medium, Hard, or whatever you want to. Easy could be the exact same jumping puzzle but with unlimited time to finish it or long enough to get it without stand at each object, figuring out where to go. Medium, less time, but on a hard level, much more less time to complete the puzzle. Of course, in each levels have different loots to get - the harder it is, the greater the reward is. With this simple solution, I won't rage quit from the game. I would understand that it is difficult as the title shouldn't be easy to obtain. I totally get that but this is a holiday event and it happens only once a year. I already had about 100 tries or even more....and not even once I managed to make it to the end. Not even once. The event will end soon and my time spent on this jumping puzzle has wasted. Do you know how much time I have wasted into this puzzle? Ridiculous.


  • The best reward is the title so you would have to complete it on hard difficult to get the title anyway. Sorry it was too hard for you to do but theres alot of different content that people cant do in this game, like raids, and that doesn't get easy mode. Alot of people have posted advice on how to complete it in general discussion the main things are;

    you CANNOT use keyboard to turn camera, its too slow. Use mouse.
    position camera above your character as much as possible, not behind so you can see the jumpers better
    turn off all sounds, ignore other players and dont focus on the green goo just try and learn the route and make 1 more jump than last time each round.

  • STIHL.2489STIHL.2489 Member ✭✭✭✭

    This JP sucks, but, this is what I did.

    As others said, you need to use Mouse to Move, and that helps a lot.

    But have a system down that works is even better. First. master each step. Just focus on getting to the first gear.. make sure you can get to that..

    Then focus to getting just past it. if you get further.. great.. if not.. no big. Just focus on getting past it, find a system that gets you past that first pop-out.

    Then Focus on getting TO the second gear. That is all. just get to it. Don't think about winning, just focus on getting to the next "check point"

    As time goes on, the start will be much easier, the beginning won't feel as stressful, and it will feel fluid.

    After that.. it's all about getting past that second gear..

    But the worst of it, is the start, But build that system, always take a path you know will work to get to the next step.. and keep that path... and it won't be that bad.

    I have failed that tower more times then I care to admit.. hundreds of times.. if only that many.. and right now, I sill only have around a 10% Success rate, and a 50% Fail on the Final Jump.. but my internet sucks, so.. that's on me.

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  • Phobetor.8016Phobetor.8016 Member ✭✭
    edited November 7, 2017

    FINALLY. I just made it. But it doesn't do any justice lol - it doesn't make me feel better. Whatever, just saying that this isn't worth the title.

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    I have to disagree. I struggled a lot with this JP and felt very proud once I got the hang of it -
    now I am pretty much good enough to farm it if I want. Besides, the title was not available for a few years, so it is extra awesome that they brought it back. If you feel bad about this JP even after mastering it, it simply means you should not do JPs. But there should not be an easy mode to getting the title.

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