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    @Conncept.7638 said:
    It's a business practice for those who don't give half a kitten about their players, creating a community, or even making a good game, and a lot of us thought ANet was different, above that, and in running their business like a whaling ship, they're proving we were wrong.

    I agree, but didn't we know all those things about ArenaNet based on the Black Lion Chests? They're basically loot boxes that have been in the game since release, and now they're basically accepted.

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  • This right here is just what i was thinking!

  • Puffendorf, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said. I do spend plenty of money in the store, but do not like "gambling" my hard earned money away. I would buy the skin I want if they made each available to buy separately. But I refuse to gamble....

  • @Swagger.1459 said:
    These are definitely worth the price! Hope you can rack up some good sales on these, and hope the team keeps offering desirable items on the gemstore!

    Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

  • Very well put OP, I don't necessarily agree that all other aspects of RNG in GW2 have been handled well but this is undoubtedly the worst I've ever seen it since I first started playing back in August 2012. I really hope they reverse this decision, at least to the point where you can choose the skins you want from the ticket.

    Unfortunately I have a feeling a lot of people will still pay for the gamble and, as they say, money talks.

  • I dont mind the price but I only want certain ones why should i have to buy all 30 or pay 400 gems for a rng box I want to choose what ones I want for my money . Thank you

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    @Swagger.1459 said:
    These are definitely worth the price! Hope you can rack up some good sales on these, and hope the team keeps offering desirable items on the gemstore!

    They can't be worth the price, as they don't have a price.

    You're not paying what the gemstore lists for a mount, you're paying what it lists for a chance, and chances are worth nothing.

  • Very well written. Civil, but passionate, and I do believe it reflects the opinions of a great many of us.

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    There can't be enough talk about terrible practices like this, as far as I'm concerned. This is the absolute worst way to implement these skins.

  • Putting aside the method of obtaining them, which is after all decided by managers, the artists should be complimented on some beautiful and interesting skins. I may be alone in this, but I want that bunny with antlers!!!

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    The biggest caveat between the mount boxes and regular BLCs is that you can easily farm keys by doing map exploration and your weekly lvl 10 story it's reasonable enough to get 4-6 keys a month and put those toward opening chests, but with the mounts, you're forced to use gemstore conversion rates at a much steeper cost if you don't want to gamble. It's like they went one step in opposite directions for the mount boxes: one forward with having them separate from the nightmare that is BLCs with no dupes, and one back for forcing all those skins to be RNG instead of being allowed to buy what you want.

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    @Ayumi Spender.1082 said:
    I say no. Those people should not have supported this type of practice to begin with.
    Early adopters are early adopters.

    You mean Anet should punish those people who supported them with money and award those that cried and kitten on the forums?

    They would make it even worse for everyone. Those people who were desperate or crazy enough to spend 9000+ gems made that purchase under the reasonable assumption that this would be the only way to get the mounts. Anet now changing terms completely would be a big fu** you to all those who supported them. Why the hell should they do this? So that people like you get their pleasure out of the thought of it?

    Unlike you they don't want to punish unreasonably generous players.

    Edit: I find this argument in particular funny that when I think back to GW2 going f2p or things like that, the same people would cry about Anet "not caring about the veteran players" and that they want free stuff because now the new players get all the free stuff.

  • @DakotaCoty.5721 said:

    I already made a thread here, please don't spam the forums with countless threads - it'll make our cause harder to be recognised if we act like apes.


    Even though I staunchly oppose you in this, I thumbs upped you.

    Although ape reactions do tend to get noticed faster... oh boy.

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    This is NCSoft show, bois. Saw this coming a long time ago.

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    @Cyber Locc.9836 said:

    @Conncept.7638 said:

    @Erasculio.2914 said:
    I don't think anything has changed. ArenaNet knows people are willing to accept loot boxes - the Black Lion Chests have been in the game since release, and not only you don't see people complaining about them, they also sell. A lot, based on how often ArenaNet updates them.

    It was the fact players were willing to accept loot boxes that allowed ArenaNet to push the concept further with the RNG mount skins. Unless players vote with their wallets and give strong feedback about this, ArenaNet will not stop.

    That's just the thing, statistically most people are not willing to accept loot boxes, have never bought one, and will never buy one. Lootboxes are only profitable by leeching off a handful of irresponsible lifeless whales among the playerbase that spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on anything and everything, and in doing so making it profitable to leave most of the playerbase hung out to dry.

    It's a business practice for those who don't give half a kitten about their players, creating a community, or even making a good game, and a lot of us thought ANet was different, above that, and in running their business like a whaling ship, they're proving we were wrong.

    Hmm I would like to see where you got those statistics, because I can for an absolute fact tell you, YOU ARE WRONG.

    And yet, you provide no evidence, so apparently, you can't factually say anything.

    A poll of 450 million users from one of the largest mobile game platforms in the world shows that on average 70% of a games income, comes from 10% of its playerbase. It's a well known fact, as this is far from the first poll on the subject, and it took literally two seconds on google to find it, two seconds which you could have taken yourself.

  • Most of the people in here are really dissapointed by this rng stuff. same with me. I wish they would change it. But I don't think they will do it. Running through LA just shows me, that anets plan works. so many people with those skins. even that one Jackal skin which costs 2000gems.

  • I agree with OP. Price isnt the issue its when you buy one at a time and its a rng on what ones you get. Its my money and I should get what I pay for. I dont mind the black lion chest to much sometimes. Its fun once in awhile to get a few keys see what you get. But for something like this its wrong in my book . I hope you fix it . If you dont ill just be drooling and not buying and I wont buy anything else from gem store with real cash again. ( And I and others have spent lots to support the game) I just think this is wrong. They are awsome nice job on design but be fair is all I ask . Thank you

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    @Conncept.7638 said:

    @SkyShroud.2865 said:

    @Oglaf.1074 said:

    @SkyShroud.2865 said:
    It is a interesting bundle, 400 gems for a single gem item while 320 (total 9600) for 30 skin.

    It isn't p2w so I don't care.

    Except that it is 400 Gems for a gamble or 9600 to avoid the gamble.

    It is underhanded and dirty.

    Had you been able to directly buy the skin you want for 400 Gems instead, the forums wouldn't be overflowing with hatred towards Anet like they currently are.

    isn't black lion key gambling too?
    did you complain about it?

    Uh I would wager so? Since the blacklion chest RNG has been the most complained about aspect of this games monetization since release day. Did you not frequent the old forums?

    of course i did but that wasn't the point
    the point is did he complain about it?

    you are not him, please don't cut into the conversation, is rude.

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    I agree. It's too much costs and RNG to dump on us (pun intended) in one gemstore update. It's obnoxious and disrespectful to the playerbase.

    It's like they aren't even trying to be subtle here, not a little "spoil yourself with this $20 item!" Which I consider fine, and often buy - But a full blown casino scam designed to ween over a hundred dollars out of people. In a single purchases. Absolutely awful.

    I'm a freaking "whale" okay, I admit it, but this is just pushing it too far. I was literally just at the store looking at gem cards, I picked a bunch up and decided no, not this time. I'm taking a break from this game. If I come back to more of this customer abuse and disrespect and see this is indeed the direction you are headed, I will be done with Gw2 and Anet, especially NCSoft.

  • I bought Ultimate knowing mount skins would be coming and that would be what I did with the extra gems. But implementation like this...absolutely not. I stay away from AAA games that have the loot box bull...I won't participate in this game and I am severely tempted to just stop logging in until they remove it. The outfits as random loot in black lion boxes was pushing me...this is over the line. At best they're not getting another dime from worst I will be leaving the game.

    Arenanet if you want my money...sell me a product...not a slot machine.

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    @Illconceived Was Na.9781 said:

    @DakotaCoty.5721 said:

    @Illconceived Was Na.9781 said:

    @DakotaCoty.5721 said:
    The Black Lion Stables are pleased to open their doors and offer new mount adoption licenses. Each license will allow you to claim a random mount skin from the Black Lion Stables, and they are available in the Style category of the Gem Store for 400 gems each.

    If this trend continues I won't fund this game anymore, simple as that. This is stupid.

    The math:
    400 * 31 = 12,400 gems.

    How is that different from spending 100 gems for a chance at an exclusive dye]? Or 80 gems (in bulks) for BL keys, with a random chance of skins? Like any lotto, play if you think you'll get lucky, otherwise hang tight and buy the specific skin(s) you want when they show up at a discount later.

    Those dyes can be bought on the TP and flooded quite nicely with supply. Mount skins cannot be bought on the TP.

    Still, someone had to play the lotto for folks like you or I to take advantage of the discount. In fact, at least in this case, the 400 gems guarantees a skin; the other RNG boxes on the gem shop contain more junk than not.

    I'm not likely to be willing to plop down 400 gems without getting to choose a skin, but all the same: I can see why you (like I) won't want to spend that amount for RNG, but why does it affect your paying for anything else that the game has to offer?

    Principle really, to be honest though I still have a lot more discretionary income approaching my 40s then I did when I first started playing this game, I can't guarantee I wouldn't spend gems on something I have a choice over despite my issue's with rng

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    Now should I Thumbs This Up, or mark as Helpful.

    Every transfer delays alliances.

  • @ReaverKane.7598 said:

    @kharmin.7683 said:

    @YoukiNeko.6047 said:
    Yeah same, both me and my GF both the ultimate and have the previous ultimate editions.
    But the RNG mount skins are really pushing us in the direction of leaving the game for good.

    Nothing personal, but I wonder at such a strong reaction to something that isn't required to play the game.

    If you'd read my post, you'd have seen it's not the mounts... It's that there's a systematic encroachment of "gambling" mechanics in the game.
    I mean they could have slowly released the mounts 5 at a time over the next 6 weeks for 400 gems each, and people would be buying them, especially if they stacked the "aura" mounts to the end of the release plan. Now a lot of people (me included) won't touch them at all, and a lot of people (me included) are less inclined to buy gems, or even play the game.

    Also it's not just the RMG but also the price on that Forged Hound thing... 2000 gems? That's more expensive than the WHOLE expansion, not to mention as expensive as the previous 5 pack.
    They could have easily learned from games like LoL and have tiered skins 400 for "common" skins (The ones without particle effects), 800 for "elite" sins (the particle effect ones), and 1200 for Legendary skins (Like the hound). But 2000 Gems?

    They were greedy with the mounts. And yes, as a person that bought Ultimate, having them release 30 mounts so soon after release tells me that the whole "not sure about mount skins yet" talk that was going on at release was kitten and an excuse not to do what they did with HoT and give a special skin for buyers.

    Yeah your right m8, this is bad practice and I couldn't word it better myself

  • Im about ready to stage a in game sit in like we did for SAB . maybe they will hear us then. Who wants to join ?

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    I am just disappointed that 90% os these skins are ugly af and are just cheap recolours of basic models. why would you sell something like that as a skin?
    If they made beautiful skins like they sometimes did with gliders... Gliders can be so different! Dragon wings, butterfly wings, ravens, ghosts, golems, meteors... So many cool stuff. Yet we got 30 recolours which is sad (and maybe 2 new jackal models that are really different skins)... I hate it when they make recolours and add 1 tiny detail and call it a "skin".
    It's not a skin. It's a new dye :disappointed: ...
    Is that why our basic mounts have NO real dye channels? So you can sell them? :disappointed:
    And theyre also rng? Really? I will never gamble because my luck is kitten.

    Alsp what's up with these prices?
    First 2000 gems for 5 mount "skins" (reskins really").
    Now 2000 gems for one skin and 400 each on rng reskins?
    What is going on? O.o

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    @Preyar.6783 said:
    Don't take the vocal minority as a majority, ever. Right now that poll is full of people who's on a rampage about lootboxes and don't understand that Anet have done them a favor with this unique system.

    So unmitigated greed is a "favor" now. How lovely.

    An actual "favor" would be adding skins that can actually be earned by playing the game, preferably by doing something related to the skin in question, which would have the added benefit of actually adding some meaning to the things and tying them into the world. Another obvious way to show "favor" woud be to put them in birthday presents.

    If we move beyond "favor" to "ethical business practice", the obvious decision would be to make them directly purchasable, like glider skins and outfits. Also add some to the expensive PoF editions, like HoT with its glider skin.

    There is nothing even remotely "favorable" about gambling, ever. It's specifically designed to be exploitative, and people need to stop making excuses for this garbage.

  • @DakotaCoty.5721 said:

    I already made a thread here, please don't spam the forums with countless threads - it'll make our cause harder to be recognised if we act like apes.

    While i get where you're coming from with this, Anet tends to listen more when they are forced to look at multiple threads they are then forced to merge because then they can't feign somehow missing it on the forums.

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  • xarallei.4279xarallei.4279 Member ✭✭✭

    I would be fine with the mount skins in the gem store....IF they weren't RNG based.

  • azizul.8469azizul.8469 Member ✭✭
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    What changed you Anet? Desire for more moneh...

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    @PookieDaWombat.6209 said:

    @DakotaCoty.5721 said:

    I already made a thread here, please don't spam the forums with countless threads - it'll make our cause harder to be recognised if we act like apes.

    While i get where you're coming from with this, Anet tends to listen more when they are forced to look at multiple threads they are then forced to merge because then they can't feign somehow missing it on the forums.

    That and his post made it seem like mounts were the first iteration of gambling in GW2, i wanted to point out the escalation. Because that's the worrisome part.

  • @Inoki.6048 said:
    Now should I Thumbs This Up, or mark as Helpful.

    if you agree do both I did

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    @Oglaf.1074 said:

    @Squee.7829 said:
    Is everyone just mad that they're being so blatant about it?

    People are not mad about the skins being premium content, no.

    People are mad because they were implemented as a form of gambling.

    Had you been able to pay 400 Gems for each skin - knowing full well which skin you are getting - it would be business as usual.

    Yeah, that. I'd seriously consider buying 2k gems for a new skin of my choice for all five mounts, but screw this RNG garbage

  • Iason Evan.3806Iason Evan.3806 Member ✭✭
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    I want to be as diplomatic as possible, but also get my point across as clearly and concisely as possible how I feel about the RNG Mount Skins.

    They suck.

    The skins are rad. The RNG is the part that is bad.

  • Shard.4791Shard.4791 Member ✭✭✭

    I thought this was industry standard. Lootboxes and all.

  • Anet, I've been playing your game for nearly four years now. I've dumped hundreds of dollars into the gemstore, and been happy to do so. But I am NOT about to spend 2000 gems on a single mount skin, and the RNG based mount skin system is coming dangerously close to the lootbox plague the likes of EA, WarnerBros and Activision are trying to spread.

    Sincerely, get over yourselves.

  • I've been in conversations a few times lately with my guildies and friends about the lootbox garbage Activision and EA have been getting up to lately. Never thought for a moment it would come to GW2...and I have never been more disappointed with Anet. They won't get my money for these...and they could have got plenty if it wasn't random.

  • I got a bad feeling about this during the first PoF demo weekend, when I stepped in the Oasis and found the Casino and all the gambling stuff.

    This new ANet's system is not going to work with me. I will happily support them financially, as I have done time and time again, but only when I know what exactly I will be buying with my money. Not a cent before that.

  • We are all paying players. I think we're entitled to good items because we've paid money into this game. We should get mount skins for free , but if Anet is going to step into Asian MMO luck of the draw content, they should just go full throttle. Bring out 2,000 Gem swords with x2 damage, or 400 Gem tickets that give a 0.5% chance at x4 damage weapons. Just like peeling off a bandaid, do it fast or it'll hurt. When I was an addict, I was forced to go cold turkey or I might not be alive today. If Anet does this RNG content too slowly, the players will be feeling the pain longer.

  • Ayumi Spender.1082Ayumi Spender.1082 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Omar Aschi Popp.7496 said:
    You guys are talking about a group of people who tried to sneak in privateer weapons and then was like "ohjhh, oh no we're not doing it like this, this is a one time thing to show you something special!".

    Until I see internal memos detailing that in writing before they released it, I will not believe it was anything but backpedaling and saving face after being caught.

    Are you guys legitimate like unawares that this is standard procedure? Don't be naiive.

    Also Anet has done nothing wrong here. Truly we are to blame for showing them, by the numbers, that we love gambling.


    Please tell me about the privateer weapons as I don't even know what those are, lol.

  • @DakotaCoty.5721 said:

    Post your frustrations here, there's no point making 30 threads about the same reason.

    Il post there, but I disagree. I think the more threads we have the better. But I go something for you there.

  • It's been 5 years and ArenaNet have never added any type of P2W or kitten to this degree - I hope they will amend this lootbox issue.

  • Loboling.5293Loboling.5293 Member ✭✭✭
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    There was only enough time in the 2 years they worked on the expansion to make 5 mount skins. Lucky for us they were able to make 36 new ones within 2 months. Want them? Pay an extra 170$. (120$ for mount set, 30 new skins, and 25$ for 5 skins, and 25$ for 1 skin) Let's also realize that mount skins are even easier than outfits to make for the devs.

    Expansion costs 30$ and you get 5, so I guess it's a good deal....(^_^)/

  • Here are some Contact info you should put in your OP

    Arenanet HQ 425.462.9444 US Number

    NCSOFT HQ +82-2-2186-3300

    Here you can find all the numbers and email for all there offices

    We have lost enough Games to the new Lootbox Trend, I don't want to loose GW as well. Call em and voice your concerns

  • Brimstone.3807Brimstone.3807 Member ✭✭✭

    Whales are going to whale. It is what it is.

  • TheQuickFox.3826TheQuickFox.3826 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I think we all agree that some amazing mount skins have been added to Guild Wars 2. But to many the way to obtain them has been disappointing. However, as I already posted on one of the mount discussion threads: I think there may be just a simple solution for it.

    Just make the skins tradable. This will solve everything. Then players can and will still gamble with gems all they want, and sell the skins they don't need for gold.

    All other players can get the new mount skins from the trading post using gold against current market prices. (Supply/demand) Popular mount skins will likely be expensive, less popular ones more affordable.

    Players who want to cherrypick mount skins for gems, can then just exchange gems for gold and buy the mounts from TP.

    And ANet gets taxes on all currency exchanges and revenue with the gem sales.

    Everyone happy?

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  • This practice is honestly making me consider quitting gaming as a whole. They are literally having their customers gamble without gambling laws applying to their systems. I can't believe I've spent hundreds of dollars on this digital garbage...