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Which of the new skins would you buy directly if you could?

Chadramar.8156Chadramar.8156 Member ✭✭✭
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All my frustration and disgust for the lootbox method aside, and I will not support it, the art dead (edit: art team, I have no idea why my fingers did that) did some good work there IMO. If we could pick and choose skins, which ones would you go for? Or just generally, which ones do you like best, per mount?

Raptor: I'm not overly taken by any of these, to be honest. It's not that they are not bad, there's just nothing that stands out, and the basic raptor is the best-looking mount to begin with IMO so there's less of an urge to spruce it up. Still, I'd say I like the Coastal Spiketail best because it has the most distinctive pattern so that would be my pick and one skin I'd get.

Springer: Elonian Jackalope and Windy Spot. I don't like the springer that much though it is undeniably useful, so I'm not sure I'd actually buy either of these unless they were on sale, but both skins are definitely nice. (Two thumbs down for the Desert Lop despite its handsome jaguar pattern if the ears look in-game as they do in the preview. That's not how floppy ears work. Makes the animal/biology nerd in me cringe. :p)

Skimmer: My least-used mount, but overall it has the best new set of skins aside from the griffon, IMO. They are all very distinctive, and the only one I don't like much is the Oceanic Ray. My choice would likely be the Dajkah Lantern for its metallic sheen and the anglerfish lights. Most of the others are fighting hard for who'd be my second pick, so the jury is still out on that.

Jackal: My favourite mount for its utility (the raptor just about beats it in terms of looks and charm), but I don't think I'd replace the normal skin with any of the new ones. Maybe I'd go for the Polished Stone, or the Banded Mystic if I could preview dyes on it to make sure I can make it less garish, but likely only if they were on sale.

Griffon: Most of these are quite gorgeous and make it hard to pick. Highlands Harrier and Clouded Corvus are tied for first, followed by Spotted Sylph and Badlands Stalker. I'd get the first two, and the other two maybe on a sale. (Actually, scratch that. I somehow missed the Corvus' stunted tail. Why do that to the poor thing, when it's otherwise perfect? :( )

(Can we really not preview dyes on mount skins? That's a oversight and a half.)


  • The only mount I really want from this is the Elonian Jackalope. I have three characters with the last name of "Stag" and I want to keep up with the theme with them. Otherwise, I cannot think of a single mount skin I want.

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  • Myrdreth.6829Myrdreth.6829 Member ✭✭✭

    Raptor: Storm Ridge
    Springer: Jackalope
    Skimmer: Dajkah Lantern
    Jackal: Stardust
    Griffon: Starbound or Spotted Sylph

  • Manasa Devi.7958Manasa Devi.7958 Member ✭✭✭
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    I'd buy one of the plain looking raptors, provided it has 4 dye channels. Also, one of the more plain looking griffon skins, under the same provision. I don't spend any more time on a springer or jackal than I need to conquer an obstacle so I don't see the need for a new skin for those. I do use the skimmer quite frequently, but I'm fine with the basic one.

  • Ohoni.6057Ohoni.6057 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I would buy most of them if the price was right (which means less than 400 for most, slightly more than 400 for some). I would buy well more of them at appropriate prices than I would buy if they were just all 400.

  • No raptors
    Desert lop, maybe jackalope
    No skimmers
    Crowned ancient, twin sands
    spotted sylph

    Id pay around 600 gems per skin for these as a guaranteed unlock.

    I also want the reforged warhound but find 2k gems to be unreasonable. im not willing to pay more than 1.2k gems for a mount skin, maybe 1.6k if it was amazingly well done. Reforged is nice but not amazing.

  • Miss Lana.5276Miss Lana.5276 Member ✭✭✭

    Honestly I love a good sparkle. If it was in the gem store I would have paid up to 1k for the starbound griffon and 1k for the sparkle pupper.

    Would probably have paid another 1k for the Shiba Inu, because who doesn't love a good outdated meme?

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  • Offair.2563Offair.2563 Member ✭✭✭

    I've bought one and had a nice skimmer skin. I'd get 4-5 more easily if it wasn't rng/luck based. Missed opportunity there Anet.

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  • All of the Starry-celestial ones, obviously.

  • Nandafowfa.4295Nandafowfa.4295 Member ✭✭
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    Storm Ridge
    Arctic Jerboa / Desert Lop / Elonian Jackalope
    Twin Sands / Stardust / Banded Mystic
    Starbound / Fire Pinion / Badlands Stalker
    One for each mount (not counting with the skimmer) and if I could buy more I definitely would xD But the Husky Jackal was a must for me until I saw the method to get the skins.

  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The fire ones. They match my ele's theme

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  • Oglaf.1074Oglaf.1074 Member ✭✭✭✭

    One of the Raptor ones that gives it more horns.

    I like horns.

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  • none of the 30 ones, they are all reskins
    the only worth to get is the reforged warhound,but its 2000gems like kitten

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