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Past Festivals

I'm gonna be positive on your new forums here. People in the community are screaming for your past festivals, I am referring to the Dragon Bash, and the Labertine Cliffs, these were
very cool and would look forward to them when they showed up. so you can put them back in, being that you have long periods of time with content drought. thanks


  • The developers have posted about why the don't bring back old festivals (short version: harder than it sounds). They also seem keen about adding more festivals, but ... I don't get the impression that they mean soon or even soon™. I certainly would like there to be a festival during any down time between stories and I think there's room in the calendar. However, that doesn't mean they can afford to add it to the game, maintain it year after year, and at the same time, make it appealing.

    Remember that people complained about this Halloween, that it didn't have enough new skins, that too much of it was a repeat of former years. And they'll make that complaint about Wintersday, SAB, and especially Lunar New Year (since that typically has less stuff going on).

    I hope they do add them back (or different festivals); I fear that they won't have the time.

    Hype is the path to the dark side. Hype leads to unfulfilled expectations. Disappointment leads to anger. Anger leads to disgust. Disgust leads to "oh, new shinies! I'm back!"

  • Queen's gauntlet! Queen's gauntlet! Queen's gauntlet! Queen's gauntlet! Queen's gauntlet!

    if they ever try to add more events, this is one of the events they should add, these solo fights against bosses was one of the best things they did in any of the living world seasons. as much as I love the labyrinthine cliffs, I would prefer the idea form the Queen's gauntlet anyday. doesn't have to be the crown pavilion. but a general arena fighting festival would be great. The Black citadel has a nice arena that would fit a purpose for something like this.
    they could even have two rivaling gladiator guilds as a reason for the festival, with on in the black citadel arena and the other in the crown pavilion.

  • I would love to see a zepheryte based festivals... yeah, they got trashed some years ago, but even lions gate was able to be rebuild.

    Imo, the halloween special implemented some new ideas that could work pretty well, specialized armor and weapons that take some years to fully collect withouth cashing in, and long term festivities goals.
    Having like 5 solid festivals that while being mostly reused assets manages to keep thing fresh during living story chapters (so the resources can be spent on living story instead) would be great.

    I also love that these festivals have original narratives.

    Right now i think we only have 3? (halloween, christmas and sab) And it also would be amazing if they could implement non human festivals too. (right now we only have asura centered sab and wintersday have some small asura undertones) Although even if halloween is based on human hystory, they managed to make it feel a litttle more multi racial.

    A Charr/norn "competitive" tournament focused on competitive minigames along with pvp modes and Charr/Norn legends (maybe add a mini speedrunnable dungeon?) and a multiracial sylvary themed festival centered arround ventari's teaching (when i see multiracial, i talk about a festival where stuff like kodans, skritts, itzels and quaggans are also present) would also be amazing.

    Other ideas for festivals could be aurene's birthday (unless you want to kill her in the next expansion DX)...

    so the year could be /festival/original crafted content/festival/mid season/festival/original crafted content/festival...
    would help keeping the world alive and changing withouth killing developers having to constantly come with totally original content and they can keep pouring more quality in their content.

  • It would be awesome to have festivals at the level that they were at in 2012. The Shadow of the Mad King in 2012 was awesome, with the whole build up through the various acts, up to Ascent to Madness where we face the Mad King himself.

    At the same time I get why Anet probably moved away from the one-time events too. Sucks for people that didn't start Guild Wars 2 in 2012 and missed all of Living Story Season 1; one of the best seasons IMO. Scarlet Briar was truly one of our greatest enemies, and the build up to it all was so amazing.

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