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  • I completly understand the need to make money as a company, but after adding so many gemstore skins at once, i'm really hoping, we will be seeing some being acquirable through just playing the game the future.

    Also I would really appreciate if you could stay away from RNG when it comes to gemstore purchases in the future, I would have gladly payed 700-800 maybe even 1000 gems depending on the skins that were added, if I could choose the skin I wanted.

    I think you have a great game, and always have been very customer friendly for the past five years I've been playing this game, so please I beg you, don't take pages out of Electronic Arts and Activision marketing team.

  • I actually think it would have been better to add the skins that are basic recolours as in-game rewards, and the fancier ones (the flaming ones, starry ones etc) as more expensive gem store items.

  • not happy with the "Loot Box" path Anet has taken. Blatant cash grab, before Xmas too. first time in 13ish years I have not spent $$ on GW

  • I'll start by saying mount skins do look nice, but the RNG aspect of acquiring them puts me off buying even one. My RNG in this game has always been bad in 5 years of playing i haven't gotten one precursor and even when spending tons of time and money in the mystic toilet still no precursor, which leads me to mount RNG. I do not want to buy tickets one by one just to be unlucky and not get the ones i like especially because i could save 30€ buying the 30 bundle because there is a chance i will have to get all 30 to get the skins to get the one i want and spending 120€ is way to steep for me, which made me decide i'll stay with default skins, at least untill you give us a way to somehow pick the ones we want.

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    Really don't post on forums much, but gotta pitch in - The opinion of a nobody on the internet. The price does not fit the bill here. At all. That said, from developer standpoint. This is umong the most efficient methods of distribution in relation to the fact that we are for the better part of it, enjoying a game that is already free to play. Saying this while having bought even the core game and both xpacs at full price point of about 50-60.

    I think fans of the game honestly have to stop getting so prissy over this kind of stuff. Games are entertainment, not something to blow all the fuses over. Internet easily allows us to say some insane kitten. So rather than having shitfit, I hope that we as players can show trust in developers to do a right thing here. After all, no matter how much we curse on changes we don't like, it's the very same devs who still brought this very good (I mean say what you will, but you are too here posting about it.) standard pushing title for us.

    Now all the ugly spats aside aswell as me attempting good heartfelt understanding.. I'm aswell at a disbelief over this kind of distribution. No matter how conventional this is in business or development side. I actually am very upset about this kind of policy. No matter how much I would justify any standpoint, I will preach the choire that this is something I'm unwilling to do. I mean if it remains as it is, be that way then. Not my call, but I know that I feel good about supporting devs with abit of extra sheckles here and there. (Saying this allthewhile I've spent quite alot of extra for vanity here my guys.)

    So as much as I'd love to, I can't in good comfort throw away 10 for such a small slice of the cake. If I'm gonna get these things. I want to feel like I actually bought something I feel confident is a fair trade. You know, for a nice game like this here I'm happy to throw few buckerinos at them so as to endorse what I want more.

    Even small RNG I'm ok with. Maybe the tuning is off here. Not gonna claim any outstanding suggestions here but what if instead of 2 randoms, different bundles which for example unlock 5 random skins for a specific mount I want so as to even my odds to get something cool or let me choose a ticket which unlocks 3 completely different skins for 3 different mounts. Or maybe a "legendary" ticket which unlocks one of the really cool ones for certain. Just suggestions and I'm kinda sensing someone might just choke me for even saying it, but hey. Really just how I feel about this.

    Tl;Dr - This kinda blows. Knowing Anet, I feel they could make even something like rng drops into something I don't feel ripped off over. I'm ok with businesses needing to make money, but even that small little section to offer a customer, (in my case very long-standing customer) an offer I feel good paying money for or still with good comfort turn down.

    This, not to even talking about the 2k (I love the skin, all the kudos to the modeler!) gem one makes me feel very bamboozled.

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    1) No AA game title rated Pegi 12 should have real money gambling in it. Its aimed at certain people who are sensitive for this and develop gambling problems (its like a slot machine of the new age).
    2) Stop with the overpriced bundles and offer decently priced individual ones. That applies to everything, will there ever be a sale on Permanent Convenience items and upgrades, that is what i am looking for.

  • Wish you would just charge 100 diamonds more and let us pick one

    A plan? **

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    What do you mean there is a Guide? Why do I have to play someone else's Game?

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    I think a major problem is the bundle price.

    I've seen a lot of players agree that $5 for a given mount skin is fair. Maybe the nicer skins are worth more ($10?), and the plainer skins less, but $5 is a good ballpark for a standard skin - updated model, texture, and multiple dye channels.

    The problem is that if you want to forego the gamble and buy all the skins, you are asked to pay $120 and that is called a discount. I do not think that 30 mount skins provide $120 of value, and I find it a little insulting that ArenaNet has that point of view. That's more than the price of a collector's edition game.

    The marginal value/utility of additional skins for a given mount goes down quickly. If I don't have any Jackal skins, buying one is exciting. I'll use it and be happy. Buying a second skin gives me more options, but I can only use one at a time. Once I have 3, or 4, or 10, is each subsequent skin providing me $4-5 of value? I don't think it does.

    The bundle price should reflect that more closely. Frankly, I think charging more than $50 for the bundle is absurd and already pushing the line. And I say that as someone who can afford the $120 price and buys gems regularly whenever I am actively playing.

    Getting random rewards is "exciting", but so is going to a casino. It feels bad if you are hoping to get a fiery mount and get a plainer one. It seems clear that you have priced the adoptions based on this stratification of quality. You could have a "plain" gamble for $3 and a "cool" gamble for $10, but didn't go that route, and I am having trouble coming up with an explaantion that isn't based on preying on customer psychology. This is compounded by the fact that you can't even choose the mount you're getting a skin for. If I am secretly hoping for the shiny griffon skin (who isn't?) and get a plain skimmer skin, I'm out $5 for something I will only rarely use and I feel bad.

    If each raffle ticket was $2 (so max $60 individually), or even $3 ($90) with a $50 bundle, I think you would have seen a lot fewer complaints and a lot more sales. Is that more profitable than the current prices? Who knows, maybe not. But it wouldn't feel like you were trying to fleece your players.

    I love this game. I want to support this game. Please don't make it hard to justify supporting this game by leveraging hostile business practices.

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    I think the system is ok, as long as the skins can be aquired individually (for a higher price). For example, the cooler skins can be bought individually for 2000 gems (the same price as the individual skins cost) and you can risk your gems on the rng if you want a shot for a cheaper cool mount. In this way, people that don't wan't to gamble will still be able to aquire exactly the skin that they wan't and the system still offers reasonable advantages for rng a discount.

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    I just don't care, but if they are going to just "suck" your money for these unlocks I can't agree to this. I didn't even realise ANet would do such a thing...

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  • I would've purchased the mount skins individually even if they're priced at 800+ gems. Gating them behind a semi-RNG loot box is a bad call.

  • Just wanted to add another +1 for NOT making the mount skins random or at least let us RNG on a specific mount type rather than throwing the whole menagerie in together. I first became aware of the new mount skins when I saw a picture of the celestial griffon on Twitter. Before doing anything else and with no other info, I sent the picture in a text to my husband indicating I was about to be spending a lot of money on gems, expecting the cost to be in the neighborhood of 1600-2000 gems based on the Halloween skins. My excitement level was through the roof!!! Then, I started frantically searching for more info on the skins and how much they cost. Twenty seconds later, I had plummeted off the roof and deep into the basement of despair when I learned it was random...and with a really horrible percent chance of getting a skin you want.

    For a lot of reasons, I'm just not a gambler...I don't buy raffle tickets for charities, I don't spend my money at casinos or buy lottery tickets, I even make my husband keep an eye on our retirement stocks because I can't handle the risk-factor! It's not that I don't want to support ArenaNet by spending money on the gem store. I'm not bent out of shape that they want to make a profit on their product. But the emotional roller coaster that accompanies taking a gamble is just not worth it to's something that is built into my psyche. I'd rather pay three times as much for a guarantee rather than save money at the risk of being disappointed/angry when I don't get what I want.

    Please reconsider this decision.

  • I don't even mind the RNG factor, just make the Mount skins themselves tradable so we can sell the ones we didn't want or just buy the ones we wanted from others.

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  • I have nothing against the licence per say but the quality of the skin is wayyyyy too spread. My first two skins were the most unnoticeable skimmer skins you can imagine. While some are really cool, some ok, there are still skins that are not warranting being different skins. Channel colour is cool sure but not enough to be a skin by itself.
    On top of this I wish one could at least say which mount should be selected. Two skimmers in a row for me was really a disappointment.... and the first raptor I got was maybe the 10th skin... and of course was the crappiest one.

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    Im going to try and be brief because I could ramble on about this all day:

    1. Who at Anet has lost the plot? or is it who I think it is ( lets face it all the worst reward ideas originate from one place most of the time) the media is currently falling over itself to produce hundreds of articles about loot boxes and how terrible they are, not only did you 'go there' you went there at the exact point of backlash. That isn't just poor strategy ( and greed grab) that's wanton antagonism to the media, to players, to potential players....
    2. The Isle of Man actually has robust Law governing Loot boxes weirdly enough - if you care about this and are based in the UK - push your MP to look at what is probably the most enlightened modern example of gambling Law in Europe...
    3. The whole thing has a boiling frog feeling - I remember when Hot came out there was a ramp up in RNG, rewards hidden behind pay walls, stingy rewards that are later bumped up if enough whining is done or players drop off, hell, I counted around 12 new outfits in that 3 month period and only 4 armours in the whole expansion. We have been slowly being heated up on this for years, its indescribably cynical of Anet, and i'll bet the only thing that worries them is that they raised the temperature a little too quickly this time...
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    Just to add in. I am fine with them each being 400 Gems. That's like $5 a skin.

    IF I could just buy the ones I want. I do not like all of them...I do not WANT all of them.

    I was prepared to buy between 7-10 of them(I'm a theme an Icy Ranger that needs the icy bunny, Electric Raptor for my Ele, etc.)...but I have to say (I live under a rock, because i did not realize they were RNG until I got onto the forums today) since I now know they are RNG...I won't be buying any of them, because if I get one I don't like, I'll never use it, I can't sell it, or trade it...that is a waste of my Gems.

    ANET, if you let us buy the ones we'll get my $$$. Until then...I'll keep it. (Note: I'd easily pay 500-800 Gems for a skin I actually WANT. I wouldn't get them all at once, but over a few weeks I'd have them, and ANET woudl have my money. :) )

    I was really excited about these. Now, not so much.

    Always willing to help others if I am able. Catch me in-game. I'm a dirty-casual with 2 kids in college, so I am on at odd times. lol

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    As for the RNG skins it would be much more bearable if we were at least allowed to choose which mount type we'd like to gamble for.

    As for the general opinion. I'm really tired with GW2 being 'fashion wars' and having the best looking and unique skins available only in gemstore. Sadly, it's even more of a problem with gliders and mounts as game gives no alternative to earning skins at all (I'm not counting legendary backpieces gliders as they aren't for the majority).
    Give me something. Anything. I don't ask for Super Cool Flashy Raptor 3000 but having at least few mount (and glider) skins obtainable through achievements or loot (meta events, world bosses) would certainly balance the equation and make RNG gemstore mounts look less horrible. I know gemstore is a must and I buy gems almost every month but having something to earn with hard work is what GW2 desperately needs.

  • While I like the idea and don't think the model is THAT bad, I do understand where my co-players are coming from.

    Maybe ANet should rethink this model and just keep trying for a better one. ANet has never been ashamed to go back and change something.

  • Loot crates have always been a terrible idea and are just a terrible and greedy cash grab. Absolutely terrible move from ANet, at least Blizzard confirmed in their next expansion they won't have loot crates and because of it that's the game I'll play.

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    With Mount Adoption, there's no alternative. I either gamble or have no chance of getting the skin at all. That's clearly an issue, and I really expect the devs to reconsider this. Enforcing RNG is harmful for those with gambling issues, for those only interested in a particular skin, and for the whole community's opinion about ANET as a developer.

    Gambling should always be an alternative method of acquisition, it's simple as that. Yes, we always had dye packs and black lion chests, but those who don't support or can't engage the RNG aspect could just buy the items from those who do like (or are addicted and in need of help, but that's for another topic).

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    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    There are a lot of conversations about the mount adoption option that was released today. Many of the comments in the individual threads repeat ones made by the same person in another thread. We very much want to hear your feedback, but have found that a single feedback thread offers the best opportunity for you to share your thoughts and for us to review it in the context of a wider set of feedback.

    So here's a thread into which you're invited to post your thoughts on the subject of the Black Lion Stables Mount Skins.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Here's a thought, how do you justify having an expansion that most would say lack rewarding content, and then, a month after release, you throw in a patch adding 31 mounts and various other skins, all behind paywalls, but NOT A SINGLE one added as base content.
    You're heading down a slippery slope real fast, and even people like me who don't mind spending some cash in games are getting worried...

  • The lootcrate scenario has been beaten to death, but I think it's still relevant to point out that it's still the biggest problem because gambling is a real problem and it does properly give players what they want in a reasonable manner to both the company and the players.

    But the other pertinent issue is that these skins were very clearly ready from the get-go of Path of Fires, or at least soon after release. Yet, not a single skin is attainable through regular gameplay, and I'm not talking gem to coin and vice versa transactions. Half of these skins are literally flavorfully named and could fit right into the world of Elona by appearance alone, yet none of them are actually available in the game for no other reason than to shove them into RNG loot boxes.

    It could literally add hours of gameplay if even a single skin set (one skin for each mount) were attainable through in game content and provide the longevity in content people were looking for. But instead, it's lazily locked behind gambling. We don't even have the option of customizing the mounts or selecting our type. It is a perfect example of microtransactions that have cut away potential content from the game. Not even a single skin out of 30. Instead of being rewards for additional gameplay content, it's behind gambling with real money, or significant sums of gold that most regular players struggle to attain. While I myself can easily throw down gold to gems over time, the RNG of the situation is far too much of a barrier for me to even consider buying a single one.

    I like Guild Wars 2 and I understand it's a part of the regular game cycle to do the same events and fights again and again, but these mount skins and gem skins are PERFECT examples of content that can be attained from something implemented worth a choya into the world. Instead, we could just cynically farm the same events over and over again so we can eventually buy the reward we want, but it just fundamentally highlights an even bigger issue with the game, and that's how you actually attain rewards in game compared to buying it with coin to gem conversions.

    The reason people say end game is fashion is because all these beautiful vanity items are exactly that. Vanity that's isolated from the game because they're in the gem store. Not even remotely part of the game world, and not even remotely implemented into the game.

  • To put it very simply.

    I'm glad there are new mount skins with dye channels. I am not happy at all by the price for the quantity or the rng aspect (unless collecting them all). The fact that there is no way to earn in game mount skins aside from farming a very large amount of gold to gems is very discouraging as well.

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    I completly disliked the RNG on the Mount adoption tickets, if the price could be lowered it would good too, but the RNG should be removed, i only wanted 5 of the skins, i wanted to gift myself something on guilds for christmas, but now i won't even be able to get them. i feel really sad and crushed by this D:

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    Here's the real way to "fix" this, or at least make it less of a sting to people that don't want a large pool chance.
    Because I doubt the RNG aspect is going to be removed, it's just kinda how these things work nowadays.
    Why aren't these being treated like gemstore dye kits?

    1. Purchase a Mount Adoption License.
    2. Double-click to use the item once purchased.
    3. Select from a prompt window of what type of mount you'd rather adopt: Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, Jackal, Griffon.
    4. Now the RNG is restricted to only ONE type of mount.
    5. This makes targeting easier. This makes people happier with the concept. It makes it less painful and less obviously exploitative.

    And one more thing. The "natural" mount skins should be just obtainable in game. The special ones, like Pyroclast for the Jackal or any of the "magical" ones? Those probably can stay where they are.

  • How is that different from spending 100 gems for a chance at an exclusive dye]? Or 80 gems (in bulks) for BL keys, with a random chance of skins? Like any lotto, play if you think you'll get lucky, otherwise hang tight and buy the specific skin(s) you want when they show up at a discount later.

    look at jormag dye, 13 possibilities at 100 gems, decent chance. 125 gems for 1 key for a chance at any 3 items out of 61 items... 1 of which is guaranteed.
    this is a ratio game, if they gave us 3 skins per contract there probably would be no issue. at this rate its a ripoff

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    @Rococo.8347 said:

    1. The Isle of Man actually has robust Law governing Loot boxes weirdly enough - if you care about this and are based in the UK - push your MP to look at what is probably the most enlightened modern example of gambling Law in Europe...

    I'd be careful getting people to looking into the Isle of Man too much, the red scourge is currently licking its lips at all that private jet tax avoidance. I'm pretty sure the gambling law is very specifically designed for tax avoidance too xD

  • As a loyal customer and fan of Gw2 and Gw1 I found the implementation of these mount skins very disrespectful to me as a fan. I have no problem with supporting the game with gem purchases (which I have done plenty of times, even buying the deluxe editions of the expansions), but this comes off as blatantly greedy in my eyes. Many of my guildmates feel very similarly to this lootbox. It would have been so much cooler to earn some of these mount skins by beating all the legendary bounties, or by completing the new raid wing that's most likely on the horizon. But no, you have decided to put all 30 of them into a box and charge money for a dice-roll on the one you get. If you want to sell them, fine, but don't force people to potentially pay for all 30 of them to get the one that they desire (assuming you roll 29 times and still don't get the one you were aiming for, which is theoretically and mathematically possible mind you). Because of this, I have considered never spending on gems again and that sucks. I love this game, and everyone in this discussion does, but we expected more from you as a company. You have stood out among the cream of the crop, until now and again that really sucks.

    I think everyone here has good intentions, but quite a few of us are just disappointed.

  • This entire situation is such a disappointment, both as a player and as someone who has worked in mobile game dev for the last six years. I've seen exactly what these kind of predatory methods can do to people, and in our dev meetings, I have always held up Guild Wars 2 as a way to incorporate f2p/cash shop elements correctly, without being cheap or exploiting the player base.

    Yesterday, I watched a guildie spend money they cannot afford to purchase the entire skin bundle. It was crushing. Yes, everyone is responsible for their own choices, but this kind of deliberate targeting of whales (aka vulnerable people) is absolutely unethical and everyone in game dev knows it. I suppose I should be thankful that Anet decided to make the skins available in a bundle, without duplicates, to limit the damage.

    The introduction of account-bound RNG to the black lion chest items was a test, and apparently, 'terrible loot-box mechanics' passed with flying colors. There are currently NO mount skins that you are able to earn in game; it's all cash shop, and the vast majority are locked behind a slot machine that costs five dollars a pull. Yes, you can get them all if you pay a premium--but if I want a drink at Starbucks, I don't have to buy ten drinks to get the one I want.

    I have been happy to support GW2 over the last three years with gem purchases, because I love this game. But I can't support a game that does this. I would expect this from a scummy f2p app store title, but not from ArenaNet.

  • Having cosmetics on the gem store is a perfectly reasonable system for a buy to play game like this. However, I absolutely will not participate in any RNG based schemes that have a likelihood of giving me something that I was never interested in. I haven't even bought many Black Lion Keys for this reason, even though they at least have a decent chance of providing something of value, depending on the current offer. Ideally, the gem store would only offer goods a la carte and I could buy whatever I wanted for a fixed price. Since that appears to be very unlikely in this day and age, then at the very least we should be allowed to sell/trade any items that are part of an RNG system. If that were the case, I would be more inclined to use the gem store, but I steadfastly refuse to reward game developers with insulting RNG schemes. If you are delivering a quality product, you shouldn't need to use cheap tricks and psychological pressure on your players to inflate your sales. I have confidence that you can deliver such quality products and you have done so in the past. Please don't resort to this lottery system again in the future.

  • Trying not to be hyperbolic but; After you did so well with Path of Fire and presumably introduced many new people to this wonderful game, after what appears to be an excellent overhaul patch, you bundled in one of the most anti consumer moves you've done in a long time. Arena net has always walked a fine line between what is acceptable motorization practices, to mostly great success. 30 dollars for Path of Fire is an incredible bargain and the addition of 4 armor skins and a lot of progression systems in the expansion is appreciated. The gem store has always been a smart way to finance the game without ripping off customers or creating a pay to win scenario.

    One major issue that has always existed in GW2 is the fact that the primary incentive to progress is cosmetics, however many cosmetics exclusively exist behind the Gem Store. Factor this in with the obnoxious loot boxes via Black Lion Chests, it's always been somewhat problematic, but not horrible. I am not a fan of loot boxes and I think they are toxic, but the black lion chests were somewhat harmless. The addition of this new mount loot box is atrocious. I got drunk last night and bough 10 of them, and I wasn't overly disappointed with the drops I got, but that's not to say this is in any way a compliment to your business model. Loot boxes are exploitative and this is by far the most atrocious implementation I've seen. This is a bad image to the community at large, when we as fans are desperately trying to expand the community and get new people in to our game. This mmo deserves more people, but we as players deserve respect. This is additional loot box is shameless, arena net.

    My suggestion: Include more rewards into progression systems in the main game. Allow us more awesome cosmetic unlocks through new quests/achievements and in game rewards. You did well with Halloween and you can clearly pump out these mount skins like no one's business. The mount skins you DO sell on the Gemstore should have the option to buy the mount skin you want, and 30 dollars for a wolf skin is ridiculous. Each mount skin should be no more expensive than a glider skin (and even those have always been over priced). Then, reduce the price of a roll for each mount adoption. I think a fair price would be 200 gems fro a roll on the mount adoptions, and 600 gems for buying the one you want. Bundle that in with additional cosmetic rewards in game. I understand why you need to find ways to finance your game, with the amount of continuous support you give the game with living story and expansions. That said, you've gone too far.

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    keep everything as is now

  • I don't like randomness/pseudo randomness when it comes to cosmetics and when the endgame is mainly cosmetics.

    My thoughts on this are:

    1. Retextures should be 500 gems
    2. Anything with particle effects should be 700-800.
    3. Fully reworked meshes (assuming no rigging/movement animation changes) should be 800-1200. Anything more than 1200 indicates the mount skin in question has some sort of additional incentive such as including a BLC claim scraps or guaranteed dye selection from recent dye packs.
  • @Nile.5614 said:
    Here's the real way to "fix" this, or at least make it less of a sting to people that don't want a large pool chance.
    Because I doubt the RNG aspect is going to be removed, it's just kinda how these things work nowadays.
    Why aren't these being treated like gemstore dye kits?

    1. Purchase a Mount Adoption License.
    2. Double-click to use the item once purchased.
    3. Select from a prompt window of what type of mount you'd rather adopt: Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, Jackal, Griffon.
    4. Now the RNG is restricted to only ONE type of mount.
    5. This makes targeting easier. This makes people happier with the concept. It makes it less painful and less obviously exploitative.

    And one more thing. The "natural" mount skins should be just obtainable in game. The special ones, like Pyroclast for the Jackal or any of the "magical" ones? Those probably can stay where they are.

    Exactly what I think. You can roll just one mount until you get one you're okay with it and then roll the next one until you get just for the mounts you like using.
    I hate the bunny and the manta, and I don't feel like the raptor's skins are that different/good. So why in hell would I buy something that has AT LEAST 60% chance it's going to screw me over?

  • If they were on sale for 400 gems ($5) a pop and we go tot pick, that would be fine. A cheaper cost and and RNG with the ability to sell dupes on the trading post, that's fine too. But I high cost RNG account unlock? That's gross and you need to change this. It may already be too late.

    You release a great expansion and fail to light the world on fire. You over price your RNG mount skins and Jim Sterling gets involved. Not good.

  • People need to chill out.
    Its an optional gemstore item, i have bought a couple and will continue in the futur.
    Imho people are just angry because there was no new content in this patch (which was clear to begin with) and now need something to let ther anger out.

    If you dont have the money or want buy the new mount gamble just dont do it.
    You can continue playing as you were before and iam sure there will be no rng mounts buyable with gems in the futur.

    Anets other option is to put the nicerlooking skins for 2000 gems in the gemstore and thebother for 400-800.

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    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    Hey there,

    I've read every post in this thread, and am keeping an eye on several others, as well. I've noted several areas of general feedback and have shared quotes and suggestion in a community report, which is accessible to everyone at ArenaNet.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, concerns, suggestions, and more!

    Thanks Gaile! You rock! Glad to see someone is helping this stuff move to the people who need to see it! and WOW still around from GW1 Days!

  • I can't support rng boxes, If i can't buy what i want then i won't buy it.

  • The RNG is too RNG, splitting the skins up and making smaller RNG gambles would have been better. Let's say super fancy skins in one gamble pack, not so fancy in another, and so on. Even split them up for each mount; skimmer batch, raptor batch etc. You could likely have made more money that way as the more fancy skins could have been charged extra for and thus, psychologically, it feels like less of a gamble even with the extra cost.
    I personally am not bothered at all by mount skins, dyes are fine, so i won't be purchasing any of them. Bottom line though, making it a gamble was a terrible idea.

  • JustTrogdor.7892JustTrogdor.7892 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Well lore wise I guess the skin gamble does continue the casino theme of Crystal Oasis. :wink:

  • Also I just wanted to add that I really don't think that "You should be able to get these skins in game by playing it!" is exactly productive feedback here.
    Sure, having stuff for free is cool and all, but I like that they offer aesthetic stuff for you to buy and support the devs.
    The issue at hand here is that even if you pay you can sink 2k gems into this and get absolutely no skin you really liked or would use.

  • ArenaNet have been marching down this slippery slope for a while. This mount nonsense is really starting to push a lot of people over the edge. I won't be participating in this RNG cash grab.

  • what would appeal to me is put these mount skins behind a huge achievement wall, you want em? earn em...this game is nothing but a paywall right now, spend all this money to kitten...and my god my eyes bleed for this. You have money? good you get all the skins...but the thing this game was supposed to do was to let people FEEL heroic...add some skins to the adventures as a rare drop (if you got it you cant get it again/sell on tp) depending on the species of mount and adventure type...

    you guys know the mini junundu drops from the Junundu rising event? what about how the mini abom drops from the Leg Hoarder as a rare chance...
    Theme...theme is what im getting at. - KEEP it on the gemstore as is, but if you do, add achievements / events that drop these skins in the open world. NO one would complain...not only will everyone still be able to get it...but people will actually get out and explore the GW2 world...and do stuff.

    place the griffon skins in the adventure, place the raptor skins in the adventures. reward them as rare event drops / chests.

  • I just hope if they do decide to sell them separately or lower the price they give refunds. I will never use most of the skins but got them in order to get the ones I did want. Probably wishful thinking.

  • Remove rng from it and we'll be fine, you can even make it slightly more pricy (although personally I'd prefer not :)), like 500 gems for a reskin, 800 for total remodel (gliders are completly remodelled and for 700 we get packs - glider+backpiece for crying out loud), but 400 to get some random thing and 2000!!! for remodel? No. Don't make GW2 that kind of game.

  • I would happily pay a little more for a choice of the skins. I do not like gambling for skins.

  • Coulter.2315Coulter.2315 Member ✭✭✭

    @BartFargo.9867 said:
    Yes, everyone is responsible for their own choices, but this kind of deliberate targeting of whales (aka vulnerable people)

    How do you feel about the people who buy a new iPhone every time they are released? Is that deliberate targetting of vulnerable people?

    Can we please just try to get to a point where we don't use "vulnerable people" as a bludgeoning instrument to get what we want. Every single day there is someone getting up on a soap box demanding something then wheeling on a "vulnerable person" and telling everyone who doesn't agree with them that they are hurting Timmy.

    I won't be buying the mounts using this delivery method, I don't like it. Anet will need to look at their data and see if this model is worth it and sustainable. Make arguments about customer trust, about reasonable price points, about the structure of the stable but please stop wheeling out a "vulnerable person" to guilt people into obeying you.

  • There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you can't get duplicates. I bought 2 and I don't like any of them. It's not ideal, but I got what I paid for - RANDOM skin.

    Also, I hope to be able to get mount skins as in-game rewards.

  • bought one got a kitten rabbit one never again ya the cool ones are cool but i aint paying more then a few hundred gems if at any. don't get me started on the one that cost 2000 for a single one. your only ever gonna use one skin. also stuff about balance fix that