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    While we're at it, I hope people didn't forget, and I hope you guys get some bonus backlash from the community for BLC exclusives as well.

  • One of the reasons why GW2 got the nicest community in the mmo market is because of Arenanet's policies. You guys been different from other gaming companies. You guys always listened to us, the player base! So far all the policies you had, cared for the player base! That's why people keep coming back to the game because we had total control over everything in the game which is super rare! That's why people love the game, we do things on our own terms! But what you guys did with the mount skins last night, is shameful. It took away the control that we had over our own stuff. Mounts are very personal. It's part of the persona that we create with "Fashion Wars 2". To lock that away behind "loot boxes" is crazy! Say I want the starry jackal skin. Now I dont have the money to buy all 30 skins at one time, so what I have to do is farm 100 gold and hope to get it. Say it takes me 10 days to get the gold and if I get the skin on my 30th attempt, I have to wait 300 DAYS! That's a year to get A SINGLE SKIN that I want!

    Fix it. Just fix it. Let me buy the skin I want to buy upfront. Don't make us dislike the company that we came to fall in love with. Don't do that. That's your unique component Anet, people love you. Don't lose that. Peace.

  • I have been OK with Black Lion Chests for years:

    • You can play the game to get keys (reward tracks, quests, etc.)
    • Generally the same selection of items , small chance of rare items or limited time seasonal item

    I am not OK with mount adoption licenses:

    • You do not get licenses from generally playing the game (reward tracks, quests, etc.)
    • 30 random skins at once making it so the chances of getting the one that you want tiny
    • Far too many simple recolors with no model change what-so-ever (Looking at you skimmer)
    • 1 license costs aprox. 4 times as much as a BLC Key

    Let us buy the skins we want (just like gliders, imagine that) and we will keep playing & funding this game, treat us like cash cows and we will stop paying & eventually stop playing. Hell if you are desperate to have mounts in loot boxes hold on to some of the cool skins to drop in BLC as the limited time / seasonal item...

  • Whether you like it or not, participate it in or not, Fashion Wars and cosmetics are a huge part of GW2 and the end-game incentives to keep playing. If not for legendaries and glider skins and now most recently mount skins a lot of people - not all, certainly, but a lot - would not keep playing after they reached level 80 and finished out story modes and other non-cosmetic goals. It's true for GW2 and it's true for a lot of other games, MMO and otherwise, and Anet clearly knows this. You can argue until you're blue in the face why this doesn't or shouldn't matter, that people can just choose to ignore it if they don't like the price etc, but then you're also arguing against the very longevity of games in general.

    This applies to Anet too - clearly cosmetics are a part of the business model to keep people invested and investing in the game, and no one wants to pay for things they don't want or won't use so this is a pretty obvious shakedown: pay for skins you don't want to get the ones you do want. It's ugly, it's greedy, it's disrespectful to their player base and it damages their brand and reputation - there's no two ways about it. I can only assume and hope that they'll be backtracking and finding a way to repair the damage done here, because in the great wise words of Tyra Banks: we were rooting for you, Anet, we were all rooting for you. How dare you.

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    @Skullboy.3562 said:
    As a loyal customer and fan of Gw2 and Gw1 I found the implementation of these mount skins very disrespectful to me as a fan. I have no problem with supporting the game with gem purchases (which I have done plenty of times, even buying the deluxe editions of the expansions), but this comes off as blatantly greedy in my eyes. Many of my guildmates feel very similarly to this lootbox. It would have been so much cooler to earn some of these mount skins by beating all the legendary bounties, or by completing the new raid wing that's most likely on the horizon. But no, you have decided to put all 30 of them into a box and charge money for a dice-roll on the one you get. If you want to sell them, fine, but don't force people to potentially pay for all 30 of them to get the one that they desire (assuming you roll 29 times and still don't get the one you were aiming for, which is theoretically and mathematically possible mind you). Because of this, I have considered never spending on gems again and that sucks. I love this game, and everyone in this discussion does, but we expected more from you as a company. You have stood out among the cream of the crop, until now and again that really sucks.

    I think everyone here has good intentions, but quite a few of us are just disappointed.

    Ultimate version of GW2 (twice so my alt did not suffer the indignities of having a base game), ultimate of both expansions, who knows how many gems (2 sets of gathering tools, copper-fed and silver-fed salvageomatics, a bunch of shared slots, about a dozen extra characters, plenty of bank tabs, oodles of skins/gliders/outfits/etc). I have no problem at all supporting this game but this is a cash grab, a pretty bad one at that.

    New to the game? Feel free to give a yell if you need PVE help.

  • I doubt I'm saying anything that hasn't already been said but:
    I like the skins. I like the variations in dye channels, the chance at different models etc. What I don't like is that

    1. I can't pick which skin to get - okay, fair enough, people need incentive to buy more. However--
    2. The price quickly adds up. 400 gems for a skin is fine. 400 gems for a chance at the skin you want, but that you don't have a good chance to get unless you add another 400 gems, or another, or another is bad. The bulk prices are a bit much too - to get 30 cosmetic items costs more than buying both xpacs of the game itself.
    3. Really really good skins are trapped behind an RNG pool of actually quite average skins. Everyone wants the Starbound griffon, the jackalope springer etc. but most people are getting a raptor with slightly different horns or a skimmer with a slightly different dye channel.
    4. It comes down to two things ultimately: you either have luck, or you have money. And people without either get the short end of the stick while Fashion Wars becomes pay2win. I know, I know, fashion ultimately has no effect on gameplay, whatever, but it's an aspect of the game I massively enjoy and something that I'm now limited by compared to others - expensive armor skins or weapons can usually be crafted or bought, gold can be grinded and converted for outfits if necessary, but the RNG and the sheer number of skins means for a lot of people, the mount skin they really want may never be within their reach.

    I know no solution here is perfect, and we'll probably never get a clean "fix" that everyone agrees on, but honestly, paying slightly more for the skins you want, or paying slightly less for the RNG aspect, would be a really good choice - it would allow people who want specific skins to get the ones they want, and would allow people who enjoy the gamble and collection to build it up without breaking the bank.

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    As many others have said, I'm not angry about the handling of the mount skins, just disappointed :/

    There are a small handful of these skins that I like. I could definitely see myself buying at least one skin for each mount, and I would gladly pay 400-500 gems for the simpler ones, and 700-1000 for the more ornate ones, similar to how gliders have been priced in the past. Personally, I would gladly spend 2000-5000 gems for the skins I want.

    Having the skins only available as an RNG drops, with no guarantee of getting the skins you want (unless you buy all 30) just feels really exclusionary. I want to buy skins. I want to support ArenaNet. I don't mind buying gems with real money now and then to do so. But I can't in good conscience support an RNG system where I can't purchase the skins I'm looking for without a gamble.

    In its current implementation, the "loot box" method of acquiring these skins feels friendly only to those who intend to buy all 30, since duplicates are not possible. I think that's great for people who want all skins. But, again, it feels like this excludes those of us who may only want one or two. If it were up to me, I would much rather see a system that catered to both types of people (those who want all skins, and those who want just a few select ones).

    To do this, I would ensure the skins were purchasable in the following ways:
    1. In a discount multi-pack for all 30 skins
    2. In a discount combo-pack where you can choose 5 skins (perhaps one for each mount type?--though this could get hairy for those without a Griffon)
    3. Individually, where simpler skins are 400-500 gems each, and more ornate skins are 700-1000 gems each

    If ArenaNet wanted to keep some level of RNG to the packs, then let that be another option, where players can choose to perhaps pay less for the RNG ticket:
    1. 200 gems for any one of the 30 skins at random
    2. 400 gems for any of the skins from a specific mount at random (i.e. Black Lion Jackal Adoption License)
    3. 600-1000 gems for a specific mount skin of your choice (depending on its effects)

    Another option to ease the sting of the RNG route would be to perhaps have each "roll" pull up 3 random skins to choose from, or perhaps one skin from each mount, and allow the player to pick from that smaller pool so they can at least hopefully get something they will like and use. And maybe even allow a 1-time courtesy "re-roll", with subsequent re-rolls costing a nominal amount of gems (25?), to make it more likely for the player to be able to attain their skin of choice more easily and affordably. But still always give players who don't want to gamble a non-RNG option to acquire them, too.

    Giving players more options on how they can acquire these skins (and thus spend their money) is key. The current implementation is great for some players who want all skins, but for those who only want some, it's very disheartening and alienating. Again--I want to support ArenaNet. I am willing to spend real money to do so. But please, give me the option and ability to buy what I want, and not just a chance at buying it.

  • Anet...You were the chosen one! you were supposed to destroy EA not join them! But all kidding aside, anet....How in the name of the spirits did you think this was a good idea? Did you not see how this worked out with EA's battlefront 2 loot boxes and to add to that you made a mount skin that you can buy for 2000 gems. What happen at anet headquarters? Did you hire someone that was greedy? I have no idea whats going on over there but I can say that with out a doubt this will hurt gw2.

    When ever you came out with a skin I liked I would buy, when ever there was an expansion I had no doubts and would buy/pre-order right then and there. I even went to my local gamestop, bought your game, played it and loved it so much that I went back to gamestop and got the box set ( the one with Rytlock statue) and that was the last one in the store and it was $300. I think we can both agree I spent a lot on your game, but why? I will tell you why, because I loved your game. The story, the game play, the world events the list goes on. Now you do this, you add gambling to get skins...I can look past the black lion's chest but POF make skins for them which by the way I was excited for and would pay for the one's I want but you make it that it's a gambling machine and on top of that you make the skins that you can buy for mounts very expensive. I am very disappointed in you anet and this will effect if I will buy your next big expansion. Congratulations on your path to becoming the next EA....

  • The PoF expansion costs around $30, the skins cost over $100. I am all for RNG boxes and I know I'm a sucker for gambling with guaranteed skins in other games, but I take issue with the price of a single unlock. 1 skin is almost $7 AUD or 400 gems. For this price I would expect 2 skins or maybe a small bonus RNG unlock. The idea at least in my case is to get a taste, feel like it's good value for money, and buy some more to see if I can get the skins I want. The middle step is definitely missing. I feel amazing when I buy RNG boxes and get one good skin and a few minor collectibles in other games, but this roll-out is definitely missing that feel-good vibe.

    I would suggest adding 2 or 3 small bonus items such as minis, dungeon skins and rare dyes. Slightly better average drops than a black lion chest but none of the big ticket items like fancy weapon skins since the mount skin is the major unlock. I think that this would justify 400 gems.

    A more on-theme route could be adding RNG cosmetic unlocks for home instances to the mount adoption licence. Chance of a drinking trough, a mount-specific bed (think griffon nest or pile of straw), or 'accidental' painted footprints coming from an NPC's attempt at art that was rudely interrupted. The mounts don't need to be actually in the home instance for this to work, and it makes a nice mount themed addition to the skin unlocks. I would be happy to pay 600 gems for mount unlocks if it had the chance of unlocking one of these.

  • @Menadena.7482 said:

    @Nile.5614 said:
    Here's the real way to "fix" this, or at least make it less of a sting to people that don't want a large pool chance.
    Because I doubt the RNG aspect is going to be removed, it's just kinda how these things work nowadays.
    Why aren't these being treated like gemstore dye kits?

    1. Purchase a Mount Adoption License.
    2. Double-click to use the item once purchased.
    3. Select from a prompt window of what type of mount you'd rather adopt: Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, Jackal, Griffon.
    4. Now the RNG is restricted to only ONE type of mount.
    5. This makes targeting easier. This makes people happier with the concept. It makes it less painful and less obviously exploitative.

    And one more thing. The "natural" mount skins should be just obtainable in game. The special ones, like Pyroclast for the Jackal or any of the "magical" ones? Those probably can stay where they are.

    There would still be problems but it would solve a biggie. Right now this can 'give' you a skin for a mount you did not have. So if you never intend to get the griffon but unlock a griffon skin that is 400 gems up in smoke.

    Honestly, if you don't have the griffon, you should convert that 400 gems to gold and put it toward getting the griffon instead of gambling on mount skins.

  • The skins themselves are nice, but I am really disappointed none of them are rewards for playing Path of Fire. Mounts were the main selling point of the expansion, so it would be only fitting if you could get some of their skins as rewards.

    I really wish some of them were heart rewards or meta event drops.

    It just seems like more and more of the game is locked behind the cash shop. The number of updates the gem store gets compared to the rest of the game is rediculous.

    They are really expensive, and the RNG nature of it makes it even worse. Honestly I couldn't think of a worse way to release skins.

    I hated the fact that they started putting skins in the black lion chests, but this is even worse. It seems as time goes on the game is more about monitization and less about interesting and repeatable content.

  • 36 pages in and still nothing.

  • On a further note, Don't bother a> @Zaklex.6308 said:

    @Miss Lana.5276 said:

    @Zaklex.6308 said:
    take risky action in the hope of a desired result.

    You defined exactly what it is. Cheers for that.

    Wrong, you are risking absolutely NOTHING, there is no RISK involved, since you think it is:
    a situation involving exposure to danger.
    "flouting the law was too much of a risk"
    expose (someone or something valued) to danger, harm, or loss.
    No danger, no harm, no loss...therefore no RISK.
    If you say you lost gems, you didn't, because you still got a skin(whether it's one you wanted or not is immaterial).

    That's like saying a slot machine which spits out a penny isn't gambling because you're guaranteed a payout.

  • We've supported Anet with thousands of dollars over the years but I cannot support this massive leap into such a questionable abyss. People need to realize that there are many types of players and this is paramount to thumbing their nose to all but those with a lot of disposable income. I may have that, but i can't condone a practice that has gone so far awry it literally starts to split the classes between the haves and have nots.
    This was a very irresponsible poorly thought out decision.

  • @Gaile Gray.6029 said:
    There are a lot of conversations about the mount adoption option that was released today. Many of the comments in the individual threads repeat ones made by the same person in another thread. We very much want to hear your feedback, but have found that a single feedback thread offers the best opportunity for you to share your thoughts and for us to review it in the context of a wider set of feedback.

    So here's a thread into which you're invited to post your thoughts on the subject of the Black Lion Stables Mount Skins.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Wow... 36 pages of thoughts in just over 24 hours. That's got to be a record, from what I've seen in my time on the forums.

    Might be time for a little feedback to the feedback.

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    @DorDor.8617 said:
    Welp, it looks like Jim Stirling is gonna cover this Mount Skin thing. And knowing him, he won't be saying anything nice:

    Everyone at Arenanet worked for years to restore the studio's reputation after HoT. One of the reasons I'm so passionate about this game is because I see how much its creators care about their work and their audience. And now all that effort is gone. Jim Stirling is a very influential voice. When he speaks, people listen, and he's about to pillory the game.

    That'll mean fewer new players coming in to try out Guild Wars. Lower populations as old players leave and don't get replaced. Less revenue to support further development. It's not going to kill the game, but it'll seriously impact future growth.

    Mike himself emphasized the importance of word-of-mouth just a few months ago, talking about how it can make or break an MMO. He asked us to spread the good word and bring people into the game. We've been doing that, and we still want to do that. Problem is, this whole incident is about to make that job a thousand times harder. Negative word-of-mouth will turn people off of trying the game, and we all lose.

    Gaile, I know you're still reading this, and despite some of the irrational hatred being thrown around in here, I know you care. So please take this message to heart: You can still fix this. All Arenanet needs to do is remove the random chance element. Get rid of that, you'll get rid of the anger. Don't just eat the negative PR. You don't deserve it.

    So much respect for this comment. It's funny because I was just thinking about WoodenPotatoes and his competition, and how much harder it would be for him and the fanbase to get the word out. But I hope they do rectify this. So much love has gone into this game, and perhaps the developers now have to suffer because of things like marketing, or whoever is in charge of this stuff. It's really sad.

  • I'm sure I'm not going to be contributing anything new to the conversation when I say: Kitten right off with this kitten bull-kitten.

    I will happily buy several skins that I want for 400-600 gems apiece. I will buy 0 skins so long as they're RNG or only found in packs/sets.

  • Against RNG mount boxes, happy to pay like 1k gems for a skin I actually want.

  • I have no problem with supporting Anet and understand that they are a company that needs to make a profit. But when you bring something so strongly desired and throw it behind RNG lootboxes essentially, it just leaves such an abused and taken advantage of feeling being the consumer.

    If you allowed me to purchase the skins I wanted I probably would of ended up buying 5-10 skins, thus giving my support to Anet. But to do it through this RNG system will make it so I purchase nothing.

    Now everyone says to just show them with your wallet, but the problem is the whales will still purchase. I'm not who they are counting on purchasing the new mounts. As long as the whales purchase them, then they will make their profit.

    I feel this leaves me voiceless and powerless as i watch a game that I love take such a negative turn. I have played this game since the 3 day advance launch. With this RNG mount system, I fear this new path they are taking... This is the first time in 5 years that I don't feel that I can recommend this game to someone new. To get to this end game point where it will be lootboxes and credit cards....

    This is my first post on these forums in 5 years because of how important I feel this issue is.

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    This lootbox stuff, including the vastly overpriced mount skin lootboxing, is showing disrespect against me as as player and customer. It makes me believe, that Arenanet thinks, I'm stupid. Stupid enough to buy skins at the price of the whole game. The obfuscated wording of the offer ("mount adoption license" instead of "random mount skin") confirms this attitude against me, the player.

    1 Game = $30. 1 skin lottery ticket = $5. No sane human with a sense of what money is worth can buy a box at this price that only gives random stuff. Additionally, they offer one non-randomized skin at $25. This pricing is even worse than the lottery ticket. One skin - $25. I cannot believe it. Skin = $25, whole game = $30.
    I don't buy stuff from people who show no respect for me. A good business is of mutual benefit and mutual respect between seller and buyer. This gambling and pricing is single-sided where only the seller will benefit. From a legal point of view it is not illegal, but it doesn't make me want to ever buy in the gem shop again.

    Find the secret message: +++++++[>++++[>+>+++>++++>++++<<<<-]<-]>>>-.>-------.+++.+.------------.>++.<<<++++.>>++++++.>.<--..>++.-.<<<+.

  • I would much rather spend 800 or even 1000 gems on a skin I want, rather than 400 gems to most likely get I skin I will dislike. Anet definitely won't be getting 400 gems from me for a random skin. It's seems that the entire gaming community is on the same boat so I don't understand why they would do this when no one has any interest in it.

  • MagitekCloud.9457MagitekCloud.9457 Member
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    How I feel about RNG
    The old state of black lion chests were fine. There were some convenience items in there like the make over kits, hair contracts, bonfires, and even the permanent contracts. Even the fact that I needed the black lion tickets were not a completely crazy thing either because I could turn over a profit on these because the skins can be found in the trading post.

    The black lion chests that you have now have unique skins for the glider, backpack, and weapons that can only be acquired through an rng method. RNG isn't completely bad, but I cannot even sell these items on the TP. Instead I am forced to get a wardrobe unlock whereas I could of made a profit in gold. Peeved me a bit, but I got over it.

    State of now versus a few weeks ago. For the Halloween event, you gave us a discounted bundle of 5 skins for 1600 gems versus a 2000 gems for what will be the future price of the halloween pack. Okay neat. That is 400 gems a skin. I wish I could of bought just the jackal and the raptor skin, but okay that's not too bad. But now, there are skins that you have released (a total of 30 all at once) that I cannot even choose what I want. I have to pay $100 bucks to get the whole set. Looking at the price, that is 320 gems a skin that I may not even want. I would essentially have to pay about $120 USD to just get the skin I wanted if I had horrible RNG.

    Skins in general
    This is a problem. Instead of me spending $25 USD on skins I want, I am electing to spend none. I would like to buy a few skins for friend, but even the contracts to purchase the mounts are not giftable. I just don't want to spend money on gambling anymore Anet. I want to support you guys, but I don't want to be your whale anymore. On top of that, some of your epic skins should be available from doing stuff in the game as achievements, so people could be in awe. For example the celestial skins the Griffon and Jackal been a fractal reward for folks who do the T4 challenge motes religiously.

    Please fix how you conduct your business, I want to give you my money, but not in the way you are wanting it.

  • I already wasn't a fan of locking Outfits behind lockboxes, this is starting to get overboard. I'd happily pay 600-1000 gems for a skin I like, will never pay for random chance with money. It's seriously affected my faith in this game.

  • I haven't bought any yet (financial situation tanked 2 days before the release), but I did pick up the new standalone one. I actually don't mind this system, since while it is RNG, there are no duplicates. Now, before anyone bites my head off, let me just say that loot boxes in the traditional sense have been in all of the games that I've played previously-played primarily SK-based MMOs, and those suck up money more than my character inhales fooda vacuum cleaner.

    Pardon me, I'm an Asura nut.

  • This forced mountskinbundle or gamble leaves a very bad taste because of:

    • Anet was pretty fair in the past with the gemshop, gambling wasnt a big deal besides BL chests and dyebundles.
    • an expansion lacking endgame, some of the low effort reskins would have been a great goal for farming pof.
    • the original mounts only have 1 dyechannel, so all mounts look almost the same on all your characters - pretty boring.
    • so you are "forced" to buy any kind of mountskin, be honest - you wouldnt play gw2 if you didnt care about the looks
    • we already had a bundle of mountskins which was pretty expensive because
    • not every mountskin is worth the same, most people would buy only griphon and raptor/jackal because thats what they use most
    • most skins for the gimmick mounts bungoatguru/skimmer wouldnt sell for even 200gems
    • the chance of getting the one you want is too low

    Please dont follow the dark path of milking every penny out of your customers.

  • Originally (around launch time) when Anet hired a monetization-wizard (or rather witch) of Nexon fame a lot of concern was voiced. This has been one of the few rare cases where expectations were actually met and perhaps surpassed by Anet.
    When my favourite game introduced paid RNG-boxes my monthly spending dropped from an average €18 to a clean 0. Those whales must be really tasty :)

    No you can't have my stuff: It's account or character bound

  • Not just mount, pls get rid of RNG items from the BLC chests, I can pay for them.

  • I succumbed and bought the Halloween Mount Skin Pack. It was $20, which is a little expensive, but it was for 5 skins. Each skin had 4 dye channels, even if only two of them really stood out. I liked the look the skeleton designs on the mounts.

    Now when it comes to the Mount Adoption cash shop item. It's 400 gems ($5 right?) each, and there are 30 different ones to randomly collect. Although I saw a few that looked cool, I don't have any plans to purchase any because I don't like RNG. I feel like if I'm spending actual money -- because most players don't have the gold to convert into gems -- I want to know exactly what I'm getting and already be happy with the purchase. RNG cash shop items is the antithesis of that.

    I'm cool with 'themed sets' for mount skins. I'm sure ya'll will put out a Wintersday set, and I might succumb and buy that too. But like randomly adding random designs doesn't excite me as much. Like the Jackal skin that was added (for $20 might I add -- way too expensive). Other than it looking cool, why am I compelled to purchase it? See the difference between random glider skins and random mount skins is that if you get that cool arcane looking Raptor skin, you want a cool arcane version for your Hare and your other mounts. With a glider, all you need is that one skin, and a lot of the time, you don't even need a matching back piece. (see: meteor)

    I also think having Griffon skins drop without checking to see if the player has unlocked the Griffon is pretty rude. I mean you purposefully put in a 250 gold sink to get the Griffon. I personally had to buy gems to convert into gold in order to purchase the Griffon. So someone spends some money on the Mount Adoption and gets a cool Griffon skin but can't use it and is then forced to probably spend more money to buy gems in order to purchase the Griffon. Not nice.

    The gold sink for the Griffon was a stupid move too by the way. You could have put more achievements/collections into the system, instead you chose the laziest option.

    People will burn out on Mount Skins though. And I think Mount Adoption hurt you in the long run. Because you could have sold a Flaming set of skins down the road, but you can get Flaming skins from this. You could have sold a Celestial set, but you can get some in this stuff. It makes me think ya'll had some skins ready but not others and decided to just lump them all together into a RNG piece of mess and hope people throw away their money. Some people will, and I'm sure you've made plenty of money on Mount skins already. But it wasn't the courteous thing to do. It was speaking from the wallet more than from the heart (or brain imho).

    So those are my honest thoughts on the mount skins so far. The halloween set was a big success in my opinion. The mount adoption idea was poorly thought out, likely rushed, and will probably turn a lot of players away from the cash shop all together. You win some, you lose some.

  • I just registered this thing here to give my 2 cents on the matter.

    Dear Anet devs,

    I am a long time player of GW2. Loved the game since Beta and have religiously followed the developement and growth of the title. I have wept over the loss of dungeons and smiled with the biggest grin first time I was in Raids. I have love this community and always I felt that every decision you devs made in the end was one that you made for us, the players. We may not like every single one, not every one might even be the right decision in the end but they were always made with the best intentions.

    I have seen the numbers and I was concerned for the game after the big slump post HoT. I was hoping mount skins would finaly bring you guys the bottom line you deserve, I was overjoyed to pay money for them and I had my wallet ready for a fire themed griffon ever since I first got that amazing mount. But I did not expect this.

    Loot Boxes are to me and I believe to many others a sign of total anti-consumerism. The worst of the worst. A predatory, underhanded way to exploit human weakness and even gambling addiction. I shudder when I think that my favorite example of how to do it right has sunk this low. I refuse to pay money for these skinseven though I love half of these and I really have the itch to push my luck.

    But what is a fun joke with Myst forge and ecto gambling is now bitter reality in these mount adoption contracts. Enough is enough. Let me pay you between 5 and 20 bucks for these skins and I will happiely throw like 60$ at you just because I feel like you deserve it but try to pry my wallet open with these and I will stop playing the game.

    I trust you will make the right decision in the end, as you always did.

  • Honestly the only issue is that you can't guarantee a certain mount w/o going all in on the complete package. Tickets or some other currency from the loot boxes would help. Something after 10 or so attempts have enough tickets to pick a mount. Overwatch does this and I'd say its pretty fair.

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    Loot Boxes aren't a bad thing, if you ask me.

    I mean it's fun to gamble and you help out ArenaNet so we can get Wing 5. ;)

    It's also unfair to flame about loot boxes, if they are common/ok in other games, while this gem of a game gives you free content in form of living world.

    It doesn't even have any impact on the gameplay, so what's the problem? You can still get it with gold, so it's not locked behind any paywalls.


  • Okay so like... despite the fact that you shouldn't have even gone the Lootbox route to begin with... (like seriously have the people who make the decisions at your company EVEN been paying any attention to the amount of flack lootbox systems in recent games have been getting?) The least you guys could have done -- the absolute bare freaking minimum -- to counterbalance the bad taste people get in their mouths from roulette systems like this... is to allow players to select with mount-TYPE they wanna buy a skin for. Like, I don't want a Skimmer or Springer skin (nor a griffon skin cuz I don't have it and don't intend to ever get it becuz im not in a position to blow 250g), I really only care about Raptor and Jackal skins. And I know that there are plenty of people who share my sentiments.

  • Ider.1276Ider.1276 Member ✭✭

    I am sick and tired of lootboxes and gambling in video games, and the disgraceful devs trying to milk every last penny from people they see only as whales and dolphins by phsycological manipulation. And the fact, that the developer I had some trust into gave up to this anti-consumer practises makes me very sad. Anet, do the right thing and remove all this fallacy from your game. You did it right unlill now: trading exact skins for exact amount of money (gems). You can do it right once again.
    But untill then I will boycott your gem store entirelly (including exchanging gold for gems) and advice my friends to do the same, sorry. Lootboxes are the plague of video industry and should be stopped.

  • I'm not incredibly impressed. I feel like it's disingenuous to handle this through random distribution (Or, random with a guarantee of no dupes) when we'd all get a much more satisfying experience by allowing mount recolours/additional dye patterns through achievements, collections and regular play, and additional models/effects/markup through the gem store.

    I still bought three (one as a gift) but I'd be much happier if I didn't get a gryphon... that I can't use yet.

  • Just adding my wood to this fire. I think this system is absolutely stupid. This is absolute exploitation and the exact reason we are seeing so many different games nowadays getting blasted for it. Shadow of War took big hits for this look box garbage and battlefront 2 is also getting slammed for it. This practice is absolutely toxic for gaming as a whole. I will make sure to not buy any gems with $ because of this. Anet I thought you were better than this.

  • I know I've said it before but I'm seriously tired of the Gem Store. This is just one of the many nails in the coffin for me.

  • beet me to it lol

  • I really dislike the whole gambling aspect that slowly slips into the game. I really liked Guild Wars 2 for the simplicity of paying for that what you wanted. Locking skins behind RNG based boxes/chests is by far the worst decision made by ArenaNet in my opinion. I'd much rather see a new tab 'Mounts' in the gemstore with all the skins and upcoming ones. Same goes for BLC rewards, unique skins that require you to again, pay and hope.. Yes, there will always be people paying for it, but I believe they'll lose a whole lot more players than keeping them if this is the new path they're walking on.

  • I honestly like the mount adoption system with ONE exception: You can't buy/sell the skins on the TP. Everything else is great - the gem price (for an unknown result), no repeats for things you already have unlocked, it's great! If these were able to be listed on the TP, I don't think you'd get all these complaints.

  • I hate this system. Sell the skins individually or I don't buy skins at all.

  • @Borando.6759 said:
    It's also unfair to flame about loot boxes, if they are common/ok in other games

    Ehh - Whatever gave you that idea? They are an abomination in any game - Even this "gem" of a game.

    No you can't have my stuff: It's account or character bound

  • Oglaf.1074Oglaf.1074 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 9, 2017

    @rikilamaru.5842 said:
    beet me to it lol

    As long as it gets out there, eh?

    If you have a YouTube account, feel free to leave a comment. I personally did as it allowed me to be a bit more... colourful... in my feedback than I would on the clean and neat official GW2 forums, heh. Venting feels good.

    Please Anet give us a hide Chest Armour-option. Tattoo-clad Norns everywhere beg of you.

  • If you don't want to watch the video, basically:

    I think if anet adds alternative methods of obtaining the mount skins, that'd be optimal. :D

  • Myxam.2790Myxam.2790 Member ✭✭
    edited November 9, 2017

    I think the main dig here isn't that its a lootbox -- we already have loot boxes in this game. It is however, entirely in the TIMING. Right now, even the screw-loose gaming press who couldn't be further out of touch if they lived on Pluto, are turning on Loot Boxes -- it was a TERRIBLE idea to introduce one right now, especially for a mechanic that people were giving you unbridled praise for. Even worse is that the majority of the skins are minor changes on the base skins.

    If there's a solution here, (and I doubt this will be heard, because even I've spent a good 15 bucks on this already), its to pull it out, and put skin sets into the game either along lines of Theme, or along Mount. You need to minimize the RNG majorly, because right now its reaching a boiling point with players.

    For the time being, just avoid this entirely, go back to Outfits, Weapon Skins, (Armor Skins maybe), items that might cost more, but have guaranteed items behind them, and stick with that until this Lootbox issue dies off.

  • @Oglaf.1074 said:

    @rikilamaru.5842 said:
    beet me to it lol

    As long as it gets out there, eh?

    If you have a YouTube account, feel free to leave a comment. I personally did as it allowed me to be a bit more... colourful... in my feedback than I would on the clean and neat official GW2 forums, heh. Venting feels good.

    to make thing funny petitions to make lootbox's fall under gambling have been to sent to representatives in the US about this massive industry kitten show.