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  • If I could choose which skin to buy instead of a random one, I would actually spend money on it. This would end well for both of us, me with the skin I want and you with money. And aren't both of those reasons why you made these skins?

    Thanks for listening to our comments.

  • I have played this game since week one and this is the first real time I felt like its all about the money and not about us as customers. I know mounts are cool but I would not pay over a hundred dollars for them all and certainly not for a chance and just a chance to get one that I like. Seems really horrid from the customers point of view. You are dangling something in front of us that we just cant spend on a chance. I have the money and I would feel horrid if I spent it on something like this. I will not be buying them unless you do something to fix this situation. But that is just me, i am sure others would love to spend money on them. Just wanted to share my two cents. I know everyone worked really hard on this path of fire and it was fantastic but this seems like a money grab from higher ups who do not have to deal with customer issues. Maybe remind them of who pays their bills.

  • I just hope this scam of rng purchases stop asap in gw2 and anet. the reason i play and support and promote gw2 to everyone i know is cause anet used to be fair and was respectful of all the customers, poor and rich. now i'm a guy on the poor side of things, i would GLADLY pay up for a full round of mount skins like one i like for each mount.
    (cause that is all i can afford, sorry anet). your lootbox style prevents me from that and leads me to not buy any and not support this. So instead of 400 times 4 dollars comming in you get none. Probably other ppl wont mind that but i'm just pointing out that there are more ppl playing your game than JUST money whales.Sure you are one of the few out there letting us do ingame gold to gems but that's not special either since gems prices are out of control. At this point i will just vote with my wallet and hope for the best.

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    @Sarge shot Grif.6450 said:

    @Loosifah.4738 said:
    What do you have against mount skins?

    It's not the skins, it's the method by which they're sold. They're making them random so we buy more to get the skin we want (like loot boxes). This is the kind of kitten that's gonna push me away from this game to go find another.

    Could not have put this much better myself.

    I used to tout gw2 as the best example of b2p done right. Now it is simply on track to be another cheap f2p.

    Whatever happened to mike O'Brien claiming that b2p was totally viable, and sub's aren't needed. He sure wasn't assuming gambling slot machine gaming practices when he made that comment! How the mighty have fallen.

    So angry at Anet right now.... Don't buy any of those random skins, people. Tell them you hate this business practice!

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    I have spent so much money on this game since PoF pre-release. Now I feel like I have Anet screaming in my ear: YOU HAVE NOT SPENT ENOUGH- NOT BY A LONG SHOT!

    The will to play this game has been draining away from me since yesterday. I feel pretty disgusted by this move, the gamble mount skins + a skin (not a mount, a skin) for 2000 gems. I'm with others who have suggested those who invested in pre-release PoF, esp. those who bought premium packs, should have gotten one/some mount skins (like w/ the glider skin & HoT). IMO, mount skins should be treated like glider skins, with similar pricing, with perhaps some premium skins commanding a slightly higher price. Not 2000 gems, lol.

    I have not gotten the Griffon mount, and perhaps I never will. What about players in that boat? How is it right those players should be forced to pull from the griffon skin pool of the gamble mounts? This whole thing feels like a big fat mess. This just doesn't feel like something the Anet I thought I knew would pull.

  • There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said, but I disagree with the RNG 100%. No point expressing why- every possible reason's been outlined ten times over.
    For now, just gonna help this petition get a little more love, because it very well may help in getting a proper 'answer' to Anet's mount adopt feedback.

  • Yeah, it seems like they implemented this stable system in perhaps the worst way possible. I've been happy to buy things from the gem store whenever I had a little extra cash and some time to invest in the game. If I'm about to start a new character to test out a profession? Might as well buy them an outfit that looks nice. If I want to avoid some of the hassle managing my salvage kits? A salvage-o-matic is a great item to fill an account-bound inventory slot with. I buy plenty of stuff that looks nice or offers a decent convenience when I know what I'm getting.

    The recent uproar around RNG systems in games is difficult to avoid at this point. Whoever suggested the stable system had to know they would be ruffling some feathers. The most annoying thing is that you can't even pick what mount type you get a skin for; don't have a griffon but get a griffon skin out of your RNG roll? Too bad! Offering mount skins just like outfits would be fine. We're all used to that. Have some cool reskins at a lower price point and then sell some of the really fancy stuff for a bit more.

    I'd like to think ANet cares about fixing this mess, but I honestly don't know what they could do after they've already shot themselves in the foot. If they individually price each skin in the gem store, people who have already bought into the lootbox system will be upset. Unless they were offered refunds, I guess, but there's no way in hell ANet would do that. All I know is that I definitely won't be buying into these adoption licenses, and I'm kinda sour on the thought of buying gems in general now. I guess that depends on what they do. Whatever their plan is, their only hope for keeping goodwill is to make some changes fast.

  • I love all the new mount skins. I hate how the Gem Store is stealing content from the game. These mount skins belong as rewards earned in the game, NOT as something walled off behind a paywall.

    For the item itself - I absolutely love it, and I've bought 20 for myself, and 1 for a friend. For the most part, I love all the skins - there's a good variety of them for all sorts of tastes - Subdued, natural ones, a few jokes (Jerboa and Shiba), and then the nice sparkles. Being a skritt-brained whale, I bought them all because I want them all. But I can see how others find it predatory, because it's impossible to buy just the one you want, if you only want one. And, the price attached to them change the thrill of "EEE! IT'S CUTE!" of getting a random pet to "I Just wasted X money trying to get what I want, and can't", which really hurts the item.

    However, I have two big issues. First off - These contracts need to be pirated and scattered throughout the desert, as a possible reward for Bounties, Map Completion, Treasure Hunting, Event Completion, and other rewards for actually playing the game.

  • Selling a lot of skins in a bundle is fine, and mount skins are a great cosmetic to offer with good potential for monetization, but COME ON, Anet. There's no need for this kind of pointless randomisation! If the skins are good, players will buy them. Sell the flashier ones for a higher price if you must, and the pallete swaps for less, but the method chosen here is just insulting and clearly designed to prey on people with addictive personalities.

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    I'm going to say this.

    I think there's just a bit too much overreaction going on. I've read comments everything from 'This has ruined my gambling addiction avoidance for 5 years' to 'This game should be labeled A for Adult now for the gambling influence'. I'm aware these are fringe cases, but I can't help but feel like many folks are really, really taking this too far with their reactions. I personally didn't mind the price or even RNG, sure it would be nice if skins were released that required in-game work to gain, or if skins cost a flat amount on the gemstore.

    The thing is, none of us can pass judgement on if this was the only answer to allowing Arenanet to make a profit or not. I'm not going to underestimate anyone here, I'm willing to gander that at one point Arenanet saw that putting 30 skins on the Gemstore for flat costs would be a huge negative in their gains. This could have been the only option for these skins. Or perhaps you guys are correct, that Arenanet is simply going more predatory.

    Imho, for a company that still has one of the most flexible and customer friendly 'in-game stores' across all the MMOs, I'm willing to give them more credit given all the advantages they've given us so far. And while I can understand frustrations, I'm a little bit disappointed in the community right now than Arenanet.

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    Thoughts on the issue? If so why?

    I also encourage everyone to read this reddit post, as big names such as Dulfy give their thoughts on some of the glaring issues facing GW2:

    Additional Question: Is the gemstore ruining our sense of reward?

  • How sad that Anet now resorts to gambling.... just sad!

  • It should've just been a "Buy and pick your skin" deal. But if you had even just made 5 different chests one for each mount I could've gotten over it.. But this... NO!

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    I don't get why I've spent $3000 on another game, but 25x less on Guild Wars 2. Why does ArenaNet seldom put anything sought-after on the Gem Store? I have the money, but what's on the Gem Store has generally been super undesirable.

    While I don't like the look of ANY of the mount skins, here are my thoughts:

    • The price on one mount is too much. 400 gems is too much for a skin that is extremely close to the base model.
    • More people would buy these if it was a smaller set. Rather than one box with 30 options, it should be six boxes with five options. This is how other games do it - also with no duplicates - and no one complains. This would be only be reasonable at current real money prices if Path of Fire was free, though.

    Alternatively, this will never happen, but ArenaNet could add duplicates and allow players to unbind unlocked skins to sell them on the trading post. Players always prefer when you can sell the old item to replace it with a new item, because you'll essentially never use the old one again. Guild Wars 2 has a lot of collection stuff, but people do prefer the trading in Dota 2 to the cosmetics in League of Legends.


  • Look, the reason people were OK with the dye packs and the Black Lion Chest was because you could get the items found in the boxes in game elsewhere - they weren't restricted to the loot boxes. If you wanted to blow some cash to speed things up, then fine. I've talked GW2 up to all my friends for ages specifically because of how the game was monitized; if you wanted a specific cosmetic, you could buy it in the store directly. No borderline illegal gambling BS aimed at a game that children play, and no banking on the few people with terrible money management or those actually with the cash to burn. I've played GW2 off and on since launch, and played the original GW before that, and this ridiculously expensive gambling box goes against everything that made the GW games worth playing. Stop it. If you couldn't tell, public opinion is RAPIDLY turning against the loot box mechanic. Yes, it will likely take a few years before financial impacts will be really felt by the publishers of games incorporating aggressive loot boxes, but you really don't want to be on the wrong side of this fight in the long run. For Pete's sake, just make them 400 gems a pop in the store and the controversy will go away.

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    @Nocturn.8904 said:
    Aside from the obvious initial backlash, I think the most damning thing of all is that this stinks of desperation. We just had a big content expansion recently, so ANet should be riding high and convincing the existing playerbase that the game is still going strong. Instead, they cave to the "Year of the Lootbox" mentality that hit everybody else earlier in 2017, which just makes me worry that the game is doing so poorly they have to stoop to such a low level just to be profitable.

    I doubt there is a "being profitable" problem here. But the sales may have been lower than expected and it may be a (IMHO) really bad decision to compensate for that to the shareholders. Sadly I think that sullying the trust with you customers is the worst way to try to solve a problem as it bites the hand that gives you food in the long term.

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    @ConnerPlays.2310 said:
    I'm going to come out and say "Good Job on the mount skins, Anet"
    I mean that, not in a sarcastic way, but sincerely .
    You guys could have just as easily jumbled the skins into the BLTC and just be done with it, but no, it's a separate purchase that guarantees a skin you don't already have, yes, it ultimately means you have to pay $120 for all the skins. But why would you need all those skins?

    That's entirely the point though? I don't want all 30 skins, I just want 5. One for each mount that would give me more dye channels. I want the plain versions of each of them - the celestial griffon would be wasted on me as I don't like it a bit. Same with the husky jackal. I just want dye channels. Why would I need those skins if I'm never gong to use them? Because that's the only way to get them as of right now, that's why. And that's entirely the problem.

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    Also, as someone who takes great pleasure from beautiful and unique GUIs, I'm extremely disappointed that ArenaNet made a brand new interface with animations for this stable thing, but they can't be bothered to make proper menus for gizmos like the portal tome, or unique UIs for interactive puzzles in the open world or instances (like in RuneScape). I don't think making a new animated interface for this will noticeably increase profits, and reusing the Black Lion Chest interface would have worked. Don't waste the dev time of Duncan Kay & al. by making them work on ridiculous marketing additions. This isn't being entitled or nitpicky, I just find it really unprofessional compared to the interface design in MMOs from 15 years ago.

    It's strange when I would actually pay real money for a new modal window than any mount skin.


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    I would have purchased a few skins, but I'm not spending up to $100 to get them. Instead I will pay 0. If you pay real money, you should get exactly what you want. Encouraging people to gamble with real money is irresponsible and disgusting imo.

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    Anet isn't forcing anyone to buy the skins they don,t give any bonus stats, u can even earn the gold in game to buy the gems for skins. If anet only put 4 mount skins especially glowy ones in black lion chest I highly doubt anyone will be raging over the mount skins. But i do get the point with 400 gems there is a chance that u can get 1 type of mount skins over and over, I spent 800 gems and got 2 wolf skins. Why not implement a selection window when opening the box giving option to pick from wolf, rabbit, raptor, griffin, skimmer skins you wanna try your luck in.

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    Just wish these mount come as a content reward. One special map with Gem price tag on it and then let you grind away those mount skins on new content in Elona. Putting them behind gemstore mean that peeps gonna have to farm like mad on the old and Tried content like silverwaste , AB till they are bored and get burn out.

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    fwiw, every time a new one of these is released, there is always a bunch of people who buy them all (US$43+)


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    also why don't you get a deal on gems for buying more at once? seems like it's the only company that does this


  • @Cronos.6532 said:
    Further comparing this to other games, consider Brawlhalla:

    Are you honestly comparing the cash shop of a triple-A MMORPG to that of an indy steam brawler? The dev and art costs are orders of magnitude in difference. If you want to make a valid point you need to compare apples to apples. That would be WoW, TERA, FFXIV, SWTOR, Aion, BDO, etc. Go check out those cash shop prices and let us know what you find.

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    The mount skins are great - I love that we can personalize our mounts a little more. HOWEVER, I am not happy with the price point. I don't mind spending 400 gems on a skin of my choice, but I think it's ridiculous to buy a lottery ticket for that price, in the hopes that maybe you might just get one you want/like. The contracts are ridiculous; I'd rather put food on the table. I think you should make that 400 gem purchase to be able to choose one you want ... not some random skin you may be disappointed in. Please reconsider how you sell these. I'd love to support you, but I want to have my choice of what I get for that money.

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    Another note is that other games almost never make you pay real money for colour/texture variations. You can dye the mounts, sure, but changing the pattern or adding more channels is not a paid upgrade. Model changes only, please.


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    I say "most of the time", because there are times I get frustrated and have to take a break, whether it be from people or monotony.

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    @nezroy.8492 said:

    @Cronos.6532 said:
    Further comparing this to other games, consider Brawlhalla:

    Are you honestly comparing the cash shop of a triple-A MMORPG to that of an indy steam brawler? The dev and art costs are orders of magnitude in difference. If you want to make a valid point you need to compare apples to apples. That would be WoW, TERA, FFXIV, SWTOR, Aion, BDO, etc. Go check out those cash shop prices and let us know what you find.

    Perhaps the cost of one skin in Guild Wars 2 should be more than that of a 2D game. But the delivery could be the same. Less skins in one box. Don't want to gamble? Buy the skin you want directly for 40% more. It doesn't matter what it costs. Nonetheless, we both know that the development time on these 31 new mounts is not proportionate to their price. If only a hundred people bought them, they're still instantly profitable. What matters is what makes ArenaNet the most profits, and as someone with a wallet I am not interested in these.

    I did already cite that Blizzard prices online store mounts for WoW at $25 just like ArenaNet does, I checked those, don't worry. ArenaNet doesn't want my money, but those guys want my money even less. Those ones have subscription fees and extreme P2W though.

    fwiw I have not dropped money on WoW but I have on all other Blizzard games


  • @LeDevil.5374 said:
    Anet isn't forcing anyone to buy the skins they don,t give any bonus stats, u can even earn the gold in game to buy the gems for skins. If anet only put 4 mount skins especially glowy ones in black lion chest I highly doubt anyone will be raging over the mount skins. But i do get the point with 400 gems there is a chance that u can get 1 type of mount skins over and over, I spent 800 gems and got 2 wolf skins. Why not implement a selection window when opening the box giving option to pick from wolf, rabbit, raptor, griffin, skimmer skins you wanna try your luck in.

    It would cost nearly 3000 gold to unlock all the skins (aka making sure you get the one you want) and the fact people with no desire/ability to complete the huge griffon collection can still get the 6 Griffon skins. I personally love the Griffon but I never bothered to get the jackal until it was the last thing left to do but I could still have gotten a Jackal skin. I am appalled at ANET for going from direct-sale into loot box. WORST OF ALL the mount skins are NOT TRADEABLE. At least most of the exclusive Black Lion Chest items aren't Account Bound. If they at least made the Mount skins able to be put on the auction house it wouldn't be quite so igregious because then we could atleast focus our efforts towards the specific skin we want.

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    @Cronos.6532 said:
    Further comparing this to other games, consider Brawlhalla:

    • Free game
    • Has rotating themed chests of skins
    • No duplicates
    • Skins cannot be traded or refunded
    • Approximately US$3 in gems to open a chest
    • No gold to gems exchange.
    • The chance of getting the exact skin you want is 1/18 to 1/20
    • You can get the skin you want on the gem store for a cost of about 40% more. (gem cost depends on how much you buy at once)
    • The exception to this is the 2 or 3 skins that are exclusive to the chest.
    • The incentive to buy the chest is that you pay less gems but may not get the skin you want. You might get one of the chest-exclusive skins, though.


    No duplicates
    5$ to open a chest
    Gold to gem conversion

    I think it's pretty fair if compare to that pile of f2p trash you mentioned.

  • I've spent my fair share of real money on gems to get what I wanted, but I can't see myself buying a 400 gem lottery ticket. I'd love to have some of these, but I'm not going to gamble I'll get what I want only to be disappointed. And I'm certainly not spending $120 to guarantee I do. I think you need to rethink your pricing strategy. I would think you'll sell a lot more if you drop the price and/or make it so that you can choose what you want.

  • I am thinking it's gonna be hard to convince Anet of the horrors of RNG when a huge number of you have demonstrated a compulsive need to try and beat it over the period of the last holiday. Thousands of ToT bags? Even at 3s each sale prices that is adding up to a pretty big amount of gold just from lost sale opportunity and time. The bags were being purchased in big amounts as well.

    People have proven to Anet over 2 games that they will spend an insane amount of effort, gold and time on an RNG roll. I'm not surprised they decided to cash in on the knowledge.

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    Gameplay is fun and I do enjoy the world which is a reward on it's self. But when it comes to actual rewards ... it sucks.
    play this game since launch, and I am starting to think that my account is bugged xD never get any good stuff (exotics, precusors, ... ) while I see people with barely 2-3 achievement points getting every item on the other side of the rainbow :P .... Yes I am bit jealous but also annoyed as I do not get how RNG can be this bad.