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DIY Raid Composition - The tools you'll need!

Hey, everyone!

With the recent balance changes, various builds are becoming more and more flexible when it comes to what they can bring to a raid.

So far, the most popular raid composition has been the Mirror Comp. I've been exploring alternate raid composition options which still cover all the needs of a healthy raid - might stacks, quickness and alacrity, as well as various utility buffs.

To that end, I made this little spreadsheet:

DIY Raid Comp

With this, you can calculate your own raid composition's effectiveness! Of course, you may need to add builds, tweak what they bring to the table, and otherwise read the README sheet.

I went ahead and punched in a few builds, for illustrative purposes.

Poke me if you have questions or feedback! :)

Hope you like it!

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PS: It's still a WIP in many aspects


  • Joxer.6024Joxer.6024 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 10, 2017

    Ok, good thing I went back and read disclaimer #2!!! Was about to scream troll.... what with a team of Chrono/Druid/PS/ and Ele's......that was it. Not much diversity in that comp for sure.
    But now I get it, and well done. Not sure if people will use it but its a start eh? B)

    (btw, not sure why that number 2 is a link)

  • Dodged a bullet there, didn't I? :D

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