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GEMSTORE REQUESTS: New Items; Items offered again



  • Oh....being able to vendor or Mystic Forge account bound minis.

  • Permanent Teleport to Friend in BLTC - uber rare drop

  • @Tails.9372 said:
    The Scarlet Briar Armor Set.

    I Think he meant MAGITECH! <3

  • Wolfheart.7483Wolfheart.7483 Member ✭✭✭
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    I would like the ability to gift gem store items I have to another player. Like bank access express, infinite gathering tools, etc.

  • I would love to see a patch of all of the minis for purchase at a decent price. I hate having to gamble getting a good one in the chests. I would like to be able to pick what I want.

  • Shirlias.8104Shirlias.8104 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Silver Fed Salvage O Matic is Back!

    Thanks ANET!! \o

  • Can we get a sylvari-hound skin for the jackal and a flesh-golem skin for the raptor?

    Also bringing back aetherblade-armor would be nice.

  • Medium ARMOR SETS (not outfits) that are not trenchcoats.
    Like, many of them. As many as you can make. I'll buy them all.

  • Mistlock Sanctuary Permanent Pass
    Raven Glider
    Harvesting tools ( on sale)

  • harvest tools is on sale, the flutes

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    I would like to see some mount skins of fully themed sets, like the Halloween skins. I like to theme each of my characters, coordinating a certain look across their armor/weapons/glider/mini/mounts and hate when just one piece of that doesn't have an appropriate skin (I am looking at you, non-existent flame skimmer!). Some of these we already have a skin in the game (electric raptor, frost springer, forged warhound) but I would like those fleshed out as a full set to cover all mount types with the same appearance.

    I assume we probably will see some of these at some point but for example:

    Full racial sets
    Holographic (like SAB or the Holographic minis)
    Celestial (like Starbound and Stardust, complete the full set!)


  • @Wolfheart.7483 said:

    I was fine with the default skins, but I'd be willing to throw down $20-25 for ice/frost skins for a set for all mounts(assuming they are tastefully done). I generally don't even buy cosmetics.

  • Can we have some armor skins again please? I like to mix and match my attire and miss being able to do so. I might be motivated to purchase more skins if they were not all locked into outfits that can't be mixed and matched. :)

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    @Akael Bayn.7812 said:
    How about -- and I know this is crazy -- you make some of the existing/future gemstore items more versatile by giving them a freaking toggle for all the weird kitten glued all over them. Let me turn off all the spikes/chains/skulls/sparkles the same way I turn off my helmet. There are a fair number of currently existing outfits I'd buy in a heartbeat if they didn't look like an 8-year-old with a goth-edition bedazzler had gotten hold of them. Just a few examples:

    • Executioner's Outfit: Why does it have a skull over my crotch? Who thought this was a good idea? Was it the same person that thought putting claws over my boobs was a good plan? And that noose with that purse? Please, sister.
    • Bloody Prince: Again, I love the basic outfit, but um... why would I WANT to have foot long spikes growing from my shoulders?
    • Champion of Tyria: "HUGE BABY FACE ON THE SHOULDER!" Like, who said that when they were pitching it to marketing and how did they not get slapped?
    • Crystal Nomad: Nice outfit, too bad you can't see it under all the random floaty kitten.
    • Imperial: REALLY with the shoulder... things?
    • Bandit sniper: Ok, I didn't list knives above, but just add knives to the list already. At least this one doesn't have a huge dagger coming out of my... pelvis like certain other equipment I might mention.
    • Marjory's: Please, skulls, stop.

    There are plenty of other fashion catastrophes that are almost good, as well. Don't misunderstand me: I know some people want to be sparkly and skull-encrusted and have knives coming out of their... places. I'm not telling you to stop making armor for them. But for the love of god, release a bedazzler-free version for the rest of us as well.

    In other news, unrelated and less likely request: The option to purchase new voice packs for the player characters.

    Only skulls I like are on Fallen god's outfit. Fire and fury!

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    As the topic of armor/skins that look different and preferably are of another weight than ones own armor comes up so often, despite the trend leaning towards outfits. I want to suggest this: Outfit-creator - let's call it "Mirror" for convenience.
    What I would imagine that to be would be the following. It would be a gemstore item to be placed in your home instance and only useable by the owner. It would be a mirror or maybe a wardrobe standing there. When interacting it would open a UI where on one side you see the slts you have and on the other side what that slot holds - or will hold in case you fill it.

    Use: When interacting with the mirror one would be able to save the armor they wear at the time colored in the way it is then as an outfit. One outfit would be saved per slot and one could overwrite it on the mirror. Since the armor the character in question wears is saved - there would be no mix matching and thus no cliping - BUT it would allow people to use their favorit e.g. medium armor on e.g. weaver or guardian. It would resolve the cliping issue (as far as there is no clipping within armortypes) and since most armor exists in a version for each race it should have no race cliping beyond what is normal.

    Cultural armor and no armor: Cultural armor could add a modifier to the slot it is in so only characters of the race in question would be able to use the outfit (as long as it contains a piece of cultural armor). - That would solve issues in that department. If you do not want somewhere to be armor, do not equip it in that slot to see feet, hands, shoulders, head - possibly legs and chest without armor. If there is intention to prevent lots of "underwear characters" make having a chest and leg armor equipt the minimum required to use the mirror.

    Result: After using the mirror you would have a non colorable outfit, that might be restricted to characters of one race, but still allowes you to wear "armors" of a different weighttype without impacting anything besids your looks. In addition when you delete or overwrite the outfit in one slot it would change/remove the outfit equiped no matter the character - thus not allowing for you to have more created outfits than slots at any point in time.

    Number of slots and price: Basically I would imagine the Mirror to have 1-3 slots to beginn with and maybe beeing able to purchase additional slots for a little less than an outfit would cost, up to a certain maximum. The price for the base mirror should be resonable as well not too cheap but also not too expensive.

    Comparison: I basically imagine it to be a home instance item, that similar to gw1's mercenary hero system can safe the armor and it's dyes as you use it though creating outfits based on them instead of a hero or something.

    I hope to find many that like the idea and even more I hope to bring those responsible for the decision to like my idea.
    I beg your pardon if my english is no good, since I'm not a native speaker/writer.
    Have a great time playing the game.

    Please note that I am not a native speaker, any mistakes in grammar and vocabulary are yours to keep.

  • How about this for a Wintersday weapon skin? A Holly/Mistletoe Focus skin?

    Prince of Angels - Disney Prince with a Horrifying Power

    1. Add a hairstyle that is long curly hair. You are close with the new curly hair, but longer....thing Gaelic dancer long curly hair.
    2. Advanced Mail:
      a. Don’t suppress my mail when I’m mailing guild members
      b. Allow me to mail groups of members with a checkbox selection by guild rank, friends, etc. like the gifting check boxes work in the TP
    3. Machette/ Crowbars/ Exalted Keys/ and Chak Acid are "keys. I want the opportunity to earn or buy a “key chain” where I can store all of my “keys”. It might be another pane in the inventory where you can toggle inventory, currency and then Keys. Anything used to gain access to a chest/pod/box/or to open anything for reward would be in this list. Any of the keys in the list are automatically consumed to this pane, like currency to the wallet. The expansion of the shared slots is not keeping up with the addition of the keys in the game.
    4. Guild slot expansion - Adds 1 - 5 - or 10 guild slots to an account.
    5. I am choking on exotic luck. I need an exotic luck converter and I need the choices in it to be T5 and T6 mats.
    6. Tyrian Heart Completer. Sell them like you are selling the Tyrian Waypoints. I have map completed 9 times...I'm over the time consuming hearts.
    7. Permanent Guild Hall instance expander - Allows me to apply to a guild I lead and will permanently expand the instance of my guild hall to 50/100/150. This would reduce my guild mission time by an hour easily because of all of the time we spend moving guildies to instances to get them all on the same instance to use the portal.
    8. Build template slots - This should be located on the hero panel in a new left nav icon. It should be sorted by game mode.
    9. Closet and expandable tabs - When purchase this adds a button, like the wallet button in the inventory, only this button is on your bank at the bottom. You can toggle to your closet where you can keep all of your armor and trinkets you are saving. Expanders for the closet would be available like expanders for your bank.
    10. Arsenal - Same concept as the Closet only for all of the weapons you want to store and it is another button on the bottom of your bank. Expanders would be available.
    11. Daily Achievement Cap Remover - I am an achievement hunter and the cap on getting achievements from the daily was a downer for me. I don't even bother getting them all anymore. That used to get me out to parts of the game I wouldn't have otherwise gone to. Let me lift the cap if I want to even if you won't overall.
    12. Guild Rank Expander: Person with the rank Guild Leader can add 10 more customizable ranks in guild pane. With the additions of Decorator and Arena Decorator and a couple of other permissions there are expanding roles within the guild, but there were no additions of Rank Slots to support those additional Roles. I would like the ability to add 10 more ranks at a time. Not to mention, creative ranks are just plain fun.
    13. Interactive Scribe Deco License so that 400 Level Scribe Creations in my guild hall are interactive and functional for any repping guild member. Some examples: Winter’s Day Trees should each be gatherable for a gift during the time the festival is active….or all year for that matter if we want to keep them out somewhere. The globe should list differing waypoints weekly, one per each world map. Guildies can go to that waypoint on interacting with the globe. The cornstalks should have candy corn gatherable. The snowmakers should allow gathering of snowflakes. If the guild is willing to produce the mats to make these very expensive items I’d like to see the items give back…slowly. To control the farm, allow only the first of interactive creations placed to function (hate this actually, I'd like to have as many as I want, but I get it. I liken this to buying the ability for making and placing our own nodes.
    14. Favor Convertor. Another big one!!!! I LOVE that guildies can choose their buffs at the tavern based on what they are doing. I'd like to buy a favor convertor that can be permanently applied to the guild panel that will allow me to spend our favor earned from missions to increase the number of buffs they can carry at a time over just using it for banners. If I toggle this feature that I have bought to "ON" (checked) in the guild pane, the favor would come out of our favor stash for the week at mission reset. If there is not enough favor to support the license purchased (3 buffs =500 favor, 5 buffs=1000 favor, 9 buffs= 1500 favor), then you will revert to just being able to take the default 1 buff and your favor will accumulate until you reach the amount needed to support the buff. During times when you know you want to stack your favor up for anticipated guild hall additions you can uncheck it to turn it off and allow your favor to build up.
    15. More armor skins with interchangeable and mix and match pieces and less outfits.........enough said.
    16. A house, that I can put in my home instance and decorate.

    Other suggestions that are not gem store:
    2. Server Identification: Please include a column for server in the guild pane. Multi-server guild members like to WvW and it will help them to find new members in a large multi server guild to include in their parties.
    3. Placeables: This area in the guild pane needs to be separated to the categories it is comprised of in the rank permissions. I want to encourage a brand new member to the guild to pursue scribe crafting if they want and allow use of decorations (placeable) to them for advancing crafting, but I want to allow use of consumables (placeables) to higher ranked guild members only. The 4 categories of Storage need to be separated for the purposes of assigning permissions to use them to appropriate ranks.
    4. I want access to view my bank/collection remotely much like the TP. Even if I can’t interact with it, I can at least see what I have so I can place a remote order at the TP with the knowledge of how much of something I already have.
    5. Guild Hall Arena: The Arena gives the impression it is pvp based considering all of the pvp mats required to advance it, but, it’s not….it’s PvE. Considering all of those pvp items needed consider a toggle to allow players to use the arena in pvp mode using their pvp build.
    6. Scribe Reward Track: Scribe is by far the largest expense where there is little to no personal gain. It’s super fun to make the decorations. I’d like to see a Scribe reward track that would drop scribe crafting items with a larger reward at the end of the track to include a list of choices of partially made elements of deco.
    6. I'd like to see a panel added to Esa the Frugal in the guild hall that allows a guild leader to check boxes in the background of the items needed for scribe crafting to produce an item. Guildies would see just those items needed in his window and be able to donate into the guild hall vs sending them to a person. Also, things that are needed like the gift of exploration, that can't be mailed, can still be donated for scribe crafting.
    7. Permanent Bank, TP, Merchant need to be made account bound. If I have these items on my account I should have an icon on the bottom of my inventory to launch them. They shouldn't take up my shared slots.

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    Love the new zealot armor leggings but the chest piece is just horrible. Outfits are useless as u can't mix and match them. Bought 2 outfits by mistake and never use them. Being a female I thought the path of fire armor absolutely terrible except for a couple of legging pieces. Even noticed that a few pieces were armor already in game but they just revamped them a little. Most armor pieces are just to over done with things hanging off here and sticking out there. Love to see some simplistic armor that doesn't look like I'm going to a bad taste party.

  • I'd like for there to be a Mini Mount adoption license. I just want the contract to follow me around. Put it in the black lion chest so I can experience the full degree of RNG rage. Bonus if you make it change colors. I will purchase this, please believe me.

  • @Chadramar.8156 said:
    Any armor, weapons or toys that are not human-themed! Sylvari in particular look so much better in gear that is designed for them. But some nice norn-themed things with fur and knotwork ornaments would also be great, and something for the charr of course because they're famously hard to find gear for.

    Actual armor skins over outfits, for all the reasons that have been stated many times.

    Non-gendered armor. Let me wear the exact same, beautifully themed, practical and/or impressive gear that men get to wear. No skirts, heels, underwear, b-plates, b-windows or other "strategic" naked skin.

    I once saw someone half-jokingly suggest a cat finisher for PvP, which each time randomly selects from any feline model ... and an Aurene wearing cat ears. That'd be hilarious, and I don't even do PvP.

    Oh god please yes non-gendered armor and I don't mean the "male" version as Unisex like with Charr. Best idea, best idea.

  • @Slice Of Life.9712 said:

    @Foreign.3062 said:
    Mini Me. A mini that is your current characters model. Not sure if it could include you current weapon, but if it can that would be cool.

    I'd like this. I'd also like to see a mini of my other toons, or of a guildie.

    If you can even set it to another character you have, that would be amazing. Like where you can select your mini, you can select from all your toons. This would be so cute

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    I don't care about gemstore items anymore since Anet is adding more gamble boxes. No more gems.

  • Would absolutely love for Glint's Gaze Mask to return, or for the glowing masks to be made dyeable.

  • Brad.9730Brad.9730 Member ✭✭
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    1. I would like to be able to purchase an unlimited transmutation ability. If this was the case I would also like to be able to convert limited charges into something else like small amounts of karma. If the devs are against this because they want to sell transmutation charges on the gem store, then I would at least like legendary gear to have its own unlimited and free cost of transmutation.
    2. Replace Makeover kits with makeover packs where we unlock sets of features for our account and allow makeovers to be purchasable with a small fee of gold. For example, I buy the Spring Season eye color set (6 eye colors) for 200 gems, then I go to the makeover NPC and change my eye color to this new eye color for 1 gold.
    3. Add a Gem Store Account Level to the game where the amount of cash we put into the game adds experience on our Gem Store Level. Higher Gem Store level adds very small passive conveniences to our account like gathering node speed and karma gain percentage buff or something.
  • Can we also change the way gem store dye kits work? Can we make them more like the Mount Adoption Licenses and guarantee a dye unlock with each purchase?

  • I would like a total makeover for the gemstore. The UI isn't really good, and just updating it to show off the items better would do a lot to bump sales. For example, the only items that really get shown off are the new ones on the front page. I don't have your sales numbers but I guess the stuff that has to be scrolled down for isn't selling so well. I don't have an UI here to show as an example, but different online shops, like for clothes or in general other stuff would probably be a good example. I don't know when I've last seen a webshop that just has some menus and then you have to scroll, scroll, scroll down for all the stuff. The preview could open as a new preview window, just as in the hero-panel, or the normal preview panel.

    Also I think the wardrobe pays a big part in selling skins from the gemstore, and the hero panel. Why can't I find some of the skins sold in the gemstore in the wardrobe, like the SAB gliders can't be previewed from the hero panel.

    And of course, less outfits, more of the armor skins. I loved the armor skins we got years back, and many of them I still use on my characters. Were the sales that bad for them or is it just easier to create an outfit?

  • Also, still discussing the mounts, and if you're not really going to change the system, and you don't want to implement any in-game reward skins, why not give a mount ticket for completing the mount collections, the ones where you have jackal treats etc. Not sure if this is a gemstore suggestion or not, but I don't think it's mount feedback really?

  • A "key ring" that would take up 1 Inventory slot that would hold all of your keys, including Pact Crowbars, Exalted Keys, Vials of Chak Acid, Bandit Skeleton Keys, Machetes, Trader's Keys, Zephyrite Locpicks, Keys of Greater Nightmare, etc. Any key acquired would go to the key ring automatically. The key ring could be put in a Shared Inventory slot and used by all of your toons.
    Another suggestion would be a "hot inventory" item. Any item placed in this special Inventory slot would show up as a skill to the right of the mount skill on your screen, and could have a hot key assigned to it. If I placed a Stealth Disruptor Trap in this inventory slot, it would show up in the "hot inventory" skill box, and when a @$#$%# Thief disappears in WvW I can click or hot key it to immediately set the trap without having to open my inventory first.

  • Foefire armor/shoulders and weapons without the glow effect.

  • Tails.9372Tails.9372 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    An Aestus / Ignis skin for the griffon mount and an Aestus / Ignis miniature.

  • If you can bring back the White Mantle Outfit that would be great.

  • Rysdude.3824Rysdude.3824 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I'd like to see an achievement award for supporting the gem store with increments that increase according to how many gems one has used. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, and nothing that increases character power to give the impression of P2W, but maybe a title or exclusive non-weapon skin. Some kind of progression appreciation.

  • Additional colour channels for mount skins - Two Tiered Bundles based on the basic mount models: Tier 1 is two channels for x-gems, Tier 2 is four channels for x-gems. And if ArenaNet can't really offer a four channel for the basic mounts because it might make too big a dent their mount skin sales in general, please think about a two channel option.

    With regard to the Griffon...aside from the time put in and occasional frustration with respawn rates & harsh multiple cc's which caused death far too quickly at times - there was in my world a significant gold investment in acquiring it. To me the status ranks higher than the raptor, springer, skimmer and jackal. As such, it would be great if it was more customisable with 2 or even 3 dye channels. Perhaps the same model with additional dye channels could be sold for a nominal gem price in the gem store or offered as a freebie?

  • Add option in hair or total makeover kit to change your character's ears. Sylvari, Charr and Asura sort of have that already, but for example human and norn ears don't look really that great. You could add pointy ears too for them. Or even buddha ears :D

  • @Crystal Black.8190 said:
    Foefire armor/shoulders and weapons without the glow effect.

    if you dye the glow effect abyss it will not glow, at least the armwraps wont

    Casual Alt-oholic.

    Incoming Quaggans [íQ]

  • Just to avoid things getting lost in this sea of ideas, id like to say again that having Glint's Gaze mask and Aetherblade Heavy Armor set return would be fantastic

    Casual Alt-oholic.

    Incoming Quaggans [íQ]

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    Feature suggestion : Quick use slots for consumables and other usable items next to skill bar
    I think an optional feature for this would be very useful when we need to access our tonics, food, utility items and toys quickly without searching for them in inventory.
    It can have 4 slots or more. And those slots should be keybind-able. Possible usage scenarios would help QoL a lot.
    For example if you have a detector item in your inventory, and you use it regularly for a quest you can put it to this item slot and you can use it via keyboard.
    Or if you wanna switch between instruments with keybinding, this will help a lot too. You can play songs with different instruments easily.
    In raids, you can switch between food types easily, or you can just hit a key or key combination to refresh the buff. And many more QoL improvements...

  • Where are all the hydra items? (Like a hydra mini) I remember watching the trailers for pof and there was some decent hype around the addition of hydras into gw2. But then pof came out and all we get is a staff from bl chests.

  • Here is my idea that you should do for "mount skins" I know it is under fire and touchy subject. The way I see it people want...
    1) lower priced skins...
    2) Something to do in game...
    3) RNG!!! (right? lol)

    So my idea is this... People can buy an egg on the gem store. This egg can be bought as a raptor egg, skimmer egg, whatever egg of mount they want. Then they have to do IN GAME activities to cultivate the egg (because they want to feel its a reward and something to do.) Then while in game they cultivate and do different things to make this egg grow. In the end they GET TO CHOOSE what kind of skin they want (out of a few). Then they get their reward (skin). You guys should place it fairly cheap because it is only one skin and it has a time gate for things to do naturally around the world.

    Now they can also buy another egg and maybe you have several different "activities/tracks" the egg can land on (RNG!! LOL) so that the egg requires different paths or tracks so people dont get bored of the same egg but they can keep buying new eggs for the other "skins". So then people feel like they did something for that reward and you still get paid for your work (artists etc).

    And if you choose more of an 'epic egg' the tasks are harder. And people should know what they are getting into before they buy these eggs. So they dont buy it and say i really want this skin and then feel overwhelmed because they will take months (as a casual for example) to finish this one thing, but they may play more because its for that really cool mount skin they want at the end.

    It sounds complicated and confusing but I think you will get what i mean? I think this solves the problem of No more rng, people have to work for their reward, and you can get paid for your efforts.

  • An additional suggestion for the "mount skins" dilemma
    Rather than (or in addition to) one large pack with all the available mounts, smaller RNG packs might work better. Separated possibly by mount (a skimmer adoption contract with all the skimmer possibilities in it, one for raptors, and so on) or style (this adoption pack has all the lightning skins and that one has fire skins etc)
    This would reduce or eliminate the issue with getting skins you absolutely don't want or for a mount you don't have or use (many of us don't have the griffon, or only use the skimmer when absolutely necessary)
    The separated packs could be the same gem price or slightly more for the benefit of selectivity (500 or so gems for a mount based separation or 700 for a guaranteed style)
    This keeps the skins gem store based while also retains the integrity of people who have already purchased mount skins for the gem store, and additionally solves many of the complaints about the 1 in 30 chance for any specific skin.

  • Kencussion.9273Kencussion.9273 Member ✭✭
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    My suggestion will most likely require ArenaNet putting together a guild team once again as it also contains a suggestion for new features, but still offers a few gem store suggestions - so here goes...

    First, add a few more features to the Guild Window...

    Add settings for recruitment management - these settings would allow guild leaders/officers the ability to set...

    • Recruiting Type: can be set to OPEN (anybody can freely join), RESTRICTED (officer approval required), or CLOSED (invite-only).
    • Guild Focus: contains a list of checkboxes that the guild typically participates in (PvE - Open World, PvE - Dungeons/Fractals, PvE - Raids, PvP, WvW, etc).
    • Guild Description: automatically includes which server the guild is in, but also allows players to write a description of the guild - useful for adding links to online Guild Applications.

    Add a "Search for Guild" tab - this tab would allow players to search/browse through a list of OPEN/RESTRICTED guilds (CLOSED guilds would not appear on the list)...

    • Player's should be able to filter the list depending on what criteria they are looking for in a guild (for example, Focus = WvW, Server = Blackgate - will only show WvW guilds on the Blackgate server).
    • Clicking on a guild in this tab will show the user more details of the guild (including the description) and the ability to JOIN (if it's an OPEN Guild) or SEND REQUEST (if it's a RESTRICTED Guild).

    Then, add some Gem Store items to enhance the Guild the player is representing...

    • 2,000 gems = Feature Guild (for 1 day/week), places the represented guild at the top of the 'Search for Guild' list with a customized font style/color to really make it stand out!
    • 400 gems = Advertise Guild (for 1 day/week), places the represented guild near the top of the Search for Guild list, under the featured guilds but above all the non-advertised guilds
    • ???? gems = Exclusive Guild Hall, allows players to purchase a Deed/Claim (similar to the 100 gold ones) for their guild to attempt to claim an exclusive Guild Hall (for example, 'Mistlock Haven' - which would have the same gravity effects as Mistlock Sanctuary)

    Anyway, I think ArenaNet could make quite a bit of money with guilds purchasing advertisements on a daily/weekly basis!

  • cNd.1096cNd.1096 Member ✭✭✭

    Bring back Rampart armor skin

  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    Luchador outfit

    I fully support keeping items in store all year round.

    What sleep is here? What dreams there are in the unctuous coiling of the snakes mortal shuffling. weapon in my hand. My hand the arcing deathblow at the end of all things. The horror. The horror. I embrace it. . .

    1. An item who will keep me buffed all the time. Account wide. The item will have start and stop tab, and i can designate the food and utility from my inventory. Until the stack is not finish i am buffed ( I always forget to restart my foods and utility).
    2. An item like a notepad for crafting recipe. I can select 10 recipe I am interested in and I can check them from a separated tab in crafting window. If previous I selected a recipe with my tailor, in this notepad, i can craft that recipe with my leatherworker(different toon, wich is not a tailor). A recipe can be deleted when If is not needed, and brought back if needed. .......would save a lot of time.
  • @Randulf.7614 said:
    Luchador outfit

    I fully support keeping items in store all year round.

    I remember anet stated it would be too much to navigate the shop if all is available and they would need to rework the ui to do so. Now that the I got reworked could we get all stuff available? Except seasonal stuff maybe like winters day finisher etc.

  • Haleydawn.3764Haleydawn.3764 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Time to return the Shoulder Scarf to the Gemstore! Winter is Coming, and my characters are getting colder!

    Better get a wriggle on.

  • Offer the Infinite Unbound magic gathering tools separately as well as the bundle. Also bundle the other "similar types" together too for that 2700gems Like for example the flute ones. Personally i have the watchwork pick, and i have a spare infinite pick already, but would love to get the logging and harvesting one. But since you only offer it as a bundle i'd just be wasting hard earned gems for a mining pick i won't be using and cannot gift it either, which just makes it a waste of such a good pick

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