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Harrier Trinkets

What is the fastest way to get harrier stat trinkets?

I found recepies for marshall gear at the first Heart Merc in the Elona Highlands. Is there anything for harrier as well?

Or is the fastest Way raiding?


  • Jojo.6140Jojo.6140 Member ✭✭✭

    Ive seen the heart vendor near the maw in desolation selling ascended trinkets. Dunno if you can select harrier stats on them though, but since its in PoF id suppose so.

  • I will try this out, thanks for the Information!

  • You can buy 2 rings, accessory and amulet from heart vendors in Desolation and Vabby. Backpiece from Raise the Banners-achievement and 2nd accessory from WvW, PvP or with magnetite shards from Glenna in w1 (Gors accessories) or w3 (KC accessories). Kitty's not sure if there's also accessories available for any w2 or w4 boss.

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