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the facet

I know I'm coming into this like a month after everyone already got the griffon, but I just attempted to fight the facet 5 times in a row and every time someone activates him when we only have maybe 5 members in our squad and then nobody wants to help because its already started, or people get frustrated and quit after their first death. is there any chance we can organize a group to kill him at a specific time? I will be at the bounty board at around 8am PST. I really hate that there's events blocking us from content because we need to rely on the competence of other players.


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    Hey Buttercup. I think you may have more luck with this in the "Players Helping Players" sub forum. While I see your reasoning as to why it would fit here, I believe the type of response you are looking for would likely come from there instead. Hopefully this helps you progress. Good Luck!

  • Eventually, it will succeed. I was successful at my 3rd try, and when I returned to the place an hour later to get another component for the gryphon, I just encountered a newly arrived zerg that started to engage an already started facet - with a timer that was already down to 5 minutes, and we succeeded again.
    It has to do with the boss buffs. I don't exactly remember what buffs the failed bosses had and the successful ones, but I think we were successful when boss had the melee buff (only able to hit from melee range), and failed when the boss had the buff that forces you either in near range or in mid range.

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  • thanks for the replies and shedding some light, I logged in and there was a large zerg at the facet, I got there in time to get a few hits in and got it done.