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[NA][PVX][SSV] SteelSong Vanguard IS RECRUITING

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About us
We are new guild. Very friendly looking to help new and vets alike. We are looking to run all types of end game content. We seek to have a very fun and proactive community looking to have fun and have a good time.

Discord is actively utilized for organizing events and socializing. We do a representation policy, we expect all members to represent when they are active. Please note we are seeking to foster a close-knit community.

Dungeons: Those who need them and want to get the dungeon gear.
Fractals: We are seeking to get an active group or groups to run fractals at a consistent basis.
Raids: We raid every Sunday and Wednesday. See below for details on openings.
Guild events: We will be running them at frequent basis.
PvP/WvW: Represent and have fun.

We are looking for members that want to grow learn and above all else have fun. Members that want to contribute to the guild in anyways, either through guild events or donating to build up our guild hall.

Discord is mandatory for all members when running events. We are striding to be a social guild in every way possible. We also socialize through skype, TS, and guild chat.
Members that are inactive for an extended period of time (I.E one month) without notifying the guild officers will be removed from the guild. A Vacation rank does exist for those members which give notice of an extended break.

Please do note that we are looking for players with a full account and not the trial account. If you do have a trial account and still wish to join as long as you show us that you are active and want to contribute towards the guild then we will have no problems inviting you.

What are we looking for in members.

• Be kind, be respectful.
• Be active in the guild.
• Be helpful towards your fellow members.
• Contribute towards the guild anyway you can.

Raiding Positions:
Warrior: Currently Full. Would like an alt.
Guardian: Looking for Firebrand.
Thief: Looking for Condi/Daredevil.
Mesmer: Need Chronomancers either tank/dps.
Ranger: Need Druid.
Reverent: Currently Full.
Necromancer: Looking for Reaper Tank.
Elementalist: One spot open.
Engineer: Currently Full

If you're interested please send me (Deamon.5843) a message or a mail or hop on our discord.

Discord: https://discord.gg/mtwJKHF


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