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LFG: PvE-CST- Raids, Fractals, Achievements, and Social Community

I've raided in world first guilds since WoW and Rift. Played Ultima Online for a number of years as well. I strive to be efficient, but Guild Wars 2 has appealed with it's casual nature. I'm not looking for a 5-12pm job doing raiding again. I'm a talented player and strive to bring the best gear available to me at the time and consumables for progression. Farm content I will typically use consumables that are reasonable on the wallet and minuscule DPS difference for convenience. Fractals are treated like serious content and I will bring/play whatever is optimal for the group; I do enjoy casual play with friends where we can make mistakes and teach new players the content without feeling crazy rushed. This is often where I spend time with my wife who also plays and has raided in top end content. We are seeking a guild that actively hangouts out and helps each other when requested in guild chat. Guild Wars 2 has typically had a great community and continuing that social aspect is important to us. Guild members from WoW and Rift still regularly interact with us and we'd like to build that same rapport here.

I currently have one of each profession. The only class I am not decently versed in is the Engineer; the play style simply does not mesh well for me, but could be user error. Necro has been my main since start, but I'm quite competent with Firebrand, Elementalist, Mesmer (mirage), Druid/Soulbeast, Revenant, and PS Condi Warrior. If I don't know it, I can learn it quickly and be an asset or aid in group flexibility as I enjoy knowing the inner workings of all classes. I've lead guilds, raids, and recruitment for years and worked with quite a few guild members who were great members and punctual raiders but needed help learning rotations or understanding their short comings when playing a class; this encompasses tech support/issues as well. Packet loss, hardware configurations, and simple peripherals can make a drastic difference in game play and performance. I work in education and information technology, so teaching and technical skills come naturally to me.

My wife is has a ranger, mesmer, and engineer. Best versed in her mesmer and ranger. She does have two level 80 boosts and is receptive to trying new things as long as you're patient; neither of us like to disappoint and we have high expectations of our selves.

Currently we use Discord and occassionally Twitch. Other voice platforms are fine, but those are our preference. If you have any questions for us feel free to ask and we'll respond promptly.



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