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Looking for Small, Semi-Hardcore NA PvX guild on FC

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Hello all!
I recently picked up GW2 again after about a year absence, and would like to find a good group of people who want to dive into the various Dungeons and PvE content in Tyria. I am looking for a relatively small guild, preferably just started, with whom I can grow and get the most out of the game. I tend to dabble primarily in open world PvE at the moment, but I would like to start running through Fractals , Raids, and some of the more endgame PvE. I would also like to learn a little more about the WvW/PvP side of things, so if you are on FC that would be sweet! All in all just looking for a good group of people to enjoy this fantastic game with!


  • Message me in game if you're interested. We do everything as a guild except WvW. Lvl 69 guild and mostly active around Reset and later.

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    Consider joining Phantom Moon [PM]. We are a guild compromised of 40-60 people (ranges due to recruitment) with an average of 5-15 online on good days. We are a casual PvX (heavily PvE) guild that tries to surround one common goal while playing: having fun. While we can be a quiet bunch, we do try to recruit more potential family members to our guild to play the game we all enjoy the most. We do require 100% representation across all characters, and to join our Discord server. We surround our guild events mainly on the weekends, so that could be a plus for you being a weekend-only. We are not on FC, however, but maybe we can sway you to coming to the dark side. ;) ... you know, Darkhaven? ... bad timing.

    I encourage you to check out our official recruitment thread for lingering questions you may have. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/777/phantom-moon-pm-na-darkhaven/p1

    If you have any questions, do contact me either through the forums or in-game (if I am not online when you message, give me up to 24hrs to respond, as I do not keep the forums up all the time).

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  • Hello,

    [HERO] is a new PvX guild formed on the MAG server in NA. We are recruiting players that are interested in forming a close knit guild. Naturally, as PvX, we do all content, but none of our events are mandatory. We do WvW, PvP, FoTM, Raids, PvE, and community event nights. If you're interested in joining a forming guild then look no further, because getting in at the beginning and helping with the formation is one of the best ways to get really close to the founding members.

    If you're interested, or would like more information, whisper me in game or send me a message. Thank you