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(Charr only Guild) (PvX) The Rove Legion [Char] Recruitment

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Calling all Charr! The Rove Legion is looking for new recruits. Join our ranks and bring the lost warbands back to Tyria!

This is a militaristic guild based on Charr culture. Join the legion as Gladium and find your warband or create your own. Each warband has a Tribune, Centurion, Legionnaire, and Soldiers. To rise through the ranks you must meet certain Legion requirements.

Custom teams are used to create a warband, It is encouraged to party up and run with your team through whatever gameplay you enjoy. We aim to bring that sense of lost Charr culture back to Tyria. This is a Charr race guild. There is no requirement to rep, we just ask that you do not rep on a non Charr character.

The guild is in its infancy and recruiting for all ranks.

Tribune: must have a commander tag and be willing to help grow the legion. Responsibilities include managing warbands, running missions, and aiding in legion development. This position is available for experienced players who want to share in the mission of bringing warbands to Tyria.

Centurion: must be level 80 and willing to recruit new members to the legion as well as your personal warband.
Legionnaire: loyal member that actively runs in guild missions and warbands.
Soldier: a soldier of the legion.
Galadium: New recruit
This is meant to be a fun, laid back, and casual guild for people who enjoy playing charr and the game itself. PvX style everyone is welcome.

If your interested in joining up please send a tell or mail to Farathel (ajm.8936)


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    Officers needed to help grow the legion! Join now as a Centurion and build your own warband.
    We have discord and random prize give aways for rep and non rep members
    Bodies needed to claim a guild hall

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