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Guild Wars 2 Cosplay Journey Machinima

This is the long cosplay machinima that I recently finished filming. Initially, I was aiming at mixing different races and sources, but it didn't flow well, so I went full Human Female (meta) for this video with lesser-known characters, and left other races for separate future videos (original sylvari characters, which happen to be my mains and not dress-up alts, are next on the radar). I come up with abstract stories (loosely based on characters' sources) for these characters and use those as reasons to showcase the many beautiful environments of Guild Wars 2.

This machinima is designed to be a complex 10-chapter experience, but you can jump to specific stories/characters using the timestamps in the video description, and there is also some critical commentary on "cosplay machinima" as a thing for those who like to dig into such stuff. For better quality, make sure to pick 1440p in the video settings. Enjoy!



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