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Semi-New player looking for a guild.. HoD Server

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I am a semi-new player (meaning I played the game when it first came out, stopped playing for a long time and now started it up again). I have both expansions and I am looking for a PvX guild (I mainly do PvE but do join PvP every once in a while). I also used to do WvW and would not rule it out.

I am on the US East Coast in the HoD server. Right now I am level 12 and I am a casual/semi-hardcore player depending on other time commitments.

I am looking for a very active, friendly and helpful guild as this is how I play the game.


  • Message me in game if you're interested. We do everything as a guild except WvW. Lvl 69 guild and mostly active around 7PM to 3AMEST.

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    Consider joining Phantom Moon [PM]. We are a guild compromised of 40-60 people (ranges due to recruitment) with an average of 5-15 online on good days. We are a casual PvX (heavily PvE) guild that tries to surround one common goal while playing: having fun. While we can be a quiet bunch, we do try to recruit more potential family members to our guild to play the game we all enjoy the most. We do require 100% representation across all characters, and to join our Discord server. We surround our guild events mainly on the weekends, so that could be a plus for you being a weekend-only.

    I encourage you to check out our official recruitment thread for lingering questions you may have.

    If you have any questions, do contact me either through the forums or in-game (if I am not online when you message, give me up to 24hrs to respond, as I do not keep the forums up all the time).

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    [HERO] is now recruiting for our PvX Guild--we are looking for players that want to foster a community of friendship, and one that tackles the entire game together. We run events through all aspects of the game, with none of them being mandatory: PvP, WvW, FoTM, Raid, PvE, and community events. We're looking for players that want to foster this community, one where players feel naturally inclined to join discord and have fun together.

    If that sounds interesting you can send me a message here or in game. Thank you

  • What server? PvX guilds still have to consider servers, since many members may WvW. and there is an unfortunate dark side to competition.

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