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LF NA Guild with Raid training spots!

Hello, long time MMO player here... been playing since DAOC. Love WvW/PvP but not looking for that right now.
I need a solid PVE guild that will help me progress in high level fractals and raids. I play all professions but please
no Chrono (I suck at it but if forced too, I'm willing to learn)

LF large, accomplished PvE guild on NA with some patient people willing to take me under there wing.

Promise, you won't regret it! I can play :+1:


  • Hello,

    [HERO] is now recruiting for our PvX Guild. In regards to your post, we are garnering members for our static raid group. We have several members that are very experienced, and once the static raid team is assembled we will be teaching the members how to clear the raid, and weekly/bi-weekly raids will be in rotation.

    Also, we do all aspects of the game as well, so if you want to get back into WvW and PvP then there are other teams that do those aspects as well. The only item we don't have is the 'large' portion of your request, however, a strong, active, and engaging community is usually better, especially for raids, that way no one is fighting to get into the raid teams. So, let me know if you're interested, or if you'd like more information. Thank you.

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