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Fractal 40 best class and must have items to farm ?

so im kinda new to the game but bought both expansions. I have one necro on lv 80 and right now im doing some PoF content to unlock the mounts.
Ive googled a lot and the best and most efficient way to grind for gold is fractal 40. In every kind of game that i play i am one of these guys that grinds one spot or dungeon like forever to get a lot of gold and buy expensive stuff with it ( in GW2 i would like to go for gems ). But there is a lot of information out there right now for me. So i try to ask here if someone could tell me whats the best class to farm fractal 40s and what kind of gear do i need ( and what do i have to do to get this gear to be able to farm fractal 40s)? As said i have one 80 boost left which im willing to use for this class. So ill get the exotic equipment which you get when you boost a character.
Thanks in advance for your help :)

If some people who have a discord group or guild who mainly focus on gold farming.. i would like to join you guys :D


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    I havent farm f40 since last patch but optimal compozition was chronomancer warrior and 3*weaver/core-ele. Instead of one ele you can take dragonhunter (some players from our guild that specialize on this farm prefer one guard).

    I adivice you to chceck some guide cause if you are not bursting well the run takes much more time and then its better to go for something else.

    I run chrono all the time so i can talk about that but i know almost nothing about others.

    Warrior provides(ed) cc might and fury ea and banners, chrono alacrity cc quickness and portal and rest is bursting.

    Gear is berserker with scholar runes and sigil of force and impact if you are tryharding.
    Chrono deals almost no damage so i am running raid gear but on others impact is huge increse.
    Sword + focus and shield
    Ele is staff
    Guard greatsword torch scepter.
    Warrior is greatsword and other set can change and dont know which is best.

    Dont forget to use mist potions and consumables (Scarlet slaying + other depends on class) and ideali as much agony resistance as you can

    If you go for ele your gear is almost the same as normal PVE ele staff build (dragonhunter too). Chronomancer can be either standard build but that is much more expensive and it has to be ascended or full berserker but then you need high agony for boon duration (and so again ascended needed) from mobility potion or you might lose some quickness duration on first phase. Warrior is less expensive but his build is not so goid for other pve content. Side note is that warrior and chrono has much easier time finding group.

    Gl with your runs.

  • You can really run any class/build some are just shunned by meta groups so it would make farming harder. Checkout for current meta builds for each game mode. You can also checkout sites like for current raid benchmarks and raid meta builds.

    Fractals do require you to have ascended gear because it’s the only game mode that requires you to add restistance infusions (agony resist). The higher tiers you climb the more resist you need. You can get trinkets fairly easy so you can get some AR going and start progressing through lower tiers.

    Blackgate [RISE]

  • It is true that you can clear f40 with any class (and almost any content) but you do other content because it is fun. You do this for the gold (its fun for me but mostly cause i try to do it as efficent as possible each run) and so here you need to follow meta. If you want gold more casual way then its better to use other farm. F40 can make you very rich but diference between 2 and 3 minute run is mire then 10g/h

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    If you want to farm fractal 40 for gold then i would adivice to make warrior because its easy to gear and you are there for support so the fact that you font have full ascended gear doesnt matter
    Also its hard to find warrior players because either they are experienced and then they have viper gear which is great but not here or they are begginer and they want to do only damage and not the things you take warrior in the party for (stacking offensive buffs on party with 2 banners for great justice and phalanx strenght with forceful greatsword)
    My adivice is to get ascended berserker rings ftom fractals, accecories and amulet from laurel vendor and backpack from bitterfrost/sirens landing (if you have season 3 unlocked or some achievment bound with berserker stats (like luminates backplate).
    Either buy berserker gear from tp or farm citadel of flame dungeons (here you can get also familiar with the class) either all 3 paths or just first 2 cause they are rly short and then buy greatsword and armor from dungeon vendor. Lastly you want superior rune of strenght superior sigil of force and i guess supperior sigil of accuracy (since you will not have enough crit chance without high agony resistence) from TP.
    For consumabels you want powerfull potion of slaying scarlets armies and fried golden dumplings (from TP) and all 3 large mist potions from potion vendor inside fractals.

    Same gearing process would work for chronomancer but then you need firebrand runes and sword, shield and focus (put the force onto sword cause you will not swap mainhand weapon so you dont need 2)
    And for ele or guard you want superrior rune of scholar and truffle steak instead of dumplings. For ele you want staff and for guard gs and then torch scepter.

    And i forgot you want to unloc elite spec. For guard dragonhunter
    Warrior berserker
    Chronomancer chronomancer :) (this is must, no reason to run without it)

    For ele you can go weaver but core is rly good and much more easier (some of elementalists i run with use core most of the tine bacause its more relaxing and reliable for them, both provide great burst but if sonething fails weaver have higher dps to finish it but its way harder)

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    @Aleric.8546 said:
    But there is a lot of information out there right now for me. So i try to ask here if someone could tell me whats the best class to farm fractal 40s and what kind of gear do i need

    Simple, don't farm fractal 40 on a so new account. You'll get bored fast, the gold you make will barely keep you attracted to the game since you will have no idea what to use it on.

    Take a look around what other content you could do which is both rewarding and would let you accumulate wealth and items. Some things that come to mind are:

    • Living World Seasons (both 2 and 3) are fun to do, reward ascended gear (ascended Sinister trinkets for Living World Season 2 episodes 5-8 which are still quite useful stat wise) from achievements
    • Bioluminescence achievement for Living World Season 2 which requires quite a bit of open world Silver Wastes farm but rewards an ascended armor piece of your choice (take a chest piece) as well as 100-200 gold of loot during the process (as well as 2 unique armor skins)
    • join a guild and do group content with people, most anything will provide loot and gold
    • work on those specialization collections for ascended weapons or the Caladbolg questline after the HoT story for easier access to ascended weapons
    • do meta events, get used to using the LFG system and which metas are good for what
    • and more stuff

    Then after you've gotten a basic understanding of the games endgame, and you still need a brain dead boring gold farm, go run fractal 40 for hours and hours. At least now you'll know where to put the farmed gold to good use.

    EDIT: just for clarification, I don't dislike the f40 farm, I just don't think a clearly new player should spend his first x amount of hours grinding away on a farm without realizing what the game has to offer. Nothing better than getting turned off of GW2 than farming for 2 weeks non stop, gaining 500 gold and then quitting the game because everything "cool" like legendarys costs thousands of gold