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What i would like in a guild
A social group of mature players that enjoy playing the game. Events, map events, map clearing, wvw-eotm, exploring, living story. People that actually group up and do things.

What i can offer
A quick wit, sharp tongue and often weird sense of humor. Have a lvl 80 of every class and all elite specializations unlocked but prefer ranger/necro/revenant/engineer with a little warrior/guardian on the side.
I am 37 and male. I have had a rather horrible experience with guilds since launch. Either they do not group together at all/no one online or they are full of rather horrible toxic people that they never seem to do anything about. So i have been stuck mostly playing solo which gets boring fairly quickly. This is my first time attempting to join a guild through the forums so i am hoping to improve my experience. My normal play hours range from 8am to 1am / 5pm to 7am CST and flops back and forth often.


  • Hello,

    [HERO] has just started recruiting players. We're a PvX guild, so we engage in all of the content: WvW, PvP, FoTM, Raids, community events, and others. Our guild is new, however, it is built on a strong foundation with excellent players that have played since launch. Most of us were in guilds together already, and decided to form one when we all got back into the game. Looking for players to add to our community of friends, so if you're interested you can whisper me or send me a mail. Thank you,

  • Hi Warblade,

    Reading your post, I think our guild would be a good fit for you. We're an active guild for adults with a membership that actually runs game content together. We have an open-use policy with our guild's event calendar so if you'd like to organize an event, you can post it and folks can sign up. As far as your sense of humor goes, we're all adults having a good time and if someone has a problem with where the conversation's going (e.g. politics, religion or if you're creeping folks out) and asks you to switch topics, please do.

    So, if you meet our age requirement (over 30), I'd like to extend an invitation for you to join our guild, Just Us Grownups.

    We’re a small guild that’s built on the principle that older, mature and well-mannered gamers don’t need an extensive amount of structure to play the game together. What really sets us apart is that we don’t have officers and it’s the membership itself that runs the guild and protects itself from drama.

    Here are the basics:
    We’re on the Jade Quarry server (NA) but since we’re PvE all North American servers are welcome.
    We’re a small guild that would like to remain small (for the sake of manageablity)
    We have a fairly equal balance of both male and female players
    We have a fully upgraded guild hall
    We have a Teamspeak 3 server and a comprehensive and active website
    We’re looking for members who are going to interact with the guild both game-wise and socially.
    If this sounds like something that you’d be interested in, you can read more about us by visiting our site and reading
    Our Code of Conduct
    How the Guild is Run
    You can also view our recruitment post.

    If you’d like to join, we have a simple application to fill out.

    We look forward to hearing from you and whether it’s with us or another, we wish you best of luck in finding a guild!

    Just Us Grownups [JUGs]
    Contact: Neksis Syxx.6983 Archranis.2375