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LFG on Stormbluff Isle [NA] (semi-casual, PvX)

Looking for an active guild that would be a great first guild, I've been in this game since 2015 but have only recently been able to play it more often. I have a discord so that won't be a problem and will be on at least 3 days a week and play for long sessions. (Not sure if this matters but payed for the base game and HoT, but not PoF.)


  • Hi Quiv!

    I might have just the place for you! I am recruitment officer for a gaming community called Remnants of Hope. We are a multi game community that has been around for 9 years. We have divisions in GW2, ESO, SWTOR, and WoW.

    I am not sure you would call us a "casual" guild per say, but we do not have a playtime requirement and promote a play as you want atmosphere. We do have an application (on our forums) and a 2 week trial period with a few tasks to complete, nothing too extreme, just make a few posts on our forums, tell us a little about your self and complete some events with the guild. This is how we know if we are a good fit for each other.

    We are on Tarnished Coast (which only matters for WvW) we are very PVE centric but we also have role play and PvP activities. We have something different going on every night of the week. Fractals, dungeons, meta events, raids, boss trains, two role play nights, jumping puzzles, something for everyone.

    You can find our official recruitment post ->Here<-

    I hope you will check us out!

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    Feel free to check out PM. We might be a fit for you.


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