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[EU][PS]PvE/WvW player LFG. Returning older player, on 8-11pm GMT

Smarty.6172Smarty.6172 Member
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I'm looking for a guild to party with for things like story, fractals, achievements, map completions etc. (Possibly also WvW and raids, depending on the guild/server - I've not done much WvW and never tried raiding so I don't know yet.)

I'm an older player with teenage children in the UK so I tend to be online at least 8-11pm most evenings.

I prefer using Discord to chat and organise.

I've got a bunch of lvl80 characters, as I've been around on and off since beta (mostly off between Scarlet and PoF), but not that much experience with most of them - mesmer and ranger are my mains.

Is there a guild out there that I might be a good fit for? Please let me know if I sound like I'd be right for you! Thanks.


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