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NA Looking for guild, Casual PvE Preferably

Yo i have a couple of spots open and i like making new friends so i was looking for a new guild
I'm only play pve and i dont even do that well (i kinda suck), and i dont really use meta builds cos the bore the living day lights outa me.
Lgbt+ friendly would be cool, i like being open about myself so i'd rather not hide it ya'know.
uuuh i tend to swear and make weird jokes so a guild that doesnt mind that'd be cool
I also dont intend too 100% rep so dont even ask
Having a discord would be cool but i guess its not a must, i dont use any other chat services either

Wow i sound needy, anyway if it doesnt sound like i'd fit in your guild then i guess that sucks
But if you think i'd fit in then please advertise your guild, i look forward to hearing from... hopefully someone
Have a nice day


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